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Luxury Cruise Airship “Aether” Concept

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Based on an airship platform, the “Aether” cruise experience by UK-based designer Mac Byers allows guests to experience a wider range of destinations in a shorter time, all the while enjoying some of the greatest views imaginable. The exterior of the vehicle is conceived to look unlike any airship ever produced – removing notions of danger, like the hindenburg disaster in 1937 . The concept visually communicates a new generation airship that is not only safe but clean, influenced by the thunderbird 2, star wars and the NASA space shuttle. Drawing reference from suspension bridge cables, the lobby integrates structural cords for details like stairways and tables. The interior space has been designed to be as open as possible – encouraging social interaction and providing a communal gathering place for users to meet.

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Erik Johansson

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Check out theses amazing photos that were taken and manipulated by Erik Johansson.

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M.I.A. – Bring The Noize


M.I.A. has released the video for comeback track “Bring The Noize”, which was produced by Switch and Surkin. Starting at a block of 1960s concrete flats, following Methangi as she dresses herself in head-to-toe white clothing and heads to a dark, club-like environment. The track comes from M.I.A.’s forthcoming album Matangi, which is due out on Interscope later this year.

A Telescope For Your Eye


A group of DARPA-funded researchers have come up with a telescopic contact lens that can offer the viewer up to 2.8x zoom. Led by University of California professor Joseph Ford, the team were able to implement tightly-fitting mirror surfaces into the 1mm thick lens which, as a result, can now offer dual modality. Through the use of liquid crystals, the user can easily switch between the magnifying portion of the contact lens along the rim, or the unmagnified portion in the centre. While these new lenses are an incredible achievement, it may be a while until they become available to the consumer as the material currently used isn’t gas permeable, so the patient wouldn’t be able to wear them for extended periods of time. There are also still some issues with the quality of the zoomed image.

Los Angeles Airport Gets New Terminal


When the Los Angeles International Airport opens its newly renovated terminal to the public later this summer, passengers will travel through one of the most technologically advanced and splashiest airports in North America. Below you can experience the New International Terminal at LAX in 3d. This incredible 3d flyover and walkthrough experience immerses you in the future of LA’s next great modern marvel, the New Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. The New TBIT will feature 18 gates — of which nine will be capable of handling larger, new-generation aircraft — and 150,000 square feet of premium retail, dining and luxury lounges for the traveling public. The new international terminal represents a major leap forward in airport design, safety, and convenience, and will be the World-Class transportation facility L.A. deserves. The New Terminal is the centerpiece of Los Angeles World Airport’s Multi-Billion dollar investment in Hollywood’s Airport, LAX.


Stunning Sculptures by Tom Eckert

12 01 02 03When we’re talking about wooden sculptures the first things came in mind is figures of people, animals, fruits etc. But American sculptor Tom Eckert breaks stereotypes. Tom Eckert received his M.F.A. degree from Arizona State University, with advanced study at California State University at Northridge. He uses a wide variety of woodworking techniques in his sculptural pieces, including laminating, bending, carving, turning and painting.

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Beverly Hills 9OH2O Bottled Water

9OH2OIt’s being pitched as the “champagne of water,” developed by water sommeliers to be sipped, sniffed and rolled around the mouth like a fine wine during a fancy meal. The PR pitch for Beverly Hills 90H20 borrows heavily on the wine and spirits vernacular to sell the “best tasting water in the world.” Sourced from the mountain springs of northern California, the premium water claims to be crafted with natural minerals using a “proprietary patent-pending formula” that results in a 7.5 pH alkalinity for a “silky smooth,” crisp, fresh taste profile that’s supposed to appeal to the broad consumer spectrum. It’s these unique characteristics which are likewise supposed to make Beverly Hills 90H20 the ideal water pairing for fine foods and wines, reads the sales pitch. The premium water blend is bottled in a diamond-like, hand finished decanter triple-sealed for freshness. Each of the limited-edition 10,000 bottles also features a unique custom art design and is available at fine restaurants, luxury hotels, gourmet markets and fashion boutiques.