The Meiosis Backpack.

The Meiosis backpack designed by Davidi Gilad, is an equipment bag which was developed to utilize the physical properties of the elastic materials in which the bag is made.  Sounds complex, but its just a complicated way of saying the bag is strong.  It is constructed from rugged geometric polygonal shapes that harness the tension of the elastic fabrics, which is gained by attaching the rugged parts to the while they are stretched on a frame.  When released, the geometric shapes prevent the fabrics from shrinking back, resulting in the bag’s form and structure.  The tension and flexibility of the design maintains its shape while it is opened and closed.  The bag’s strength and shape is maintained when opening and closing, and it just plain looks cool.

    • gilad davidi
    • September 22nd, 2016

    For further details with the designer –


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