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Trailers Debuting During The Superbowl.

It seems like now a days, everyone is gearing up to watch the Super Bowl on Feb 6th, but unfortunately for me, I’ll be on a flight from Los Angeles to the Bay while the Bowl is on TV.  I’m more of a basketball fan, but the Super Bowl is a giant excuse to party on a Sunday, so I take it very seriously no matter what teams are playing, and I also clammer to see what funny commercials and brand new trailers that debut.  NOT saying that football isn’t a very enthralling sport, it’s just that you never see any plays that look like this during the big game…

(Note: Thats a MIDDLE SCHOOL team, and that video has over 15 Million views on Youtube.  I can’t believe they got away with that.)

So knowing that I won’t be on the ground this year to watch, I went to look up a list of the movie trailers I’d be missing come sunday, and below a list of my findings.  I have to say though that all this movie excitement is one of the highlights of my year, so although it’s a shame I’m going to miss it, I urge my family, friends, and fans, PLEASE do not text, or hit me up on twitter on Sunday after something like the Captain America preview telling me how ridiculously awesome it was.  I’ll get a chance to see and review everything when I have a chance.

Super 8

Transformers: The Dark Of Moon


Captain America: The First Avenger

Cowboys & Aliens

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides




While looking up some info on Amsterdam, I came across the work of Canadian stencil artist Roadsworth (Peter Gibson), and really liked it.  When it comes to something so simple, so raw, and so unique, I knew I had to throw it up.  He’s been doing his thing since 2001, using stencils to adapt the existing road graphics, mainly on the streets of Montreal, initially as a protest against the lack of cycle lanes, but increasingly as a commentary on car culture, oil dependancy and authoritarianism. I’m not sure how successful it is on those counts, but as a way of injecting a little wit and lyricism into the urban landscape, it’s the sh*t.  Check the method, and both of the videos on his work.

The Strand Superyacht Package.

I know what you’re probably thinking… It is devilishly hard to decide whether you should get a new yacht, or just get another super car.  (These are the questions the plague most of society on a Monday afternoon).  A yacht is relaxing, but the car is fun. Isn’t there a way to do both?  Actually, there is. Swedish Gray Design has come out with the Strand Craft 122 concept. It is an remarkable high performance streamlined 122 foot yacht. The Interior includes four double and very large staterooms, heads, reception, and salon areas – and of course comfortable crew cabins.  And it has a top speed of an phenomenal 50 knots.  And, it comes with a built-in garage for the “Tender.” It is a matching super car powered by a 880hp twin turbo V12 engine with a top speed of 230mph… a two-for-one package for the ages.

Strand Craft 166

If that is too small for you ladies, they have also come up with a “Strand Craft 166” your man can buy. It is a much larger version of the same concept.  It is 166 foot long, can retract the flybridge and radar mast for a more streamline style. Concealed beneath the carbon fibre inlaid fore deck is a sun deck equipped with a large jacuzzi, sporting a built-in bar to ensure that every party is well catered for.  There are five double en-suite staterooms, each equipped with 52 inch Bang & Olufsen TVs, top of the line sound systems, LED mood lighting and an iPad control and information center.  And it is capable of a cruising speed of 30 knots with a top speed of 40 knots.

The Creep.

Among my close circle of friends, we have an inside joke about “lurking”, (The act of just behaving like some sort of malevolent stalker, with varying degrees of intensity.)  But on this weekends SNL, ‘The Lonely Island’ and Nicki Minaj took the concept and made it national with the debut of “The Creep”.  Just like their other short videos on SNL like “Jizz In My Pants”, “I’m On A Boat”, and “D*ck In A Box”, this new addition to the line up features Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone, and is a great spin on the fad of creating random dances that seems to be plaguing hip hop right now.  Weather the inspiration for the concept was actually the dance, or the actual lurkish act of creeping up on, and following random women, this video is hilarious, and Nicki Minaj plays her part quite well…. This one’s for my lurk-kings.

50, Back At It Again.

After his recent “beef” with World Star Hip Hop, and the ensuing video of him blasting the f*ck off, ’50 Cent called into Shade 45 today during G-Unit Saturday and the he was hitting all moving targets.  DJ Whoo Kid must have known what was coming because he dipped out the back of the building right before 50 called in.  But Nelson and Young Jack Thriller got jabbed lightly, as 50 told Nelson he needs to lay off the mayonnaise sandwiches, and talked about Jack doing cocaine out of his glass eye.  The only person the G-Unit General didn’t mess with was Mimi. Fif keeps it cool with the ladies despite what you might have heard about a twitter incident with Ciara yesterday.  50 had so many projects he’s working on, it almost seems like he never sleeps. His new Sleek By 50 headphones, his acting career, the new eye wear by Gunnar to name a few. But he did acknowledge he has a strong team around him that helps to keep things running smoothly.  The Nicki Minaj vs Lil Kim beef has some people picking sides. Fif weighed in on the situation.  “There’s only two girls … it’s just about creating a sound from Kim’s perspective,” 50 said. “When I look at then actually competing I think it’s harmless. They add interesting stories because Kim is the original and Nicki is right now.”  He also confirmed his new album is almost done, although he wouldn’t reveal the name of it just yet.  Much has been made of 50’s dramatic weight loss for his role in the movie ‘Things Fall Apart’, which has helped generate a lot of interest in the project. The Cheetah Vision Films boss revealed the public will get a chance to see it soon.  “Things Fall Apart will actually premier March 5 in the Miami Film Festival,” 50 said.  Peep the rest of this great interview below. 50 talks about putting his beef with Cam’ron to bed, his expectations for G-Note Records 1st artist Governor and Hot Rod and chopping it up with Hugh Hefner.’

Three Sheets To The Wind.

Comedian Zane Lamprey hosts a humorous trip around the world, sampling the local well-known (and little-known) food and drink, while also engaging in local alcohol-related customs in a show titled ‘Three Sheets’.  (After the saying “Three sheets to the wind”.)  I’m not sure who he had to sleep with to get this gig, but being an alcohol connoisseur myself, I’d love to be able to go around the world and taste liquors in much the same fashion that fat people would love to be food critics.  In each episode, Lamprey samples various drinks and food in addition to learning about the customs and libations of that area, and then experiences the local hangover cure. The series is produced by Screaming Flea Productions, and will air on Spike TV starting Feb 28th.

Laughter Is Contagious.

Its very true that laughter can be contagious.  As soon as your in a good mood, and someone else starts cracking up, you always tend to feel a smile start to creep over your face.  But in some cases just the way someone laughs can make a situation funny.   The new AT&T ads featuring fast phones in a situation full of slow ones (or vice versa) are clever and inventive, but every single time I see this ad in particular, I crack up.  Its not just that laughter thats contagious, its homeboy in particular that gets me going.  For whatever reason its that particular laugh is extra funny to me, and the cherry on top is his abrupt change in attitude after the rest of the occupants in the car all try to share the moment with him.  Its too much, check the method below.