The Doepest Watch On The Block.

t_block4 t_block3

Watches are to men as diamonds are to women; both count as the number one fashion accessory and are timeless. Innovation is of essence and creative ways of telling time is a novelty factor. Beyond doubt, complications and mechanical watches are the epitome of technicalities, however due credit has to be given to path-breaking manufactures like the T-Block Watch. Designed to dress the wrist, the most challenging part is to resist the linear display of time.  The watch is inspired by the ‘less is more’ styling and is made using a tough polyurethane case and seamless matching strap. There is a very unique way to read the time, which is showcased via the embedded LEDs on the watch face. The dial houses an array of attractive lights that dim in sleep mode. However, if you want to know the date or time, simply hit one of the buttons and the lights appear, revealing it.

t_block2 t_block

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