5 Star Hotel… In Mid Air.


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The Airbus A380 is among the largest manmade objects in the sky.  With ridiculous amenities, it’s an aircraft that stands for a class of superiority that few people ever hope to reach.  Each row has only 4 seats, passengers are given chair stickers so that the air steward would know what to do in case you fall asleep, and the seat can be transformed into a nearly-horizontal 190-cm long bed.  In front of each passenger there is a 17-inch touch screen, electric plug, 2 USB ports (for USB-charging or viewing photos) and a remote-control combined with a satellite phone, furthermore, each seat has it’s own wireless control device regulating the backrest angle, lighting level and massage-modes of the chair.  Several external video-cameras are available for viewing, and the back section of the plane accommodates a bar with free drinks and snacks.  Five toilets are located on the second floor and ten are on the first and, there are two shower-rooms for first-class passengers. Albeit you must book them one hour in advanced before usage and water is available for only 5 minutes.  First-class passengers have their own bar with better drinks (but no bartender for some reason.)  A grand staircase is located near the showers. It leads to the first floor where the economy class passengers and the pilots are seated, and in the center of the cabin two rooms are dedicated for the crew to rest. Up to 9 persons can sleep here simultaneously.  To see even MORE stats and pictures of this awesome feat of flight, click any of the pictures below.  Hopefully the next model has a DJ Storm logo painted on the outside.

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