Miss Maria Milian.

A native of Queens, New York, Maria Milian spent most of her life in the lush, vibrant tropics of South Florida. Her natural inclination toward the arts was nurtured from an early age by her father, a Berkley educated musician, and her mother, an accomplished model and singer. Their constant support endowed her with a fierce determination and unparalleled passion for all forms of creative expression. Of Armenian and Spanish descent, Maria Milian possesses an exotic look that has helped her achieve notoriety throughout South Florida as a mysterious beauty and to establish herself as one of the premiere faces of the region.

Maria’s first foray into the modeling industry was pageants. At the urging of her parents, Maria entered and won the Miss Southeast Florida Teen pageant in 1999 and went on to become a semi-finalist in Miss Florida Teen All-American that same year. Fueled by her victory, Maria began to explore other opportunities and soon found a calling in professional modeling. Maria has worked as a model in a number of fashion shows throughout the area, including Gata Malu and Amaya Swimwear.




Maria has worked in many media, including music, television, and print. She has appeared in numerous promotional materials throughout South Florida, sought out not only for her exotic beauty, but also for her strong ambition and professionalism. She has been featured on HipHopVideoVixens.net, Pyrogen Studios & Entertainment and as MiamiParties.com “Girl of the Month.”

Not one to forget her musical roots, she has appeared in music videos, among them Rick Ross ft. R. Kelly “Speeding” Currency ft. Lil’ Wayne “Where Da Cash At?” and T-Pain “I’m In Love With A Stripper (Remix).” She has also been writing and producing her own original material for an upcoming as-yet-untitled album due out in the near future. The sound brings together elements from her heritage and her upbringing for a sound that is both fresh and innovative.

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