The A.I. Fashion Installation.

AI is an incredible fashion and installation series, interpreting the concept of artificial intelligence.  Through a series of images, the idea of an ever-present intelligence is presented, in an ethereal and interprative manner.  AI is often thought of as an extension of human intelligence, something that will extend our capacities beyond what is possible with our organic sentiments.  Already today, one might say that we’ve surpassed our intended knowledge – a nearly infinite amount of information is ever present, accessible at the whim of our interaction with our digital devices. The collection was photographed by Ben Sandler, set designs were created by Bonsoirn Paris, and the hair and makeup were styled by Audrey Robion.  Finally, the styles are from Lea Taleb & Laura D. Sainteff

5ac82c28a9c201411aa51b0443a42004 be335fe5141ad18b5f0152958b4df1fe 4026056513ec807405c026b015d8d67f e6bbe1eb0d755ee5050f353ac7405e25 37ec9368a9ccfb77781297f0c8e54248 d16b77d26b53f16c8a7615ca25a632ec
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