CG At Its Best.

I used to major in 3D Animation before I decided to go the way of the pro-DJ, so whenever I see any effects, animations, or examples of CG (Computer Generated) I get excited about the process behind it.  The advertisement above was made entirely on a computer. It might look photorealistic and the details might seem too exact and the shattering objects too precise, but that’s the case. It was made by Alex Roman for Silestone, a company that makes countertops. The video was made by two people in two and a half months.  While the shatter effect is cool, the realism of the fruit really blows me away. Those lemons look stupid real.

After all, I understand how a mineral crashing into thousands of tiny pieces can fool my eyes, but seeing something commonplace, like the lemons or grapes, look that real in HD video is mind-blowing.  More of Roman’s work is available at where you can see other impressive videos highlighting architecture, flowing movement, and the use of photographic techniques in computer-generated video. For “The Third & The Seventh” he lists his software used as being 3ds Max, V-Ray (for 3ds Max), Adobe AfterEffects and finally Adobe Premiere Pro.  If you want some insights into Roman’s process, you can check out this excellent behind-the-scenes video he has made available.

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