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Kian Eriksen – Dakar 2013

Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-580x386 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-3-580x386 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-2-580x386 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-10 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-16-580x386

The Dakar, 8000 kilometers through sands & roads between Peru, Chile & Argentina. Kian Eriksen, photographer and art director from South Africa, travelled over the ocean to see and capture the amazing shots offered by the Dakar race.

Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-9 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-8 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-7 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-19 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-6 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-15 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-5 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-4 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-13 Kian-Eriksen-Dakar-2013-18-580x386

The Chinese Timekeeper Year of the Snake Timepiece


Luxury watchmaker, The Chinese Timekeeper (CTK) has designed an amazing “Year of the Snake” luxury watch for the Chinese New Year. This remarkable timepiece is boasting a majestic Snake all over its case & dial. The tail starts on the back case and the Snake’s body goes along each of the 4 layers of the case structure. It comes on top of the watch where it is deeply engraved on the bezel before diving below the inner ring to reappear on the back dial. Appropriately the strap is made of taupe color Snake skin to further celebrate the 6th animal of the Chinese Zodiac.

SHoP Architects Transform Penn Station Into Gotham Gateway

shop-architects-penn-station-gotham-gateway-new-york-designboom-07 shop-architects-penn-station-gotham-gateway-new-york-designboom-06 shop-architects-penn-station-gotham-gateway-new-york-designboom-05 shop-architects-penn-station-gotham-gateway-new-york-designboom-04 shop-architects-penn-station-gotham-gateway-new-york-designboom-03 shop-architects-penn-station-gotham-gateway-new-york-designboom-02

SHoP architects’ proposal transforms this historical New York hub into a bright, airy space in response to MAS’s 2013 design challenge for a new penn station and the next madison square garden. The design relocates the arena to Hudson Yards, engaging the waterfront, and extending the midtown locus across Manhattan. Further integrating it into the city context, an extension of the high line connects to the gotham gateway armature. Parks and amenities linking the former neighbors, provide a civic face to the project and generate revenues to relieve the financial burden. the displacement of madison square garden allows major conceptual renovations to re-contextualize transportation in the heart of New York. The design encloses the rail station with a dematerialized train shed, allowing ample light and air into the space. Circulation would be re-organized for ease of access and intuitive navigation throughout the largest transportation center in the united states.


Street Fighter Motion Sculptures | 2013


For Dan the Ad Man – an Ireland-based video director and art director — the desire to learn CINEMA 4D and Vray in his spare time lead to an inventive, pop-culture influenced dimensional short film. Building on the characters within the iconic Street Fighter 2 video game, Dan was able to render dimensional executions of each character into a video that is set to sampled Capcom’s Street Fighter 2 in-game sound effects. Blending his personal passion in the world of 4D graphics with the nostalgia of one of his favorite video games, the Street Fighter Motion Sculptures video renderings represent the colors, moves and shapes of a variety of the game’s characters.

TyS Ft. Too Short & Berner – Go Deep


The up and coming west coaster, Ty Dolla $ign is back today with a brand new video for his track “Go Deep”. The infectious summer feeling banger finds Ty linking up with Too Short and Berner for something incredibly addictive and silky smooth. As the fellas show off their talents, they let us in on one hell of a pool party, full of fine ladies and great weather.

BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe Concept

BMW-Pininfarina-Gran-Lusso-Coupe BMW-Pininfarina-Gran-Lusso-Coupe-concept

The German car maker and Italian design studio come together to create what could well be the ultimate GT car. The BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé combines all of the engineering know-how and driver-focused technology that has made BMW the company it is today with the design excellence that has made Pininfarina Ferrari’s designer of choice for over 50 years.

BMW-Pininfarina-Gran-Lusso-Coupe-concept-interior BMW-Pininfarina-Gran-Lusso-Coupe-interior BMW-Pininfarina-Gran-Lusso-Coupe-photo