DJ Storm’s Interview with Miss Arie Rose.

Everyone has heard the saying “A day late, and a dollar short”… (luckily for me, with the success of my career, I’m never a dollar short) however, I was a day late with this post.  Hours of traveling to different editing studios, deliberating with my staff on what songs to mix for the background (ending up with 26 different pro-tools sessions all with different song combinations), waiting for graphic designers to create the appropriate text, all in combination with rendering and uploading times, I missed a few deadlines.  But hey, we’re perfectionists, sue us.  But when its all said and done, my first video interview starring Miss Arie Rose deserves nothing less than the pursuit of perfection.

Arie Rose has been doing her thing for quite some time.  I came across her when we worked on an episode of “Street Files” together a year or so ago, and was enthralled with the idea of sitting down to talk to her about all that she’s accomplished, all that she’s planning, and just her day to day life.  So that’s exactly what I did.  Ben Einhorn and his incredible video crew came through to Sugar Cafe in downtown San Francisco to meet with Arie and I to capture the action.  Check the method below to see how it all went.

Don’t forget to follow Arie on twitter @MissArieRose.

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