Addiction Incorporated.

Click the pic to see the trailer.

As a quitting smoker, I’m always interested in the newest, most successful ways of kicking the habit, and one of the best ways I know of that helps me the best is seeing the entire smoking industry in a new light.  Its rare that entire motion pictures come out on the topic (the last one being ‘Thank You For Smoking’), but when I got glimpse of the newest film to breach to subject, I had to put it up.  Click the pictures either above or below to take a look at ‘Addiction Incorporated’, and if your a smoker, just see if it doesn’t change your outlook just a little bit.  Below is the official synopsis.

In 1980, a young scientist named Victor DeNoble was hired by a major tobacco company. Fourteen years later, he was testifying in front of Congress that, despite the sworn testimony of the industry’s chief executives, nicotine was addictive… and the research he did could prove it. ADDICTION INCORPORATED tells the incredible true story of how one of the most important whistleblowers of our time dropped a bombshell on one of America’s most powerful industries- a bombshell that still reverberates today. If you think you know the story, if you think you know the science, and if you think you know Big Tobacco’s next steps, this incendiary documentary will prove you wrong on all counts.

Click the pic to see the trailer.

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