Yelawolf ft. Lil Jon – Hard White (Up In The Club).

What happens when you take a gutter, down south club filled with people, god-like ass slapping, an inflatable pool full of dirty water, Lil Jon, a slow motion camera, two hot chicks wrestling, a white guy with half his head shaved, and tons of drinks?  You’d either have the most random fiasco ever, or the new Yelawolf video featuring Lil Jon.   A backwoods night club and some incredible videography sets the backdrop for what I think is one of the more memorable videos of the year.  For some reason, I’m completely infatuated with this video.  From all the slow motion shots, to the two half naked chick’s fighting, to the raw look-and-feel that sets this video apart from many others to drop in 2011, this one is one of my personal favorites.  Oh, and wait till the end of the video to see the most epic ass-slap ever in life.

  1. Yella is the most authentic rapper to emerge this year.. No gimmicks.. no using his skin colour as a tool to get attention. He’s just himself.. and that is not common…


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