The Most Interesting Haircut You’ll Ever See.

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Its rare that simple hair styles will catch our eye, but Pauline Darley and Maxime Stange managed to do an incredible job of creating eye popping (literally) hairstyles out of tooth pics.

“Through this concept, we can get a double interpretation of the picture. A photo inspired from the English haircut style that is to say traditional, strong and graphic, combining structure and texture, without using only the hair. The toothpicks have a regular, strong and “slender” shape similar to the texture of hair. Thanks to their small and fine size, the y give effects of lightness and accentuate the texture. 2000 toothpicks are used for each headdress. First, they are painted one by one with some diluted gouache in order to see the “veins” of wood showing through. The mixture of at least 6 colours emphasize effects of depth and “dynamic”.

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