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4th Amendment Underclothes.

I’m always at the airport, and it never occurred to me that the 4th amendment is CONSTANTLY violated by the TSA, but the 4th Amendment clothing line is a little poke under the ribs at this intrusion.  Now there’s a way to protest those intrusive TSA X-ray scanners without saying a word.  But with the 4th metallic ink-printed undershirts and underwear, your saying everything you need to.  Assert your rights without saying a word.

Incredible Surreal Photography.

Surreal photography is something that can be seen, inspected, and appreciated just like any other type of photography, but with a casual glance, not too many realize the extreme amount of skill it takes to create a photo like the ones in this set.  I’ve seen tons of pictures of people jumping out of water glasses, or holding a city above their heads, but it wasn’t until I saw the work of Audrey Amelie that I realized what attention to detail, and having a great concept can do for a photo.  She (Audrey) and the photographers and photo editors that put these pictures together undoubtedly slaved away for hours and hours on end to come up with a photo, just to blow ones mind.

Meek Mills & Rick Ross Talk Music.

You have to admit that when certain artists start their careers, you never know what direction they’ll go in. In 05, I never really pictured Rick Ross having as stellar as a career as he’s undeniably having right now. But with hit after hit, he’s locked down a solid spot in Rap infamy. And with the advent of “Maybach Music” he’s bringing people like Meek Mills along for the ride with him. So when Rick and Mills got on the mic to speak about their ‘I’m A Boss’ remix, I was listening intently. Check the method.

The Anotomy Of A Mashup.

Mashups are all over the place, they come and go, and are part of the music entertainment world. But few people outside of the select few know what it takes to compile a solid mashup. Fortunately I was told that one of the incredible Daft Punk mashups I’ve acquired recently from Cameron Adams, came with a chart of all the songs it was blended with, and a real time map of the mixing. Click the pic below (or above) to see this intricate and interesting look about the making of a mashup.

Click the pic to hear the mashup.

Curren$y feat. Fiend – Televised.

I’ve said it many a time, that I’m enthralled with the behind the scenes aspect of creating music.  Luckily for me, I get to live in that world almost everyday, but seeing it through the eyes of other people and getting a chance to see how they work in the studio is still infinitely interesting.  Currensy and Fiend teamed up recently linked up to record and shoot the video for Televised.  Check the method below.

Tomas Kauneckas’ Laimos Stilius Shoot.

Tomas Kauneckas seems to have an affinity for stylistic beauty.   The photo series displayed in this post is a perfect example of what stylized photography should be.  The pics in the collection remind me of Napa Valley in the mid 20’th century (random, but that’s just what comes to mind), and are both warm, smooth, intricate, and show an great attention to every detail of the shot.  Kudos Mr Kauneckas.

Long Exposure Photos of Spinning Records.


Towards the end of every shift at work, there’s a time period named “Last Call”, where I ask my assistant to go grab me as many drinks as she can carry, so we have something to sip on while we break down our equipment and prepare to leave.  There have been a few times, where as a result in the sudden boost of alcohol, things get a little blurry… including the records I spin.  However, I was unaware that there are photographers out there that capture this effect and make stunning Chromatic RPM pictures using long exposure.  I stumbled across a series of said photos yesterday, and have been trying to decide which record I’d like to buy the most.  (Photos by Paul Octavious)

The Theme From Unforgiven

The Story Of Johnny Appleseed

The Beatles

The Versatile - Burl Ives

Lunasea - Fire Fall