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Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege Collection NyX Launch.

The Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege Collection NyX limited-edition bottle is created to reflect the world’s best-selling cognac’s contestant spirit and dynamical nature.  It follows the shiny Hennessy V.S.O.P Helios, the first product of Hennessy’s Privilege Collection which was inspired by the ancient Greek god of the sun.  The iconic cognac’s bottle is redesigned to present an extra class alcohol in a modern translucent platinum glass with metallic purple trim inspired by a starry night.  Logos are etched in luminescent ink on the label, collar, and cork and are visible only under black light.

Surfing The Red Tide.

In San Diego, a red tide means a nocturnal light show, as you’ll see in this video. When surfers disturb the algae-filled ocean waters, the organisms begin to glow, and the sea bursts with blues, greens, and purples. The phenomenon, called bioluminescence, occurs when a plethora of phytoplankton invade coastal areas, literally turning the sea a reddish hue that’s visible during the day. It can make shellfish dangerous to eat, but at night, it’s like a night light sent from King Triton himself.

2011 And The Advent Of Hipstep… (Or Dubhop).

Despite roots that date back to the late ’90s, dubstep in the U.S. gets mostly relegated to the fringes of popular music. Recently it’s been slipping into more mainstream arenas like hip-hop and pop. It most often rears its head at music festivals, on college campuses and in sets by the occasional late-night club DJ. Dubstep can be polarizing — alternately celebrated and derided as music for robots — but I’m not here to beat the drums of dubstep war, nor advocate for the genre’s continued prevalence. Instead, I’m here to state the obvious: that hip-hop and dubstep are fusing. You can call it “dubhop” or “hipstep,” but either way, this year it became impossible to deny.

What started with dubstep DJs experimenting with hip-hop remixes has progressed into the mainstream, with hip-hop artists now seeking out these DJs to incorporate dubstep beats into their songs. The list which follows is arranged by level of griminess and filth: The top represents some of the mainstream hip-hop acts to have infused their music with womp. But as you descend down the rabbit hole, the sounds become more hardcore. These jams are bursting with brutally thunderous bass lines, and they’re not for everyone. But if you emerge from this dark 10-track burrow of face-melting bass intact, then congratulations, my robotic friend: You are the newest fan of hipstep.  Check the method.


Jay-Z and Kanye West – Who Gon Stop Me


SBTRKT ft. Little Dragon – Wildfire (RMX ft. Drake)


Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci


Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne & Diplo – Motivation (Remix)


Wiz Khalifa – Black And Yellow (Big Gigantic Remix)


Drake & Lil Wayne – I’m On One (KillaGraham Remix)


Big Boi – Shutterbugg (Unlimited Gravity DUBSTEP Remix)


Pretty Lights – All Of The Lights Remix Kanye West


SAVOY – Welcome To Jamrock (Remix)


Sam Adams – Hold On



The Sabina Kelley Interview.

In the entire history of this blog, every interview I’ve featured, I’ve conducted myself, but this time around things are a bit different.  The folks over at YUHMM Magazine, got a hold of the ever so lovely Sabina Kelly and spoke with her about everything from the start of her career, to her tattoos, to her future plans.  Normally things like that don’t stop me from going after someone for me own interview, but the crew at YUHMM did it as well as I would have.  So below is the interview conducted by them, featuring Ms. Sabina Kelley.  Enjoy.

You are a formally trained ballet dancer and a former Vegas showgirl. I’d love to see you whoop ass on Dancing with the Stars. If cast on the show, do you think you could go all the way?

Hell ya! I would love to be on Dancing with the Stars. That show is so fun to watch because I love dancing. I think I would surprise a lot of people.

We think you would too. Tell us how you discovered the world of burlesque.

I discovered the world of burlesque with my love for pinups. I like everything from the 40’s and 50’s and burlesque was part of that. Dancing has always been really important in my life and I like all aspects of dancing. I even took a dance history class in college that taught me a lot about burlesque. I really got into it when I ran across old Sally Rand, Bettie Page and Tempest Storm burlesque footag. The tease of it is so playful and fun, and not trashy.

As a modern pinup, you’ve really carved out a unique niche for yourself by being one of the first to really put a rockabilly tattooed twist on a Bettie Paige style. Do you feel as though you’ve been instrumental in joining the two worlds?

I think maybe in a way, but I was not intentionally doing that. I was just being myself and was really involved with the scene. I do know that I have opened a lot of doors for girls who are heavily tattooed to model now in the industry, and showing the world that you can be heavily tattooed and still be classy, beautiful, sexy, and successful.

There’s been some debate with photographers that we’ve talked to that the communities like SucideGirls and GodsGirls are a fading trend. If that’s the case, some tattoo removal offices will be very busy in the next few years. What are your thoughts?

I’m not part of SuicideGirls or GodsGirls, but I do agree that SuicideGirls and GodsGirls are fads. I do think tattoos are popular now, but are also a fading fad. I had tattoos before they were cool and will have them after they are not cool anymore. I definietely think tattoo removal offices are gonna be busy. Why do you think I own my own ( I think a lot of girls and guys are getting tattooed right now because of how cool the reality shows are making it out to be, and I think a lot of them will regret their decisions and want them removed.

You and Anne Lindfjeld were recently featured in Playboy together. We’ve read on your blog that you shot with Playboy but the photos have yet to be released. I’ve been reading Playboy for many years and have never seen a fully sleeved centerfold. I will jump for joy if you are the first. Why do you think Playboy has been so safe and conservative with their model choices?

I would love to be the first centerfold or even better a Cover Girl for Playboy. They have been so safe and conservative with their model choices because Hef does not like tattoos. I hope to change his mind and be an exception.

Switchblade Stilettos is the name of your site. With a name like that you have to be able to back it up. Can you?

What do you think? Ask around or ask my girls!

Wow, like that, huh. You’re about to go to war and your commander says you can take three model friends with you. Who would you pick and why?

Dita Von Teese, so she can distract them with her beauty! Ava Garter, so she can talk shit to them! Heidi Van Horne, so she can kick some ass with me!

That definitely sounds like a deadly combination. You own Staytrue Tattoo in Nevada. Tell us how this came about and have you ever given anyone a tattoo?

My husband and I own two Staytrue Tattoos in Las Vegas – one on Reno and Arville and one in China Town. I have never given anyone a tattoo. I’ve been asked to do tattoos on people, but I talk them out of it because I draw like a 5 year-old. I guess if you want a stick figure with big boobs tattooed on you, I would be the perfect girl to do it.

You better watch what you say here. You may have a line of fans outside of Staytrue asking for that exact tattoo. We asked your gal pal Heidi Van Horne (who you have a line of Pinup Playing Cards with) this same question… how flattered are you when you see a fan sporting a Sabina Kelley tattoo on their body?

I’m totally flattered when I see a Sabina Kelley tattoo on someones body! It is such an honor. There are quite a few people with Sabina Kelley tattoos. I have been posting the pics on my website and MySpace since I’m so proud of them. I can’t wait to see one of my tattoos on a cover of a magazine!

What’s the most unusual place someone has tattooed your image on their body?

No one has really tattooed my image in an unusual place, but there has been people that have done a whole back piece, a whole sleeve, or a huge rib piece. I think it’s really cool!

You’ve been quite fortunate to have the successful career that you do. If you weren’t being the fabulous pinup sensation that you are, what would you be doing?

Oh man, that’s a hard question. I’m not too sure. I just do what I want to do and follow my dreams, and as I conquer a dream, I think up something new and strive for that.

So, what’s ahead for the beautiful Sabina Kelley? We hear talks of a tv show.

There is a lot ahead for me. I can’t give the details on everything right now, but lots of exciting new stuff. Yes, a TV show is true.

Last question, you have one sentence to convince me why I need to become an exclusive member of your site. Go!

Where else are you gonna find full sets of my images and see personal pics and hear of news before anyone else. My site kicks ass!!!

50 Cent – Put Your Hands Up (Official Video).

Here’s a look at the new music video by 50 Cent and his new song, “Put Your Hands Up” off of The Big 10, mixtape available for free download here.  The video itself is a bit of a story, which means the directors took a bit more effort than just putting Fif in front of some flashing lights.  However, the intro is a bit drawn out, and seems like a bit of an excuse to put hot chicks in the same dress.  The rest of the video does pick up from there, and even shows off a bit of 50’s humorous side.  Check the method below.

Hennessy X.O. Mathusalem.

For its annually awaited, limited edition X.O (Extra Aged) cognac, Hennessy has for the second year commissioned special packaging from Arik Levy.  The RockRegeneration Hennessy X.O Mathusalem is directly inspired by Levy’s Rock furniture and object collection.  Hennessy has presented an XO limited edition at the beginning of each year since 2007. Only 300 bottles are available worldwide.

The Ferrari 360 Modena Limo?

This Ferrari 360 Modena limousine was created by cutting a regular 360 Modena in half and adding seats in the middle to provide interior room for eight people.  There is one large flat screen on-board plus several smaller screens set into the head rests. It also has a state of the art sound system and fibre optic disco lighting.  Estimated at £250,000 ($390,000), this is the fastest limousine in the world – it can hit a top speed of 166 mph.  This unique vehicle was designed By Dan Cawley of Style Limousines, then tuned to perfection by Prestige Limousines, Birmingham, England.

Andy Gilmore’s Geometric Paintings.

The artist Andy Gilmore has a passion for geometric shapes.  (He must have been the kid to copy off of in Geometry class).  His artworks take all different shapes… no pun intended, but they all seem to be equally amazing.  Check the method below.

Day And Night.

A fine art project Stephen Wilkes has produced about New York in the beautiful patches of day and night. “Day to Night embodies a combination of my favorite things to photograph; people on the street melded with epic cityscapes, and the fleeting moments throughout the day and night,” noted the author. Well, we should admit that these exceptionally well done photographs add a surreal dimension to various iconic New York places. To split the landscapes from AM to PM and create such a surrealist effect, Stephen kept his camera at a fixed angle for up to 15 hours, then weaved and blended the shots into one frame. Let’s now contemplate all the bustle of the city within these breathtaking shots. Hope, those of you who have never been to NY will have the time to make it up to see this in person.

Pop Locking vs Ballet Collaboration.

Spike Jonze arranged this collaboration of the world’s greatest cellist with unique hiphop dancer Lil Buck.  This is what Jonze wrote: “The other day, I was lucky enough to be at an event to bring the arts back into schools and got to see an amazing collaboration between Yo-Yo Ma and a young dancer in LA, Lil Buck. Someone who knows Yo-Yo Ma had seen Lil Buck on YouTube and put them together. The dancing is Lil Buck’s own creation and unlike anything I’ve seen. Hope you enjoy.” –Spike Jonze.

The McFancy.

A few hours ago, I put up some work from the Access Agency about the McMobile concept.  I don’t know why everyone I received emails from about how amazing the concept was, BUT, I found some other interesting twists on the Mickey-D’s franchise by the Access Agency.  The McFancy concept takes the fast food giant, and puts quite a regal spin on things.  Check the method below.

Touch Powers – Chicago Show.

Watch an ordinary space come to life with touchscreen technology, and people who play to power amazing. Experience the second of our Chicago 3D projections, made possible with HP.

McMobile McDonald’s by TCH/Access Agency.

McDonalds is a world-wide franchise and the TCH/Access Agency has a brand new idea for getting the name in new places… The streets.

In the friendly tradition of ice-cream trucks and pop-corn carts, the highly visible McMobile brightens up the day at large sporting events, concerts, street festivals and any other events where large crowds are present — and hungry.

For people waiting in long line-ups to get into such events or to buy tickets, the McMobile would be not only a welcome and entertaining distraction, but a chance to get something to eat that they would probably eat anyway when they get into the event.

Depending on the location and specific requirements, the McMobile could take the shape of just the one main car or it could become an entire fun train with various components of a meal depicted in each car.  To make most of the fun of this fun meal-on-wheels, the concept would be further enhanced by specific music, mascots, staff and entertainers interacting with the crowds — all part of the experience of encountering the McMobile.

With its bright colors and cute appearance, McMobile will be photographed and broadcast in social networks by consumers where-ever it shows up. McDonald’s could even run a “Spot McMobile” contest online to increase the visibility.  McMobile is a concept created by Access Agency which will be sold as a franchise model and also used as a branded marketing experience.


T.I. – F*ck Da City Up (Trailer 2)

So many people tuned in to watch the premier of T.I.’s reality show on VH1, but those aren’t the only camera’s Tip Harris has spent time in front of.  Recently he dropped a couple trailers for his new mixtape titled “F*ck The City Up”, and I’ve got the newest one right here.

The Modern Concrete House.

When you first think about the words concrete house, you might imagine a cold, sterile environment, perhaps something similar to a prison. If that’s the case, this one story house designed by architecture studio A-cero will likely change your mind.  Located on the outskirts of Madrid, Concrete House II features a façade that boasts a spectacular view of the whole house. The first impression that visitors usually get is that the building seems to be hidden between concrete walls and ramps that extend up to the roof. Upon further inspection, they find a vegetation area that climbs towards the sky.  The back of the house opens up towards the garden where the lounge, dining room, library, study, and bedrooms are found. Outside, the plot includes an elegant garden and small lake, while the roof features solar panels and a renewable energy system.

AIAIAI x WESC Headphones.

In days gone by, headphones were the size of half-a-head and blocked out the entire outside world. The audio was amazing but you sweated profusely because of the generous foam padding… And you looked idiotic.  Through several mutations, we then ended up at the other extreme, with minuscule earbuds that nearly vanished in your ear — and you still looked dorky.

Now, we have moved on to “audio fashion wear” that combines the best of all worlds. Copenhagen’s AIAIAI with its design partners at Kilo has come up with stylish, light-weight Tracks Headphone Series that combines toned-down nostalgic looks with superior sound quality.  A leather version of Tracks, in natural and black, is apparently in the works as well.

2012 Menswear Predictions.

US menswear manufacturers have noted an increase in male tailored clothing, with slimline suits set to dominate 2012.  A report published December 8 on WWD saw major American menswear retailers highlight an increasing trend towards flattering attire for gentlemen.  American market research company The NPD Group says tailored clothing sales rose more than 11 percent and sales of men’s tailored shirts rose more than 3 percent in the first half of 2011.  Although the trend for slim silhouettes has been attributed to the younger generations, older men are also looking to appear more toned in their attire.  The popularity of slim-style suits and sportswear for all generations has been noted by retailers including Men’s Wearhouse, America’s largest suit seller.

The brand’s CEO Doug Ewert explained the increasing popularity of fitted sports coats and dress shirts.  “These looks mostly target a younger customer; however, we’re starting to see growing acceptance among middle-aged customers.  A modern fit is cut closer to the body. Other characteristics include narrower lapels on suits and sport coats and narrower ties.”  Meanwhile, Brooks Brothers’ Lou Amendola explained that customers are “definitely looking for suits in a slimmer silhouette” and in classic colors such as navy, gray and simple pinstripes.

For this reason, the brand will introduce a “youthful sack suit” called the Cambridge in Spring 2012.  Ronny Wurtzburger, president of Peerless Clothing, which produces clothing for labels including Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and DKNY, has also predicted a rise in vested clothing, while explaining that shorter length jackets have been driving sales.  “A shorter jacket and tapered pants gives the slim customer a look that is different than his father’s. It’s a very hip look,” he explained.  Other menswear brands including Hugo Boss, Burberry London and Ralph Lauren Black Label are all known for their slimline tailored suits.

The Pixers.

Take a look at awesome interior projects, created by PIXERS, a group of Polish designers, involved in architecture, art and interior design. They’re “photo-walls” are incredibly unique and attention grabbing art pieces, suitable for any apartment that has adequate room. Check the method below.

5 Unethical Experiments Done in the Name of Science.

Robbers Cave Experiments

Thanks to sites that publish interesting lists everybody seems to know about the Stanford Prison experiment. By now anyone you ask will tell you that this was a horrible study where university students were placed in one of two conflicting groups in order to replicate the conditions inside a prison. The experiment was so bad that it had to be stopped weeks before it was supposed to end. What few people know is that the same experiment was done with twelve year old kids that didn’t even know they were in an experiment, and it was done THREE TIMES!

A group of scientists led by Carolyn Wood Sherif gathered several 11 and 12 year old boys and took them on a summer camping trip, without telling anyone that this was actually an experiment. The scientists had them divided into two groups, making sure to break apart any friendships that the boys had established previously. Once on the campgrounds the scientists encouraged the boys to call each other names and pull pranks on the other group. But don’t worry they also had planned some group-building activities at the end of the whole experiment, such as cutting the water supply and let the kids figure out how to avoid thirst.

In both of the first and second experiments the boys rebelled against the experimenters, probably realizing they were mad scientists. Of course these two experiments were not published originally; Sherif only publicized the results from the third test where the boys apparently resolved their conflicts at the end of camp. This prompted the scientists to declare this a successful experiment in conflict resolution; although the study did not monitor the boys over long periods of times to see if a summer spent in a camp where they were constantly insulted did any lasting psychological damage.


Monster Study

The last study might have left you with a sliver of hope that maybe scientists didn’t run such bad experiments after all. If that is the case, please consider the case of the monster study. This is an experiment that tells you right from the title it’s going to be painful to read.

The only purpose of the experiment was to destroy the self-confidence of 11 children in hopes that psychologists could discover why stuttering happens. Even if the experiment was successful, nothing would have been gained aside from abstract knowledge; no one is interested in making more people stutter. Yet for some reason that is exactly what Iowa speech professor Wendell Johnson set out to do.

He picked out orphans, because no parent should willingly submit their kid to this kind of experiment, and over the course of six months constantly belittled everything they did. He would point out every tiny imperfection in pronunciation and every small mistake in spelling, all so that he could prove a theory that claimed stuttering was a learned behavior.

None of the children became stutterers, but several of them remained traumatized for life. Depression and loss of self-esteem were the most common problems among the 11 children that participated in the study. But at least the university sent them all an apology letter, years later after they got sued for allowing this study.


Little Albert

Of course the previous example is not the only case of scientists being completely insensitive towards children. John B. Watson wanted to prove that you could condition a child into becoming irrationally afraid. Why exactly this needed to be proved is not really clear, but apparently it was vital to the advancement of science.

In order to accomplish the task of scaring a child, Watson took an eleven month old baby and showed him a rat, a rabbit and several fuzzy things. Whenever little Albert tried to play with the objects he was shown a loud noise would be played in the background. This was repeated over and over again until Albert became scared of anything that was white and fuzzy including blankets and beards. In case you were wondering Albert remained terrified of old Santa Claus-looking men for the whole duration of the experiment.

Once the baby was terrified of the world around him, Watson returned him to the parents. He didn’t try to erase the results of the conditioning or monitor the child as he grew up. No one knows what happened to little Albert with several theories arguing that he ended up committing suicide. While this is probably an exaggeration, one thing is for sure: that child didn’t enjoy any Christmases for the rest of his life.



Moving away from scientists who hated children we have the CIA and their famous experiments with drugs during the 50’s and 60’s. This period was marked by a heightened paranoia of Soviet spies infiltrating the American society. So in order to protect the Unites States the CIA decided to test LSD on a bunch of unsuspecting citizens.

If the above sentence doesn’t seem to make sense to you, congratulations! You’re more logical than the CIA .

The first stop on their testing agenda was injecting several of their own agents, with acid, mescaline and LSD in order to see if they would reveal secret information. Think about it like torturing your own men to see if they would crack under pressure.

Once they collected the data on this stage of the experiment the CIA moved on to testing drugs on the general population. They did this by setting up nightclubs and paying women to slip drugs into men’s drinks. They even went as far as using brothels as a testing ground for various drugs since they knew that the male customers would be too embarrassed to report what happened.

Unfortunately most of the documents on these experiments were destroyed in the 70’s so there is no hard evidence on which the CIA could be prosecuted.


The Oklahoma City Sonic Boom Test

Continuing with experiments performed by the U.S. government without the public’s knowledge we have the Oklahoma Sonic Boom test. The idea behind this experiment was to test how much noise a citiy’s population would accept before they started having serious psychological trouble.

This wasn’t the first test of its kind with the government flying planes over populated areas on purpose, several times in the past. However, this was the first time that the government conducted a long term experiment, measuring the sociological as well as the economic impact.

The experimenters even went as far as setting up fake complaint hotlines where the city’s population could leave detailed descriptions of how much they hated the planes flying over their houses. Of course nothing would be done about it and the experiment went on for six very loud months.

Lil Wayne’s Sports Corner.

Weezy F. Baby is ahead of the curve on many aspects, and aside from the obvious (rap) he’s a well documented sports fan.  Recently Lil Wayne got in front of Derik G’s camera and gave his low down on his sports opinions… Something he’s been doing since he was locked up.  Check the method.

The Diving Coaster.

Over the years roller coasters have become more and more impressive.  The largest, tallest, and fastest coaster in the world happens to reside in my home state of New Jersey.  (holla)  But what I like to call the Diving Coaster, actually named ‘The Vanishing Coaster’ in Japan takes things to entirely new heights… or lows.  The coaster dips an incredible 18 feet below ground in the middle of a water fountain.  Check the method.

I feel like at night, it would be even more of an entertaining experience.

Rihanna – You Da One (Official Video).

Over the course of my holiday trip to the east coast, I got a little time to check out some tracks from Rihanna’s latest album ‘Rated R’, and I was most impressed by ‘Cockiness’, ‘Birthday Cake’, and ‘You Da One’.  Lo-and-behold, as soon as I got back home from a little sight seeing, the first thing that popped into my email was a link to the official video for ‘You Da One’.  Take a look at the video below.

Hublot’s Magic Gold Timepiece.

Hublot is launching the first ever timepiece that has a scratch-resistant gold case. Called the Hublot Magic Gold, the watches will be presented at Basel World 2012.  Hublot gold has a hardness rating of almost 1000 Vickers (most hardened steels are up to 600 Vickers).  This makes Hublot the hardest in the world, and by some margin it can only really be “scratched” by a diamond.

Amber Rose x Smirnoff.

Many people both inside and outside of the Hip Hop community have their opinions about video girls/video models.  But one thing is for sure, when someone who’s initially hired for being a pretty face, turns their opportunity into a career, its something to be commended.  Amber Rose was most noted for dating Kanye West (and subsequently Wiz Khalifa) recently teamed up with Smirnoff Vodka to produce a series of TV spots.  The first ad got people talking, and the second was released on Christmas, but hasn’t yet showed up on the web.  Check the first ad out below.

Miguel Paredes: Porsche 911 Speedster.

The 2011 911 Speedster art car was created by famous artist Miguel Paredes in collaboration with Champion Porsche for the 2011 Art Basel.  Miguel Paredes, born and raised in New York’s Upper West Side, is an urban realist that specializes in New York graffiti art.  Paredes designed a psychedelic Japanese-inspired visage on the 911 Speedster, replete with colorful tones, a geisha on the hood, and lots and lots of flowers.

The Art Basel show brought together more than 260 leading galleries from North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa, showcasing more than 2,000 works from artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.  The Porsche 911 Speedster is one of only 356 units ever made by the German company. The limited edition 911 Speedster runs on a 408hp 3.8-liter flax-six engine.