Where Is The Red?

Click the pic to play.

About 2 years ago, I took a trip to London, and got my wallet jacket.  So with no money, no I.D., no credit cards, or travelers checks, my friend and I decided to play a little game with people to make some money.  It’s called by many names all over the world, but its the same basic concept.  It consists of an item (a ball, wadded up piece of news paper, or whatever) underneath a cup, or bottle cap, and the “controller” scrambles them around, and you have to pick which one said item is under.  We’ve all seen it a million times, and when you play for subway money, the controller tends to cheat.  But when you play online there’s no cheating, just an absurd amount of speed that the computer can put on spins.  So try your luck, do you best, and click the pic to figure out where the ‘red’ is.

Click the pic to play.

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