A Pimp With Two Paddles And Some PVC Pipes.

I tend to get thrown some crazy videos when I’m working with my staff on blog posts, but I rarely bounce them onto the blog simply because I don’t really relate to it, or its honestly just not that good.  The video below however is falls into neither of those categories.  With all the research I’ve done, I still can’t find this kid’s name for the life of me, but he deserves a medal, or record deal, or a blowjob from every girl that was in the room while he pulled off this performance.  Said genius below starts off playing a tune on a cleverly constructed (yet simplistic) PVC pipe organ wit two paddles, and plays for about 6 minutes.  Now being a DJ, I know how hard it can be to transition between songs on turntables while keeping the audience interested, not making every transition the same, bridging the gap between genres, keeping the BPM’s the same, and playing songs that any given group of listeners will enjoy… all at the same time.  But I could never imagine doing that ALL with two paddles and some PVC pipe.  Check the awesomeness below… and wait till the very last song when his surprise guest jumps in and gets busy.

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