If there are two things that are beginning to saturate the internet, they’re travel sites, and online stores.  In today’s climate it becoming increasingly difficult to make waves on the internet market place, but the site Wander Baybe has managed to do just that.  The chic boutique specializes in selling a gambit of travel inspired items, from designer pieces all the way down to classic and high street clothing from up and coming designers from all across the planet.  Click the pic above to take a look at the shop.

The ‘Wander Baybe’ team consists of Zina Gibbs, Shelby Coleman, and Michelene Auguste, three amazingly well traveled women with an eye for unique fashion who’s goal is to continue to explore.

Wander Baybe is adventure, it’s free, it’s love, it represents a woman, or a girl who is free to be whomever she wants to be.

Click any of the photos in the post to check out the shop and its selection.