Carmel Candy’s – ‘Baby Got Back’.

Just having a pretty face can only get people so far in life.  Having a good business mind, direction for your vision, and an unstopable work ethic are all things needed to make it.  Some folks have it, some folks don’t, but other have that and even more.  Being able to stop taking yourself too seriously, drop your guard and have fun may not be the only key to success, but it damn sure makes things more fun.  Luckily, for a singing, business owning, knockout model, a bit of fun is never a bad thing.  About a week ago, my boy (The U.K. Playboy Club’s) DJ Roy Rovelli hit me up and asked if the girl in the video below was the same Carmel Candy I had interviewed in 2011.  Much to my surprise, the video he attached was her spoof of ‘Baby Got Back’, a video that took all of 6 seconds to get me laughing.  The spoof shows Candy displaying her radiant sense of humor, and shaking the ass that has helped gain some of her fans.  When I asked her about it, this is what she said.
With this video I just wanted to show that I have a fun side, whilst still being able to be sexy.  I have a really crazy personality which doesnt really come across in my photo’s.  This video really shows that I am a performer at heart.
I hope you enjoy it!
Anyone who’s that beautiful, and is willing to get on camera and make a face like this… has to have a good sense of humor, and thats proof that Carmel Candy makes for far more than just a pretty picture.
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