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Trailers Debuting During The Superbowl.

It seems like now a days, everyone is gearing up to watch the Super Bowl on Feb 6th, but unfortunately for me, I’ll be on a flight from Los Angeles to the Bay while the Bowl is on TV.  I’m more of a basketball fan, but the Super Bowl is a giant excuse to party on a Sunday, so I take it very seriously no matter what teams are playing, and I also clammer to see what funny commercials and brand new trailers that debut.  NOT saying that football isn’t a very enthralling sport, it’s just that you never see any plays that look like this during the big game…

(Note: Thats a MIDDLE SCHOOL team, and that video has over 15 Million views on Youtube.  I can’t believe they got away with that.)

So knowing that I won’t be on the ground this year to watch, I went to look up a list of the movie trailers I’d be missing come sunday, and below a list of my findings.  I have to say though that all this movie excitement is one of the highlights of my year, so although it’s a shame I’m going to miss it, I urge my family, friends, and fans, PLEASE do not text, or hit me up on twitter on Sunday after something like the Captain America preview telling me how ridiculously awesome it was.  I’ll get a chance to see and review everything when I have a chance.

Super 8

Transformers: The Dark Of Moon


Captain America: The First Avenger

Cowboys & Aliens

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides




While looking up some info on Amsterdam, I came across the work of Canadian stencil artist Roadsworth (Peter Gibson), and really liked it.  When it comes to something so simple, so raw, and so unique, I knew I had to throw it up.  He’s been doing his thing since 2001, using stencils to adapt the existing road graphics, mainly on the streets of Montreal, initially as a protest against the lack of cycle lanes, but increasingly as a commentary on car culture, oil dependancy and authoritarianism. I’m not sure how successful it is on those counts, but as a way of injecting a little wit and lyricism into the urban landscape, it’s the sh*t.  Check the method, and both of the videos on his work.

The Strand Superyacht Package.

I know what you’re probably thinking… It is devilishly hard to decide whether you should get a new yacht, or just get another super car.  (These are the questions the plague most of society on a Monday afternoon).  A yacht is relaxing, but the car is fun. Isn’t there a way to do both?  Actually, there is. Swedish Gray Design has come out with the Strand Craft 122 concept. It is an remarkable high performance streamlined 122 foot yacht. The Interior includes four double and very large staterooms, heads, reception, and salon areas – and of course comfortable crew cabins.  And it has a top speed of an phenomenal 50 knots.  And, it comes with a built-in garage for the “Tender.” It is a matching super car powered by a 880hp twin turbo V12 engine with a top speed of 230mph… a two-for-one package for the ages.

Strand Craft 166

If that is too small for you ladies, they have also come up with a “Strand Craft 166” your man can buy. It is a much larger version of the same concept.  It is 166 foot long, can retract the flybridge and radar mast for a more streamline style. Concealed beneath the carbon fibre inlaid fore deck is a sun deck equipped with a large jacuzzi, sporting a built-in bar to ensure that every party is well catered for.  There are five double en-suite staterooms, each equipped with 52 inch Bang & Olufsen TVs, top of the line sound systems, LED mood lighting and an iPad control and information center.  And it is capable of a cruising speed of 30 knots with a top speed of 40 knots.

The Creep.

Among my close circle of friends, we have an inside joke about “lurking”, (The act of just behaving like some sort of malevolent stalker, with varying degrees of intensity.)  But on this weekends SNL, ‘The Lonely Island’ and Nicki Minaj took the concept and made it national with the debut of “The Creep”.  Just like their other short videos on SNL like “Jizz In My Pants”, “I’m On A Boat”, and “D*ck In A Box”, this new addition to the line up features Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone, and is a great spin on the fad of creating random dances that seems to be plaguing hip hop right now.  Weather the inspiration for the concept was actually the dance, or the actual lurkish act of creeping up on, and following random women, this video is hilarious, and Nicki Minaj plays her part quite well…. This one’s for my lurk-kings.

50, Back At It Again.

After his recent “beef” with World Star Hip Hop, and the ensuing video of him blasting the f*ck off, ’50 Cent called into Shade 45 today during G-Unit Saturday and the he was hitting all moving targets.  DJ Whoo Kid must have known what was coming because he dipped out the back of the building right before 50 called in.  But Nelson and Young Jack Thriller got jabbed lightly, as 50 told Nelson he needs to lay off the mayonnaise sandwiches, and talked about Jack doing cocaine out of his glass eye.  The only person the G-Unit General didn’t mess with was Mimi. Fif keeps it cool with the ladies despite what you might have heard about a twitter incident with Ciara yesterday.  50 had so many projects he’s working on, it almost seems like he never sleeps. His new Sleek By 50 headphones, his acting career, the new eye wear by Gunnar to name a few. But he did acknowledge he has a strong team around him that helps to keep things running smoothly.  The Nicki Minaj vs Lil Kim beef has some people picking sides. Fif weighed in on the situation.  “There’s only two girls … it’s just about creating a sound from Kim’s perspective,” 50 said. “When I look at then actually competing I think it’s harmless. They add interesting stories because Kim is the original and Nicki is right now.”  He also confirmed his new album is almost done, although he wouldn’t reveal the name of it just yet.  Much has been made of 50’s dramatic weight loss for his role in the movie ‘Things Fall Apart’, which has helped generate a lot of interest in the project. The Cheetah Vision Films boss revealed the public will get a chance to see it soon.  “Things Fall Apart will actually premier March 5 in the Miami Film Festival,” 50 said.  Peep the rest of this great interview below. 50 talks about putting his beef with Cam’ron to bed, his expectations for G-Note Records 1st artist Governor and Hot Rod and chopping it up with Hugh Hefner.’

Three Sheets To The Wind.

Comedian Zane Lamprey hosts a humorous trip around the world, sampling the local well-known (and little-known) food and drink, while also engaging in local alcohol-related customs in a show titled ‘Three Sheets’.  (After the saying “Three sheets to the wind”.)  I’m not sure who he had to sleep with to get this gig, but being an alcohol connoisseur myself, I’d love to be able to go around the world and taste liquors in much the same fashion that fat people would love to be food critics.  In each episode, Lamprey samples various drinks and food in addition to learning about the customs and libations of that area, and then experiences the local hangover cure. The series is produced by Screaming Flea Productions, and will air on Spike TV starting Feb 28th.

Laughter Is Contagious.

Its very true that laughter can be contagious.  As soon as your in a good mood, and someone else starts cracking up, you always tend to feel a smile start to creep over your face.  But in some cases just the way someone laughs can make a situation funny.   The new AT&T ads featuring fast phones in a situation full of slow ones (or vice versa) are clever and inventive, but every single time I see this ad in particular, I crack up.  Its not just that laughter thats contagious, its homeboy in particular that gets me going.  For whatever reason its that particular laugh is extra funny to me, and the cherry on top is his abrupt change in attitude after the rest of the occupants in the car all try to share the moment with him.  Its too much, check the method below.

Inka Anica vs. Miss Frenchy (Blondes vs. Brunettes)

Recently, alot of my attention has been focused on strengthening bonds in a few far away places, (Thailand, Japan, Germany, Russia, and Costa Rica), but as I look through some of the great things theses and other places abroad have to offer, I can’t help but stop and admire the women there.  So in spirit of foreign appreciation I’ve picked out two of the nicest, most exotic women I could find on my side of the entertainment industry.  Now, when looking through photos of these wonderful ladies, my friends kept classifying them as either “The Blonde” or “The Brunette”, so I want to know what you think.  With all things taken into consideration with these two amazingly beautiful women, I’d like to know who you think wins… Blonde or Brunette.

Inka Anica

Now, I’m not too familiar with many of the exports that come out of Finland, but if they are all as amazing as Inka Anica, I’d love to take a visit.  Anica’s passion for modeling was always present although it took a long time though to accept herself as a model who could make it in the industry at her size.  (34D-26-41)  Her stunning body, gorgeous face, and shining blonde hair has landed her features as Myspace’s Official Eye Candy, Top Floor Entertainment Magazine, and even been spotted on the ABC Morning News.  Eventually Inka hopes to reside in the states, and have make swimsuit, commercials, editorial, magazines, and runway modeling a full time job.

Miss Frenchy

One of modeling’s newest prospects goes simply by the name of Miss Frenchy.  Since living in the caribbean as a little girl, Frenchy has grown up to be featured in Straight Stuntin magazine, MiXED Magazine, VBLAZIN, Hip Hop Weekly, Sweets magazine, Enfluence mag and SHOW.  Her stunning figure and incredible looks have also been featured in several music videos with Jimmy Cliff and Beenie Man.  Frenchy claims however not to be a model, “I’m just a lady that likes taking pictures“.  But whatever the case may be, she is very motivated and hard working, and more than dedicated to giving guys an incredible body to look at.

10 Of The Best Photos From Around The World.

As a National Geographic photographer since 1995, Stephen Alvarez has explored our world in ways most of us can only imagine. His global stories have won him numerous awards and taken him to amazing places, much like our all-time favorite photographer, Steve McCurry.  Over the past fifteen years, Alvarez chronicled the world’s unseen landscapes and then called the series Earth from Below. His journeys took him to the world’s deepest cave in Abkhazia on the border with Russia and made him curious enough to explore the treasures right underneath his feet. Alvarez recently spoke about these incredible experiences at The Annnenberg Space for Photography. What I enjoy most about Alvarez’s photos is that, just like Steve McCurry, he can transport us into another time and place. Unlike McCurry, however, Alvarez gives us a different type of connection. Whereas McCurry’s photos make us appreciate our shared human experiences, Alvarez’s awe-inspiring photos give us a whole new appreciation for this earth – its natural beauty and, most importantly, its hidden gems.

The DJ Lair.

‘I got a hot trend tip from a pair of young Italian up-and-comers who recently launched their new brand, Rocket Design. The Milan-based design duo is dedicated to creating original home decor, and they’re fun, funky and functional decor accessories that really crank up the style meter. Here’s a taste of the brand’s first collection; these really cool creations that work as great as they look. Inspired by the rock ‘n roll disco culture this clothes-hanger system, shelf and wine rack will rock your rooms! To see more, visit the Young Designer Book exhibit, held in conjunction with the Milan International Furniture Fair 2011.  But the one display that I appreciated the most was the DJ display.

The Porsche 911 Black Edition.

I happen to know a very attractive woman who has a passion for Porsche’s the way I have a passion for very attractive women, so when German sports car manufacturer Porsche very recently revealed a new limited edition variant of its 911 model, dubbed Black Edition, I knew I had to put this up for her.  Available as a coupe or convertible, it features a unique appearance with a plain black exterior, black brake calipers, and 19-inch 911 Turbo II bi-color wheels.

Inside, the cabin is nicely equipped with partial leather seats, a sport steering wheel, aluminum look trim, a painted center console, and Black Edition door entry guards.  In addition to that, a BOSE Surround Sound-System is fitted as standard, comprising 13 loudspeakers including an active subwoofer and central speaker as well as a seven-channel digital amplifier, delivering a total output of 385W.

Also standard on the Black Edition models is satellite navigation, and a universal audio interface in the central console storage compartment that enables an MP3 player to be connected to the audio.  Every 911 also features rear ParkAssist, cruise control, automatic dimming anti-dazzle interior and exterior mirrors, and rain-sensing windscreen wipers.  Power comes from a naturally-aspirated 3.6-liter flat-six engine with 345 PS (254 kW / 341 hp) and 390 Nm (288 lb-ft) of torque.

Paired to a six-speed manual transmission, the coupe accelerates from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.9 seconds while the convertible does the same task in 5.1 seconds.  Regardless of body style, the top speed is 289 km/h (180 mph).  It comes with a price tag of $81,300 for the coupe, and for just an extra $10,000, you can get the cabriolet for $91,300. They’re due to arrive in the spring.

Moment 4 Life: Official Video.

Click the pic to watch the video.

The song “Moment 4 Life” has been blasting over the air waves for the last few months, but the video for the “Pink Friday” single is sure to be all over TV screens for months to come.  I was actually quite enthusiastic when I saw that the video has a definable premise (which is very a refreshing change from the mundane, story-less content that tends to saturate the hip hop airwaves).  The “Moment 4 Life” video opens with Nicki and her a fairy god mother, (played by herself) discussing what seems to be a set up for a Cinderella-ish story line without her having to scrub floors.  Interestingly enough there is some conversation about “Roman” and how he and Slim Shady were sent to boarding school for wreaking havoc over the internet, which is once again undoubtedly a shout out to Nicki’s hit single Roman’s Revenge.  But the  Cinderella story soon turns into a love story between Drake and Minaj, and there are some random shots of Nicki looking quite fine in the shots with her pink hair, although she looks like she’s having a bit of trouble moving.  At the end of it all, there’s a “fairy tale” wedding between Minaj and Drake, in which they stage a kiss.  Personally I don’t think the on screen kiss was real, but click the pic to watch the video and let me know what you think.

The Many Faces of The Batman.

With the announcement of the ‘new Dark Knight Rises villains‘, I’ve been on the prowl for new news related to the new happenings of Bruce Wayne. Unfortunately nothing new about the 3rd Chris Nolan installment came up, but what I did find was a rather extraordinary collection of illustrations related to the Batman himself. Many different artists produced many different imaginings of the Dark One, but the subject is the only thing these pieces have in common. Each illustration is extremely unique in every way, from the costume, to the generation of “Batman” to the style and medium that the piece was created in. So for those of you who enjoy everything Bruce Wayne (Reggie)… Feast your eyes on this collection.

How To Win R.P.S.

For those of you who were wondering what R.P.S. is, it stands for ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’.  Now for those of you who are wondering why on earth anyone would give a sh*t, I know I would normally wonder the same thing. But this is the fashion in which most of the arguments between some of my oldest friends are settled. So just incase you ever decide to give being a grown up a rest, and find yourself engaged in a vicious ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ battle, hopefully this short and informative infograph will be of some help.

The New Audi Quattro Concept.

This year marks the 30th birthday of Audi’s now famous quattro all-wheel drive system. One of the seminal Audi cars was a limited edition, short-wheelbase plastic-bodied extreme machine called the Sport Quattro — the vehicle that helped launch Audi’s successful run of world championship-winning rally cars. That car serves as the source of inspiration for the Audi Quatto concept, which is bowing at the 2010 Paris show.

Loosely based on the Audi RS5, the Audi Quattro concept sits on a wheelbase that has been shorted by almost 6 inches. The rear overhang was shortened by 7.9 inches, and the roofline was lowered by 1.6 inches. Together, these reductions add up to a much tighter package and more muscular proportions. To help bring the weight down to 2,900 pounds — roughly the same weight as the 1984 Sport Quattro — Audi replaced the steel body of the production RS5 with a custom aluminum spaceframe architecture clad with carbon fiber panels. The RS5’s V-8 and dual-clutch transmission was also swapped out for a turbocharged five-cylinder and a manual six-speed gearbox (another nod to the original car), further reducing weight.

Unlike the Sport Quattro, which was a token 2+2, the Quattro concept only has room for two adults and rolls on a 102.4-inch wheelbase. Behind the seats, there’s space for helmets, a roll cage, or a couple of fire extinguishers. The actual cargo deck extends further, with Audi opting for a classic trunk lid in place of a hatch. The undersides of the Quattro concept’s carbon body panels were left unpainted in another weight-saving measure.

With the exception of wheels, tailpipes, and a signature set of Audi LED light banks, the exterior is pretty straightforward. As a world first, the LED headlights boast dynamic components that vary from horizontal to vertical, and from slit-eyed to wide open. Instead of conventional turn signals, the new light units integrate amber streaks out front and moving yellow brackets at the rear.

Dom Kennedy TONIGHT.

I get haircuts ever two weeks, but its not often that I have to time to sit and chill in the shop with my people.  This week however, I found myself with a free hour of time (for once in my life) and my boy Q reminded me that the Dom Kennedy show is happening tonight at 330 Ritch in downtown San Francisco.  So if your in the bay area, come through and see a good show with good people.  The event is 18+, and will for sure be one to remember.  All the other event details can be found on the flyer above.

The Blue Lagoon.

From what I hear swimming is supposed to give you a healthy glow, but these swimmers weren’t quite sure what was going on when they took a late-night dip and turned a fluorescent shade of blue.  ‘It was like we were playing with radioactive paint,’ said photographer Phil Hart who snapped the bizarre sight as his friends emerged from a lake in the dark of night.  The light is created by a chemical reaction called bioluminescence, which happens when a naturally-occuring micro-organism in the water is disturbed.

It’s believed that the combination of bushfires and floods created the high levels of nutrients in the lakes for the organisms to feed.  ‘It may not happen again in my lifetime,’ said Phil. ‘I feel fortunate to have been there to see it and to have had my camera gear there to record it.’  Phil, from Melbourne, added: ‘While the luminescence was obvious to the eye, the bright blue colour is only apparent in photos.’  When the first photo that was taken appeared on screen I could hardly believe how freakish the whole thing looked.

50 Cent vs. World Star Hip Hop.

Shortly after well-known hip-hop website shut down for unknown reasons, 50 Cent took to his Twitter to let it be known he was the force behind its temporary power cut.

Just hours later, the controversial rapper made a call to New York radio station Hot 97 to publicly express the reasons behind his actions towards the site. “I took a lawsuit… we’ve been through the process for a while,” he said. “Two weeks from now we’ll be in mediation to find out exactly how much they owe me. They’ve been advertising me on Worldstar for two years straight. They used the ‘I Am Robot’ image at the top of the site and my head was on the actual robot.

“Away from that, them encouraging disrespect on every level possible” is another reason for his dislike of the site, 50 added.  But in the same conversation — and in true 50 form — 50 sarcastically said he might’ve not been responsible for the site coming down, confusing listeners as he teased, “I didn’t shut them down. If I rob a bank I wouldn’t tell you I did… [but] maybe I did. It’s up to the public to decide.”  To put more of a twist on the story, owner and CEO, a man named Q, called the radio station just minutes after and negated all of 50’s claims of involvement. “It’s a technical difficulty and has nothing to do with 50 or homeland security or hackers,” he said. “We’re more or less having difficulties with the site itself as far as our server. We’re getting so much traffic we constantly have to upgrade.”  To further discredit 50’s claims, Q reminded listeners that the site had been down before. “We were down in ’07  because we got hacked. We got hacked last year and we’ve also had problems with our bandwith before,” he said.  According to Q, the site will be up in the next 24 hours. Q also gave 50 Cent a shout out for the “good promo,” although he admitted that he and 50 do have personal beef due to miscommunication and a “falling out a while back.”  50 Cent said during his chat that in the new year he is “encouraging people to be completely positive” and to “live better,” but that he has “old things that have to be dealt with.”

I’m Jumpin’ Out The Window With This One.

A small Silicon Valley-based company is making it possible for homeowners to look through their windows and enjoy a view of any scene they desire. Winscape’s virtual windows are designed to transport homeowners to another place — or time — by projecting scenes like the Grand Canyon or Taj Mahal into their living rooms.

The NGP: Playstation’s Newest Big Gun.

Today in Tokyo, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. announced the next generation portable entertainment system (codename: NGP). NGP will make its debut at the end of the 2011, but here’s everything you need to know right now.  The screen uses a multi-touch 5-inch organic light emitting display (OLED) display at 960×544 resolution that can display as many as 16 million colors.  The front of the NGP features dual analog sticks, a camera, built-in stereo speakers and a built-in microphone. The rear of the device has a multi-touch pad and a camera.  The NGP will be able to connect to the internet and the PlayStation Store using Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.  Sony announced they are developing games based on a number of franchises including Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Call of Duty, Resistance, Killzone and WipEout.  Kazuo Hirai, head of Sony’s gaming division, did not release a price or if the release plans for the machine during a news conference at a Tokyo hotel on Thursday.  Also announced was the PlayStation Suite. This new initiative by Sony will provide the opportunity to enjoy PlayStation content on Android based mobile phones, smart phones and tablet PCs. A selection of PS one Classics and new content will be available from the Suite.  All content available in the Suite will also be able to be played on the NGP.

Key NGP features:

  • Multi-touch 5-inch organic light emitting display (OLED) as the front display
  • Multi-touch pad on the rear of the device
  • Dual analog sticks
  • Two cameras (front and rear)
  • Software titles on small, dedicated flash memory-based cards
  • Three motion sensors, gyroscope, accelerometer and electronic compass
  • Wi-Fi and 3G network connectivity
  • PlayStation Network access, including ““LiveArea™”, “Near” and “Activity” log features Trophy Support
  • NGP will be able to play PSP titles, minis, PS one classics, video and comics from the PlayStation Store.


Duckworth on Team Backpack 2.

Duckworth getting vicious on the mic.

Not too many people may be aware that I try not to blog on the same topic too many times, unless some aspect about it drastically changes, or the issue takes an inescapable turn.  But when I saw my good friend, the emcee Duckworth on the new Team Back Pack cypher, I had to post it up.  I know some people had to remember his first cypher appearance just a month ago, but this is an entirely different beast.  Team Back Pack is proficient in supply a wide variety of beats for artists to spit over, and is prolific in the way they showcase talent.  check the method in the video below of Duckworth doing his thing, the way he does it best… (SWAG)

The Human Planet.

It shouldn’t be any kind of secret and that I get my nerd on pretty often, but I was suprised to know a few of my close comrades were just as excited as I was to watch the preview for a new BBC special titled ‘Human Planet’. The BBC and its affiliates are the same folks responsible for bringing the specials ‘Life’ and ‘Planet Earth’ to TV screens and DVD players all over the place. This mini series however doesn’t focus on the strange, unseen world of the animal kingdom, but it focuses on foreign cultues that are rarely seen, observed or documented, which makes the ads for ‘Human Planet’ extremely intriguing. Check the method below to see more.

The World’s Deepest Swimming Pool.

Feel like doing some deep scuba diving without visiting an ocean? Then go take a trip to Nemo 33, the deepest pool in the world.  Located in Brussels, this swimming pool is perfect for learning how to dive or for fine-tuning your skills before you hit the deep ocean. It’s 105 feet (33 meters) deep with 2.5 million liters of chlorine-free warm water. But the pool isn’t just used for practice; it’s also a tourist attraction. Everyone is welcome to test dive with instructors who will provide training if you are a beginner.

The pool was created by Belgian civil engineer John Beernaerts 13 years ago.  He was sitting in a Belgian bar one day with a pen and a napkin and just started drawing. What he eventually sketched amazed even him. He envisioned a giant indoor diving complex, full of underwater tunnels and chambers. An almost byzantine maze was what Beernaerts had in mind, and that’s essentially what Nemo 33 is.  The type of pool you can get lost in if you’re not careful.

Why is the water in the pool 33 degrees Celsius (91 degrees F)?  Well,  John’s vision was to create an environment that would mimic deep-sea diving in the Caribbean.  He felt that type of an experience would be the kind that locals and tourists would enjoy the most, and given the number of people who have turned out to swim in or tour his facility since its inception, he seems to have guessed correctly.

Since 2004, over 100,000 divers have visited Nemo.  So, far, they all have come back alive.  No sharks or terrifying octopuses to contend with in these waters.  No stingrays to pinch you as you explore deep sea passageways.  No jellyfish to make you squeal as you try to make your way back to shore. No, what Mr. Beernaerts built in Brussels is nothing short of a scuba utopia. It’s one of the most unique tourist attractions in the world, and truth be told, if you’re a scuba fan, you’ll probably want to give Nemo a taste test before you die.

Candy Pillay.

Candice Pillay was born June 10th, 1981 in the small town of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. The model (who also goes by Candy) has apparently had a love for the stage and performing as well. Her East Indian heritage combined with a love for R&B and Soul music makes for her remarkable sound and style. She grew up in a musical family, and began singing in her church at the age of 5. She left her home in South Africa and moved to the States to further both her modeling and her career. She lived in New York and recorded and performed her music there, playing at various clubs and parties. Candy later moved to Los Angeles where she continues her music career with recording, performance and radio work. Candy has since branched out into a part-time modeling career in, fashion-runway, print and spokes-model work.

The New ‘Lotus’ Originals.

Lotus is going to launch a new luxury lifestyle brand, Lotus Originals, which will offer a range of performance outerwear, luxury knitwear and leather goods that reflect the craftsmanship, heritage and spirit of Lotus.  Lotus said it has carefully hand picked the very best suppliers and materials to work with to ensure that quality reflects the future of Lotus.  “Our goal with the Lotus Originals concept was to create a range of apparel and accessories that really capture the true spirit of our iconic British brand. Lotus Originals isn’t just for traditional car enthusiasts, on some of the pieces the branding is very subtle allowing the style and quality to shine so we hope that it will appeal to a much broader audience.  We have developed a collection that is luxurious in a classic, understated way so it is easy to wear every day yet still make you feel part of our very special brand,” stated Wiebke Bauer, Director of Licensing and Merchandising for Lotus.  Lotus Originals will be exclusively available from the Lotus website starting February.