Rocks For Cushions?

Ronel Jordaan has been making rock cushions since December 2004. Not only that, but Ronel’s rock cushions is also way better looking than the ones from Livingstones. When you compare the two, you will be absolutely amazed how real Ronel’s “rock cushions” look.  Jordaan’s cushions are also completely hand-made, hand-dyed, hand-carded, made out of felt, and have no stitches. What you end up with is a much better result. It is not several pieces of textile put together and made to look like a rock. It has a more complete feel.  You can get the rocks in several colors like cream, pale brown, pale grey, mid grey, dark grey, charcoal, brown, and DK brown. And, they come in several sizes ranging from small 35x30x18cm (14x12x7 inches) to gigantic 65x65x35cm (26x26x14 inches).

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