Left Brain vs. Right Brain.

Mercedes-Benz hasn’t necessarily been known for their unique, and groundbreaking, and captivating ads in the past, but their new “Left Brain/Right Brain” collection is just that.  The ads simply stress the difference between left and right brain thinkers, and demonstrate it through portraying the logical vs. the creative…  And then there’s Einstein.

    • Hylah
    • April 15th, 2012

    These ads are wonderful! I work in the medical community and I was looking for pictures to describe the difference between the two hemispheres in order to help educate individuals about Autism, CVA, etc….You have so eloquently captured the essence of their functions in a way that many visual thinkers can very much relate too! Thank you so much! I would love copies to frame and hang!


  1. I love the Portrayal of Lt & Rt brain


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