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Silvia Grav

Silvia-Grav-Black-and-White-580x406 Silvia-Grav-Color-580x386

Whether it’s in black and white, or with a little bit of colors, Silvia Grav’s pictures have a glimpse of darkness. A mix between a cold winter afternoon & a depression storm. Here’s a selection of her portraits and other captured instants.

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Lazerwood Wood Veneer Cover For iPhone


Lazerwood was created to inject a little more warmth to the critically acclaimed iphone and to fix the antenna problem of the All Web-wide criticized Iphone 4 reception without adding tones of material around it. Thin but durable, real wood veneer cover for the iPhone. Peel-and-stick backing make the covers easy to apply and remove without damage to the phone.

2-lazerwood-wood-veneer-cover-for-the-iphone-4 3-lazerwood-wood-veneer-cover-for-the-iphone-4 5-lazerwood-wood-veneer-cover-for-the-iphone-4 6-lazerwood-wood-veneer-cover-for-the-iphone-4 7-lazerwood-wood-veneer-cover-for-the-iphone-4 8-lazerwood-wood-veneer-cover-for-the-iphone-4 9-lazerwood-wood-veneer-cover-for-the-iphone-4 10-lazerwood-wood-veneer-cover-for-the-iphone-4

Sayfat – Lookbook Summer 2013

Sayfat-Lookbook-Summer-2013-10-580x410 Sayfat-Lookbook-Summer-2013-11-580x410 Sayfat-Lookbook-Summer-2013-8-580x410 Sayfat-Lookbook-Summer-2013-7-580x410 Sayfat-Lookbook-Summer-2013-6-580x410 Sayfat-Lookbook-Summer-2013-5-580x410

Check out this new apparel brand called Sayfat. So whether it’s a FAT Burger, a cool hot dog or a nasty pizza, its whole mind spirit is axed around one thing : Food porn. All illustrations were made by DaGhotProd & it printed in Paris on a 100% indian eco-coton.

Sayfat-Lookbook-Summer-2013-4-580x410 Sayfat-Lookbook-Summer-2013-3-580x410 Sayfat-Lookbook-Summer-2013-2-580x410 Sayfat-Lookbook-Summer-2013--580x410

2014 Jaguar XKR-S GT

2014-jaguar-xkr-s-gt_100422946_l 2014-jaguar-xkr-s-gt_100422947_l 2014-jaguar-xkr-s-gt_100422956_l

Someone might be disappointed that the engine power to the XKR-S has not changed. But the body has changed – it added carbon lollipops, splitter under the front bumper, deflectors around the fenders and rear delivers large wing. Maximum speed remains limited to 300 km/h. The acceleration takes it from 0 to 96 km/h in 3.9 seconds. Power transfer to the road to remain in charge and ZF six-speed automatic electronically controlled limited slip active differential. Another novelty is carbon-ceramic brakes, used by Jaguar for the first time. The front wheels have a diameter of 398 mm, rear 380 mm – thanks to them reduced unsprung masses by 21 kg. Jaguar offered only 25 pieces (five in Canada and rest in USA).


Water-Saving Multifunctional Bathtub


In the time of multifunctional furniture and other stuff the following example will surely come in handy. Designed by Seung Hyun Lee, il Woong Jwa, Bom Yi Lee & Jiwon Moon the Multifunctional Bathtub has an exclusive tilt function that allows you to save water when you take a soak. Depending upon how you tilt and use the tub, you could end up saving 80% of water for foot bath, 60% of water for half-body and 40% for full-body bath.

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Pantone Pairings

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Check out these tasty combinations of food and color.

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Justin Timberlake – Mirrors


Justin Timberlake gives fans the full “20/20 Experience” in the music video of “Mirrors'”off his latest album. The video is dedicated to Timberlake’s grandparents William and Sadie. His grandfather passed away last year and the video tells the couple’s love story through several generations.