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Lil Wayne And Eminem’s Valentines Day Track.

We all already know that Saturday Night Live is notorious for grilling entertainers in the spot light.  One of their newest skits came as a comical parody of a collaboration between Lil Wayne and Eminem.  My good friend Carlee turned me onto the video below, and I haven’t stopped laughing since.  (The Eminem part is almost spot on.)

No Strings Attached.

I’ve been working much more closely with rock artists in the last few months, and I’ve earned a whole new respect for guitarists.  The Hyper Touch Guitar is from the mind of Max Battaglia at Givingshape Design Studio, and totally insane.  This unorthodox design replaces strings with a multi-touch screen, allowing the user to adjust the number of “strings” and frets, as well as tuning and sound effects.  A wireless command center that permits endless customization and infinite possibilities of expression.

James May’s Lego House

At my house, on the few shows that spends most of its time on my television every day is Top Gear.  (The British version, not that weak U.S. version.)  During one episode, Jeremy Clark made a joke about a co-host – James May- building a nuclear submarine out of Legos, which I thought was quite a random comment.  But after looking for some exciting new Top Gear clips, I found out there was some truth the Jeremy Clark’s quip.  Until now, an entire dwelling made of Lego blocks was just a dream for lunatics and Lego futurists.   With the use of thousands of people and millions of bricks Mr May has built the worlds first Lego House. It has a bed, windows, two floors and a working shower and toilet. It looks amazing and is quite sick for someone who didn’t use instructions.

Captain America: Official Trailer.

During the Super Bowl, the Captain America teaser was the one I was looking forward to the most, after I missed it, and looked it up online after the game, I was honestly sourly disappointed by what I saw.  So after the hearing that the full trailer had just showed up online, I wasn’t too enthusiastic.  After actually watching it however, my mind has changed a little bit.  The action seems a bit better, and the movie makes a bit more sense than it appeared during the 30 second Super Bowl spot.  And although I know for a fact that Captain America isn’t found frozen in ice as in the comics, (which my comic book loving sister is pissed about), my faith in the movie has gotten a bit stronger.  Check the method below.

Urban Cartography – The Metro

One of the most impressive graphical collections I’ve thrown up was from the artist Alex Varanese featuring old school objects advertised as if they were brand new.  The collection, dubbed “They Are Not Time Travelers” is very highly received by readers all over the place, and I’m pretty sure this new collection will as well.  “The Metro” consists of several pieces all demonstrating Varanese’s take on urban cartography, and displaying his skills with digital artwork.

Star Wars Swim.

Probably one of the posts that’ll have all the geeks going gaga.  (It’s not really new, but I still had to feature it.)  So if you ever wondered if the Princess Leia Gold bikini was the only sexy piece in Star Wars, here’s how you can change your mind. BlackMilkClothing created two amazing Swimsuits that features the designs of R2D2 and C3PO. Sold for 85$ each, these are probably going to be worn by every star wars fan’s girlfriend.

Harry Winston’s Opus.

No, this isn’t a sequel to the 1995 Stephen Herek film ‘Mr Hollands Opus’, this is one of the sickest luxury watches I’ve seen all year.  Harry Winston has unveiled at Baselworld 2011 the Opus Eleven, created in partnership with Denis Giguet (MCT).  Three overlapping cylinders on three levels are configured to deconstruct time – the main circle is the hour’s domain, flanked by two pavilions.  One sub-circle shows the minutes on a jumping disk for the tens and a running disk for the units; the other shows off the beat of the big titanium balance-wheel.  Every 60 minutes under the hours display falls into a frenzied anarchy, only to recover in a split second to display the current hour.  There are no hands on the dial, instead there are 24 mobile “pallets” (6 per satellite in each quadrant) that form the figure of the time according to a complex gear mechanism mounted planetary gear train.

DJ Storm’s Interview With Carmel Candy.

Ever since my interview with Gianna DeNinno and the subsequent chat with Jessica Castillo, I’ve been looking around for yet another, intelligent, intellectual, successful, sexy, model who was well rounded (I mean that in EVERY sense of the word) and cool enough to sit down and talk to.  After featuring the lovely Carmel Candy on the blog, we spoke for a bit, and I decided she was the one.  Down to Earth, friendly, and full of personality, Candy has a lot on her plate professionally, (if you want to keep up with her, or talk to her yourself, just hit her up on facebook, or on twitter @modelCarmelCndy), from acting, to singing, to owning her own business, Candy is much more than just a model from the UK.  Check the method below to find out a bit more about the UK’s favorite Carmel flavored treat.

DJ Storm: So as I understand it, your from the UK, what part are you from specifically, and what’s it like starting a career in “urban modeling” out there?
Carmel Candy: I’m from Manchester- known for its famous football team Manchester United.  Urban Modeling in the UK, is almost none exsistant. The media here are crazy- they only want slim girls with big breast. They are not much into curves over here! Dont get me wrong men love the curves here, but the media does not. They see ‘Slim’ as being attractive, but I don’t think so! Women are meant to be womanly!!! Thats why Im going to try my luck in the US, as they seem to love the curves!!!

DJS: I’m personally a fan of people around my age range who are making waves in their industry, and I already know you have a pretty impressive portfolio, but what age did you know you wanted to get into modeling, and what pushed you to start?
CC: I have been performing since I was 11, singing/acting/dancing, but its only recently that I tried to get into Urban Modelling. All my friends kept telling me I should go over to America, coz they would love my ‘ass’ over there! I thought if I can make money out of it, why not??

DJS: So, I’m curious as to where the name “Carmel Candy” came from. Was it a long time nickname someone gave you, or just a stage name?
CC: This is a funny one, My best friend has very dark skin, and I call her silky because her skin is as soft as silk, and she would call me – Caramel, as I have caramel coloured skin, and we had fun with it. My real name is Candice, so after a play around with a few different ideas I came up with Carmel Candy. Im as tasty as caramelised Candy treat! And thats the truth!! hahahaha
I thought It was appropraite to have a model name- as all the urban models I know have them!

DJS: What nationality/ies are you?
CC: I am Mixed Race. White/Jamaican. I take after my mother- but I get my body from my jamaican father, and I aint complaining!!

DJS: Out of all the shoots you’ve done so far, which one has been your favorite?
CC: My favourite photoshoot is one I did the other week. In a swimming pool-(in the UK we dont have swimming pools outside!) and the photo’s are so sexy! The water is everywere and they are very cheeky!!! You will love them!! They are my best so far!!

DJS: Are there any places you’d like to travel to model? Or any “dream jobs” you’d want to do in the future?
CC: I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be in King Magazine, and Black Men Magazine! That would be my dream!! That would mean everyone would get to see me, and really get my face out there!
My dream destination would be on a beach in Miami- that would be so special!! I get excited thinking about it!!

DJS: When your not modeling, what else do you like to do in your spare time?
CC: I run my own e-commerce business. I started it up a year ago and it seams to be taking off. I also love to perform. I do reguler acting lessons. It is also my dream to become a successful actress.
And like all women, I love to shop till I drop, and I like to go on dates and be wined and dined!

DJS: Business oriented AND sexy, I love it.  So, I happen to know that music and dancing are some of your other passions, what types of dance do you specialize in?
CC: I love to dance. In the past I have studied Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Street dance.. I like best just to free style, as thats when I can best express myself! I love to dance to R&B and hiphop, dancehall etc. The sexier the music the better! I love to shake my ass!! hahah

DJS: What type of music do you sing, and who in the music community would you like to work with down the road?
CC: I prefer to sing R&B, and my insperations are Beyonce/Destinys Child/Kerri Hilson, Alicia Keys and Rhianna etc.
I would like to work with anyone!!! im easy!! if someone thinks im talented enough, then im willing to give anything a try!

DJS: I’m good friends with DJ Roy Rovelli who spins all over London, so I know the music can be a bit different from what folks are used to in the states, but what kind of music do you listen to at home, and what do you like to hear in the clubs when you go out?
CC: I like all kinds of music! I studied Musical Theatre when I was in college too. I like pop/alterative/funkyhouse/dance/R&B/Drum and Base/HipHop/Soul/Reggae/Dancehall. Any thing I can dance too. But when I go out to party and have a good time I like R&B and Hip Hop.

DJS: I see you’ve been featured on tons of websites other than mine for your looks, but you earned a degree in Media and Performance, what are some of the benefits you see in having a degree in Media and Performance, and what are some of your future goals outside of modeling?
CC: Yeah my degree was a great experience for me to gain. It taught me many things- and really re-affirmed in my head that I want to be on screen performing. It also taught me how to grow up and become an adult. I think University really helps me come into the real world, and realize your resonsibilites as an adult! I would tell anybody that they should get their education first!

DJS: Education is always the key when it comes to moving ahead, and accomplishing your goals in life… Its interesting that you say school solidified your decision to want to be on screen, is Hollywood one of the places the world should look for you next?
CC: I hope so, all I know is I have more talent in my big toe then Kim Karadshian!!!! so If she can make it then why cant I???

DJS: That’s a good way to look at it.  So now that we’ve covered all the bases with acting, singing and modeling, Are there any models, singers, or actresses currently in the industry that you admire, or look at as inspirational?
CC: Yeah I really like what Lola Monroe is doing. A, shes gorgeous, but B, she has used her success from being a video vixen, to further her career as a rapper amongst other things so, the sky is the limit!!! I believe my modeling can take me to the next level.

DJS: I believe so too.  Its been amazing talking to you Candy, when’s the next time you think you’ll make it out to the states to do a photoshoot and where would you want to go that you haven’t already been?
CC: I will be in New York in June this year, to meet some agents as I am currently looking for a professional with all the right contacts! I already have some photo shoots lined up. I want to go and party the New York way, and meet some great people and have the time of my life!

And since the interview, Candy and I have discussed a working on a few projects together, both internationally and state-side.  So stay tuned for news on that.

Sam Bradley’s Photography.

Sam Bradley’s photos came to my attention late last night, and I’ve been somewhat stuck on them ever since.  His unique style, and ability to chose some “interesting” subject matter (hot girls with tattoos) definitely have the ability to keep peoples attention.  I don’t have too much personal information on this UK photographers, but from what I’ve seen so far, his work seems top notch.  Check the method below.

BCR vs. BK (It Only Takes A Few People To Make An Entire Race Look Bad).

Ton’s of people have been talking about the video above, and even among my closest friends, this video caused a discussion that upset a few people.  The story I’ve heard about whats taking place in the video is that during ‘Black College Reunion’ week, 2 women were in Burger King, waiting to be served, and the wait was so unbearable for the obese women, they started senselessly tearing up the Burger King and accosting the staff.  (This is the story I seem to keep hearing over and over.)

My first question is why do people have to act like that in the first place?  The world may never know, so lets just move along.  One question that came to my mind immediately after watching the video, and seeing the comments underneath the video from random viewers on YouTube.  WHY are people so racially driven when talking about these peoples actions.  Yes, its quite obvious that everyone that was causing trouble appeared African American, but why does that spark comments about an entire race?  Because of one group of rowdy people, an entire race seems to get put into a box and labeled, which I personally think is very unfair.

The comments that I saw are in the picture below, and you can click the picture to enlarge the photo, but people really said some wild sh*t.  Where my questions lie, when there are videos of crazy drunk white kids during spring break, no one classifies ALL white people as being that ridiculous, its just openly accepted that the group of people being observed in the video are idiots.  When there are videos of a group of girls flashing people during Mardi Gras, not all women are labeled as sluts who will show off their tits for a necklace they’ll lose before the end of the week, so why is it that all black people are being labeled (by some) as ignorant, destructive, or disorderly just because of the actions of a few fat girls?

One of the things that really threw gas onto the raging fire of a discussion my friends and I had, was when we saw someone comment that they themselves were black, and then proceeded to say that most people of the black race can be ignorant or absent minded.  No one person can speak for an entire race, and I think people seem to forget that.  Its unfortunate that whoever the person was that made that comment has black friends that can be ignorant and absent minded, but please don’t do the SAME thing everyone else is doing by labeling your own race as predominately ignorant and absent minded.

The other wild comment I read was about the ‘Obama Entitlement’ class.  I’ve never heard this term prior to reading these comments, but I can naturally assume it means that there exists a class of black people who feel “entitled” to something, or to act a certain way because President Obama is office.  And regardless of weather I’m 100% on the mean or not, people seem to be under the impression this is an iron clad, rock solid phenomenon.  I’m a stickler for details, so let me just examine that one for a second…

1. President Obama is half black, and half white, so either the “Obama Entitlement Class” applies to both black and white people.  OR, it only applies to mulatto children who have both a black and a white parent.

2. I would presume this “Obama Entitlement” suggests that the attributes of the president in office can effect the actions of the people who share the presidents most publicized qualities.  If that’s the case liars would have been tearing up Burger Kings when Nixon was in office, promiscuous men would have been at it when Clinton was in office, and vast number of less than intelligent former cocaine addicted rich kids would have been pulling things apart when Bush lived in the white house.

And finally, 3, it’s ignorant in itself to assume that an entire “class” of people feel exactly the same way about themselves because of the current president being elected.  If some people feel entitled because our president is half black, that’s fine, but how can you tell from a YouTube video that the people there that day were part of that group?

But lets move past the Obama point, past the “all black people are destructive in large groups” thing, and even past the racism aspect of it.  All in all, I’m not trying to preach, or make some sort of major political, racial, or jump on any type of high horse.  All I’m trying to say is this… Two fat b*tches had to wait too long for a Whopper at Burger King… what did you think would happen?

Click the pic to enlarge.


This Is What Rock N’ Roll Looks Like.

Porcelain Black


Lil Wayne is notorious for collaborating for all sorts of different acts.  But in his newest collab with Porcelain Black is one of the sickest.  The official video dropped yesterday, and is actually quite fitting for both the song, and for Porcelain Black and for Weezy.  The intro to the video is also one of the funniest I’ve seen in a while.  Check the method below.

Sagaki Keita’s Multilayered Illustrations.

Artist Sagaki Keita was born in 1984 and lives and works in Tokyo. His densely composited pen and ink illustrations contain thousands of whimsical characters that are drawn almost completely improvised. I am dumbstruck looking at these and love the wacky juxtaposition of fine art and notebook doodles. See more of his work here, and be sure to click the images above for more detail.

The ESPA Spa in Istanbul.

The brand new luxury lifestyle Edition Hotel is scheduled to operate and make its European debut in Istanbul in April 2011.  With the extraordinary, 20,000 square foot, three-floor ESPA spa, Istanbul Edition Hotel offers its guests an incomparable spa experience integrating beauty, health, and wellness in a setting of fine design and luxury.  Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) envisioned the luxury state-of-the-art spa design to draw inspiration largely from local Turkish traditions and customs.

The space was shaped to evoke the mysterious and sensuous atmosphere and mood of the storied Turkish city.  The traditional hammam, a focal point to any genuine Turkish Spa, and its faceted cut out patterns was the main design inspiration, lending a subtle yet atmospheric feeling to the overall space.  Spread over three floors, the spa’s unique combination of design elements such as dark and sumptuous lighting, chocolate brown marble, embossed bronze floors and walls of crystals helps to create the perfect space to lose oneself and forget the stresses of the outside world.

Vegetable Suicide.

Lets go through a scenario for a second.  You come into your home/office/dorm and your roommate or co-worker is watching something on TV, or the computer, you walk by and take a glance, and the first thing that comes to mind is “What the F*CK are you watching?!”  That happened not too long ago when I went to lunch someone on my staff (who will remain nameless), and I literally saw this on his computer screen… Which promoted the question “Holy crap, what the F*CK are you watching?!”.

The clip is from a show called “Dai Mahou Touge”

“NU.AER” Air Cleaner.

That’s an air cleaner, thank you very much.  For those who thought that air cleaners need to be these drab objects in the room, take a look at the pleasant NU.AER. Resembling a soothing view, the illuminated surface on it exudes a therapeutic and relaxing environment. If you’re wondering just how “clean” is your room, then just check out the illustrated display and you’ll get the picture. If it’s not what you expected then just change the setting by using the slider.

The Most Complex Architectural Columns On Earth.

Architect and programmer Michael Hansmeyer has undertaken a most ambitious project, designing an incredibly ornate and complex column with over 16 million individual facets.  Hansmeyer has taken his initiative beyond the computer design phase and actually fabricated a full-scale 2.7 meter (8.8 ft) column made from stacked cardboard sheets. Check out the pics and information below for more details on this fascinating exploration.

The project involves the conception and design of a new column order based on subdivision processes. It explores how subdivision can define and embellish this column order with an elaborate system of ornament.  An abstracted doric column is used as an input form to the subdivision processes. The abstracted column conveys a significant topographical and topological information about the form to be generated. The input form contains data about the proportions of the the column’s shaft, capital, and supplemental base. It also contains information about its fluting and entasis.

The input form is tagged to allow the subdivision process to distinguish between individual components. This allows a heterogeneous application of the process, with distinct local parameters settings. In addition to distinguishing among tagged components, the process parameters can be set to vary according to the input form’s topography as well as its topology. Finally, an environmental specification of parameters is possible to allow regional phenomena to occur.

The result is a series of columns that exhibit both highly specific local conditions as well as an overall coherency and continuity. The ornament is in a continuous flow, yet it consists of very distinct local formations. The complexity of column contrasts with the simplicity of its generative process.

Ball-Point Pen Illustrations by Hakuchi.

What it takes to be a good visual artist nowadays? Is it knowing how to draw hyperrealistic? Is it knowing how to use every image software that exists? I think it isn’t any of those virtues. Maybe the most important thing is to create your very own visual aesthetic, when I mean aesthetic I’m not saying style, that’s not the same thing on my point of view. You can have a really particular aesthetic Influenced by many styles, but that doesn’t mean it’s not unique.  Hakuchi is one of these illustrators that really got me, not because of his detailed trace, but because of his aesthetic. 3 colors illustrations, violent / ironic content, deep inspired in japanese and manga culture. That’s how I would describe the amazing work of this illustrator (one of which is a picture of a a man riding a motorcycle penis).  Enjoy.


A very interesting vodka bottle design made by Russian designer Artur Shraiber (Артур Шрайбер).  It’s a bit peculiar as to why a Russian would design a Japanese themed bottle, but none the less, the bottle seems like cut in halves with sharp sword of samurai.  And I’m sure the actual vodka is as tasty and delicious as the design.

R.I.P. DJ Megatron.

TV and Radio personality DJ Megratron, whose given name was Corey McGriff, was shot in Staten Island at about 2 a.m. and pronounced dead on the scene a short time later.  The Staten Island resident had just moved to a new house and his girlfriend recently gave birth to his third child.  “Everybody is shocked,” said a close friend who asked not be identified. “He just had a new baby. He wasn’t feuding with anybody. Everybody liked him.”  His buddy said it was normal for Megatron to get back to Staten Island around 2 or 3 in the morning after working at a club or music event.

“I’m still shocked that somebody killed him,” he said. “I can’t even understand why. It could be somebody that he didn’t even know. At that time of the night people do all kinds of crazy things.  I can’t see it being a personal thing because I don’t know of anybody who had a personal issue with him,” he added. “But at the same time, when you start getting success you have people who don’t necessarily like that.”  Law enforcement officials would not immediately confirm McGriff’s identity. A police source said detectives have thus far not been able to track down an eyewitness to the murder.

Keith Robinson, who identified himself as Megatron’s father-in-law, said his family was distraught.  “He was a good person,” Robinson said, visibly upset, “Everyone’s just shocked.”  The Staten Island performer was a regular on BET’s “106th and Park,” and worked on HOT 97 two years ago.  A friend who arrived at the scene at about 4 a.m. said she talked to him a few hours earlier. “He just called me,” Lisa Torres said, “He asked me if I was going to [a friend’s] party.”  She became inconsolable as the news sank in.  “He’s right there on the ground. I can’t believe this,” she screamed as she broke down in tears. “You’re lying, you’re lying! That’s not Megatron right there!”

A very sad story, and a tragic end to someone who’s talent has touched not only my life, but has undoubtedly helped shape the styles of many Hip Hop DJ’s.  Rest in piece DJ Megatron.

Scared Spiders Help Humans.

I’ve always thought it amazing how certain animals adapt immediately to clear and present danger, but when I read an article about spiders in Pakistan, I was kind of floored.  Covered in spiders’ webs, these cocooned trees in Sindh, Pakistan, are an unexpected result of floods that hit the region in 2010.   To escape from the rising waters, millions of spiders crawled up into trees. The scale of the flooding and the slow rate at which the waters receded, have left many trees completely enveloped in spiders’ webs.  Although slowly killing the trees, the phenomenon is seemingly helping the local population. People in Sindh have reported fewer mosquitos than they would have expected given the amount of stagnant water in the area. It is thought the mosquitoes are getting caught in the spiders’ webs, reducing their numbers and the associated risk of malaria.

Nick Patera, The One Man Disney Movie.

DJ Storm & Nick Patera

A few months ago I had the pleasure of getting to rehearse with YouTube sensation Nick Patera for a charity event he was a part of.  Embarrassingly enough, both my assistant and I were quite unaware of just how popular he was, or what he was vocally capable of.  So after doing some research we saw a few videos of him (all having over a million views each), and ‘The One Man Disney Movie’ was one of the most impressive.  Patera goes through many of the classic Disney films, and sings each and every individual part in unison.  Quite impressive, check the method below.

The Artwork of Cristian Blanxer.

Cristian Blanxer is an artist based out of Barcelona, Spain. Blanxer paints with both acrylic and oil to create his very diverse body of work.  His work has a very unique way of representing every different color no matter how vibrant or monotone the subject matter.  Check out the video below to see some of his work in motion.

Lil Wayne’s Live Tour Footage.

For another year spent working together, I grabbed my assistant two tickets to see Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, and Travis Barker on the ‘I Am Still Music’ tour.  Needless to say as the date approaches, the anticipation builds, but when I peeped Wayne’s performance of “Bill Gates” during his show in Baltimore, I got excited.  Click the pic above to see the footage.

Chewy Pens?

I’ve got more than one younger cousin, who always made it a habit to chew on their pens while doing homework.  And as I saw this as annoying, I’m sure Dave Hakkens would see this habit as money in his pocket.  When looking at pens, Hakkens noticed that you only use the ink, the other stuff is just there to hold filling more comfortable, and proposed the question “Isn’t it possible to eat the whole cover?”  That being his goal, he first gathered a collection of pens and looked what made them good to chew on.

With the information gathered, he made 3 different molds and started testing out different types of candy, the breaking point and which chew the best. When Hakkens found the shape and candy and made a final model in peppermint flavor. The candy which is used doesn’t stick on anything and doesn’t melt when it’s in your hands.  (To get an idea: It has the same texture as candy bracelets.)  The final product contains 22 pieces and is filled with edible ink. The only thing which isn’t edible is the small point where you write with. When finished you throw it away or put in in a new re-fill pen.

Hublot King Power Carbon Fiber Cathedral Watch.

To mark the 2011 Baselworld Fair Hublot is presenting a world first, with a minute repeater watch featuring two “Cathedral” type gongs, a tourbillon and column wheel chronograph, with carbon fiber bridges, in a case made from carbon fiber.  This is a perfect illustration of “Fusion” between great watchmaking tradition and the technology of the future.