Meet Pico.

Pico - "I Feer Sreepy"

The first time I saw this camera, the first thought that came into my head is “This has Kristy W. written ALL over it.”  but this interesting little camera has alot more under its cute appearance than it may seem.  Don’t let the designer fool you, it’s three things in one. This is “Pico,” a projector/video camera, two in one.  It has a camera for an eye, a projector for another eye, and a microphone for a smile.  It’s also got fold-out feet so it can stand on its own.  Pico features the ability to plug a tripod into it, but that’s neither here nor there.  The Pico also has the ability to Present and record at the same time, and work free of a laptop or other potentially cumbersome computer.  Like the rest of this “smart object” generation, this device has the ability to do everything in and of itself.  It has a full-size display on the back from whens you can also present on a more personal level.  With optical zoom lenses, simple to use interface, and compactness, I just might pick one of these up for my birthday or something.

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