The ‘NEW’ Black Card. Go Get One.

Money isn’t something I like to talk about all too often, and many of my affluent friends are the same way.  So I’m not going to rat anyone out, but I know a few people with Black Cards.  Almost a year ago, I heard from someone that Black Cards were no longer being distributed, and I was a bit perplexed.  But now, the world’s richest individuals can now shop and swipe in style with the new release of the JP Morgan Palladium credit card.  The card is made of palladium—a rare silvery metal that resembles platinum—and 23 karats of gold.

The JP Palladium credit card itself is worth a whopping $1,000.  The JP Morgan Palladium credit card offers benefits and features unlike any other credit cards currently on the market.  The typical JP Morgan Palladium cardholder will have an estimated 30 million dollars in savings and can only become a cardholder if he or she belongs to a private bank.  The annual fee to use this new credit card is just short of $600, a price that seems rather small considering that the credit card bears no limit.  But all in all hopefully this shiny new ‘proof of wealth’ will bring a little bit more… class, to the non CEO’s who have money.  Unlike some folks with the Black Card.

    • ryan gossling
    • May 20th, 2011

    have fun getting mugged in sf with one of those in your pocket lol. i would stick to the normal cards and dont aim to be a big shot like the guy above


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