Jay Vanity.

In my book, there’s a huge difference between being attractive and having sex appeal.  Jennifer Lopez is attractive, she’s beautiful, and is the type of person I’d be ecstatic to be in the same room with.  Lisa Ann however has a ridculous amount of sex appeal, but some wouldn’t necessarily put her in the same spectrum as Mrs. Lopez.  Finding a balance between attractive, and sexy is always good, but Jay Vanity is off the charts with both those qualities.  Jay says she’s got a good attitude to accompany her stunning looks, and when working with a professional model, there’s nothing more satisfying than having fun with the people your shooting.   Ms. Vanity has appeared in Show Magazine, done work for Dstroyr Clothing, and has been a Capristan swim suit model, but personally I’d like to see a lot more of her.  Check out some of her work below.

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