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Have You Ever Seen A Black Badger.


The press release for the Black Badger says the watch features “three-dimensional objects” milled from “solid light.” The science geek in me recoils at such phrasing but nevertheless, I was curious and keen to learn what alchemical tricks James Thompson the watch’s creator had used to transform his rage into solid light. Check the method.

HMX_BB_Face_Night_Purple_Hres_CMYK HMX_BB_Face_Night_Blue_Hres_CMYK HMX_BB_Face_Night_Green_Hres_CMYK

The Doepest Watch On The Block.

t_block4 t_block3

Watches are to men as diamonds are to women; both count as the number one fashion accessory and are timeless. Innovation is of essence and creative ways of telling time is a novelty factor. Beyond doubt, complications and mechanical watches are the epitome of technicalities, however due credit has to be given to path-breaking manufactures like the T-Block Watch. Designed to dress the wrist, the most challenging part is to resist the linear display of time.  The watch is inspired by the ‘less is more’ styling and is made using a tough polyurethane case and seamless matching strap. There is a very unique way to read the time, which is showcased via the embedded LEDs on the watch face. The dial houses an array of attractive lights that dim in sleep mode. However, if you want to know the date or time, simply hit one of the buttons and the lights appear, revealing it.

t_block2 t_block

Nixon x Colette – Time Teller


Check out the parisian concept store, Colette and the californian watch brand, Nixon. The collaboration between the two was announced and it’s a new Time Teller that will be released, made out of 100% stainless steel.

Nixon-x-Colette-Time-Teller-580x386 Nixon-x-Colette-580x386

Kisai Neutron LED Watch by TokyoFlash


The digital time presented in a new and innovative form, Kisai Neutron features sub-surface LED light bars that curve around your wrist like a time piece from the future. A customizable design, you can choose whether the watch displays the time by pulsing in & out or waving up & down. Integrated motion sensor technology means you can activate the display with a flick of the wrist or at the touch of a button. Kisai Neutron is very easy to read. Touch the button and four digits of time will appear on the display. These indicate the time in your choice of 12 or 24 hour format. Depending on whether you choose fade mode or wave mode, the digits will pulse in & out or wave up & down. Touch the lower button and the date is displayed in the same way in your choice of DD/MM or MM/DD format.

04 03 02 06 01 07 SONY DSC

The Louis Vuitton Tambour ‘Minute Repeater’.

The first thing that I noticed about this time piece wasn’t that it’s a Louis Vuitton, but the amazing use of vernacular in the name…  A “Minute Repeater”.  Louis Vuitton continues to develop its iconic “Tambour” design with the addition of this new ultra high-end model, the Tambour Minute Repeater.  The timepiece comes in a 44mm white/pink/yellow gold case (your choice), manual wind mechanical Louis Vuitton Caliber 178, and smoked sapphire crystal displays.  To catch up with the hottest fashion trend, the Louis Vuitton watch is endowed with a smoked skeletonized dial.  The men’s watch is submersible to 30 meters and production by special order only.

The ‘Space Invaders’ Watch.

Just a few months ago Romain Jerome announced a licensing deal authorizing the manufacture of a Space Invaders-themed timepieces–and now they have arrived.  In a nod to 1980’s pop culture, Romain Jerome has introduced two 78-piece limited edition watches featuring the iconic Space Invaders characters on the dial.  Taito Corp. created Space Invaders in 1978 and is also known as the developer of Arkanoid, another popular favorite video game from these times.

The two 78-piece limited series of the RJ-Romain Jerome Space Invader watches are distinguished by their dial.  The latter is composed of three layers of pixelated and shotpeened dies featuring hand-drawn file strokes.  The 3.5 mm-sized Space Invaders are lacquered in different colours (“day” version) or coated with Superluminova (“night” version), each individually machined and hand-applied.

The Louis Vuitton ‘Only Watch’.

French luxury house Louis Vuitton has released a unique Tambour Diver Chronograph for Only Watch 2011 charity.  It was designed in collaboration with a young boy afflicted with Duchenne muscular dystrophy named Paul Pettavino.  The sporty timepiece is made of black gold, which is white gold that’s been given the old PVD treatment. ‘Only Watch 2011′ is engraved in the back.  The dial details, rotative bezel and bracelet are in orange rubber – which is a favorite color of Paul Pettavino.  The transparent back enables the wearer to see the LJP 8181 movement with column wheel, and the watch is 100 meters water resistant.  The trunk is in Damier Graphite canvas, personalized by Paul Pettavino with a message and a ‘nautical sound’ recorded by Paul himself.  Paul Pettavino also contributed to Louis Vuitton’s Only Watch piece for Only Watch 2007 and Only Watch 2009.  Even for a non-watch-enthusiast, this one’s pretty dope.

The Horodron HD-01.

Everyone now-a-days knows that I’m quite the watch enthusiast, so when my assistant showed me the HD-01 by designer Johnathan Frey, I was extremely thankful.  The watch is uses E-ink to for both form and function, allowing the bold and radical lines to make the watch beautiful and readily visible. The Horodron HD-01 is made of glossy black metal, embellished with small chrome parts. It’s a simplistic, edgy, unique time piece that anyone who’s crazy about watches should take a look at.

Hublot La Cle’ Du Temps Watch.

Just incase any readers were wondering what Hublot La Cle’ Du Temps meant, lets just say it means, the most gangsta/baller watch on the scene right now.  When Hublot recently unveiled a new version of the La Clef du Temps watch, called “La Clé Du Temps” I had to put it up.  It’s different from any other watch the brand has created before, the name La Clé Du Temps translates to English as “the key of time”, chosen for this watch due to a special set of functionality.  Upon the owner’s command, time will slow down or speed up as displayed on the watch, ready to revert to the proper time as needed. Hublot wanted to give this watch’s wearer the sense that they themselves controlled the flow of time, and this machine was the source of their power.  The luxury timepiece features a matte black cover which is combined with glowing green accents and a metallic plate, which all give this watch a futuristic look.  On the bottom of the case, a cylinder extends outward with a tourbillon which drives this watch’s movement.  The display includes an hour/minute dial to the upper right, a 5-day power reserve display on the bottom left and the “key of time” system in the upper left.  More details about the Hublot La Clé Du Temps watch such as specs, pricing and availability will be released in March 2011.

Audemars Piguet x The Terminator


Yeah son.  It’s true.  One of the finest watch makers “Audemars Piguet”, has released a tribute watch to the Governator.  Arnold Schwarzenegger has just finished his term as Governor of California, and should work again with James Cameron.  Business Montres reports that he might also become an administrator of Audemars Piguet with whom he has a long-established friendship.  2011 marks a new step in the historic partnership between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Audemars Piguet with the Royal Oak Offshore ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger The Legacy’ Chronograph, a vibrant tribute to the actor/politician/businessman/athlete.

Inspired by the Man’s onscreen roles as well as his human values, this piece is a perfect blend of strength and control and will be the first Audemars Piguet watch to feature an all-ceramic 48-millimeter case middle and bezel.  The combination of materials, the exceptional level of finishing and the sheer sophistication of its design makes this watch a showcase of an impressive range of technical know-how.  In this case, a diamond grinding-wheel removes tiny layers of material from the ceramics in order to achieve the same level of detail as on steel.  Thus the ceramic case appears to glow in a variety of light conditions and gives off a shimmering high-tech glow.

The contrast between black and anthracite is further enhanced by the use of beadblasted titanium, chosen for the screws that punctuate the octagonal bezel, the pushpiece-guards, the two applied inserts on the left side of the case, accentuating its sporting appearance.  To add the perfect finishing touch to the range of materials, the applied numerals, as well as the hour-markers are crafted in pink gold.  The gold of the pushpieces is adorned with a non-slip gridwork motif echoing the geometrical “Tapisserie” pattern that is a signature feature of Royal Oak Offshore dials.

The mechanical movement inside features an equally exceptional level of expertise, and the hand-assembled, finely decorated self-winding movement is equipped with an ultra-efficient chronograph mechanism that measures short times where speed and power are of the essence.  Anticipated to be the last watch in the series created by Schwarzenegger and Audemars Piguet, this be issued in a 1,500-piece limited edition, each engraved on the back with the inscription Royal Oak Offshore Arnold Schwarzenegger The Legacy.

Isaac Penard’s “Skullitime”

I’ve been hearing that at first people were getting sick of me talking about how much I enjoy collecting time pieces, then I was told that some people had no idea that some of the watches I’ve written about existed.  So in the interest of informing the public about one of the rares time telling devices I’ve come across, I present a this piece from Isaac Penard.  The lower jaw is hinged to the base of the skull to make a cover for the dial of the watch. The dial is engraved and filled with niello marking the hours with Roman numerals (I–XII) and the half hours with fleurs-de-lis. The skull watch was a specialty of Geneva, and to a lesser extent of Blois, both prominent centers of Protestant watchmakers during the first decades of the seventeenth century. Isaac Penard was a native Swiss who was apprenticed to the Genevan master Jacques Sermand (1595–1651), a well-known maker of skull watches as well as watches in such shapes as tulip buds, crosses, and stars.