Peace Pavilion London – Museum Gardens, Bethnal Green


The Museum Gardens and nature in general are perfect settings to promote peace, to encourage the sharing of joyful stories and to provoke discussions about architecture and design. The proposition was to have a Pavilion which is visually and aesthetically engaging. It is capable of providing an ideal contemporary space offering a sense of tranquility, beauty and an exceptional aesthetic value at the very heart of the Museum Gardens.


Peace is one of the highest human ideals. It is a state of equilibrium; It means no war, but also harmony, silence, pureness, kindness, happiness, appeasement, calm, reconciliation, serendipity, tranquillity… To express these ideas, they have created a perfect and symmetrical sculpture, obtained by a precise geometrical manipulation. The beauty of the shape lies in its perfect symmetry and fluidity  of the pavilion.


  1. April 19th, 2013

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