What Happens When You Mix A Forumla 1 Car And A Shark?

F1_Shark_Fin_McLaren_West_by_Showichi_Kaneda F1_Shark_Fin_Red_Bull_by_Showichi_Kaneda F1_Shark_Fin_McLaren_JW_by_Showichi_Kaneda F1_Shark_Fin_BMW_by_Showichi_Kaneda F1_Shark_Fin_McLaren_Marlboro_by_Showichi_Kaneda h13-1024x665

Check out these awesome sea-creature sculptures from Japanese artist Showichi Kaneda. He combines brand-intensive, slick and somewhat predatory shapes of Formula 1 cars with sea predators like sharks and giant squid in his “Human’s Own Evo” series.

F1_Shark_Fin_Ferrari_B_by_Showichi_Kaneda F1_Shark_Fin_Caterham_by_Showichi_Kaneda F1_Shark_Fin_Ferrari_Alice_by_Showichi_Kaneda-1024x805 F1_Shark_Fin_Bennetton_by_Showichi_Kaneda F1_Shark_Fin_McLaren_Vodafone_by_Showichi_Kaneda F1_Shark_Fin_Renault_by_Showichi_Kaneda

    • Flano
    • January 7th, 2015

    I would love to purchase a red bull F1 Hammerhead. How much are they


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