The Worst User Experiences Ever.

the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-2 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-5 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-13 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-16 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-15 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-3 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-1 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-9

The Uncomfortable“, a funny and twisted project of the designer and architect Katerina Kamprani, who has fun imagining the worst possible user experience with useless objects… An excellent series in line with “Improbabilità – 25 strange objects by Giuseppe Colarusso“.

the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-18 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-6 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-7 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-8 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-10 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-11 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-12 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-14 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-17

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