Jenna Shea.

Some of the models i post up, i learn about for the first time when I’m writing about them, but Jenna Shea is an exception. I’ve had my eye on her for a while.  Many of my close friends think they can tell people what my ideal crush looks like, and when they do Jenna Shea’s name always gets thrown around.  Since she stepped on the modeling scene, Jenna Shea has been all over the place. With a body the kind of defies physics (5’2″, 34DD-25-41) this California native hasn’t stopped making her way around the industry.  Two time Cover Girl for the esteemed SHOW magazine brand, Craze magazine cover girl, Straight Stuntin, Silk, and many more magazine features comprise just a portion of her resume, not to mention the numerous website and video features.

But Shea, (branded the “Urban Barbie”) has a bit more drama surrounding her than most of the other models I feature.  This particular beauty has a bit more to mention besides a basic bio.  Her past relationship with Young Berg ended somewhat explosively after a sex tape, Berg getting robbed, and her blasting off on him all over twitter about how Berg cried like a b*tch after he was robbed at gun point.  Shea has also had proximity to Kat Stacks, we all know how annoying Kat is, along with her trash talking rappers, and “telling” their personal business all over the internet.  But Shea put a stop to this by putting on twitter (I keep telling people twitter is deadly, but no one listens.) how Stacks lied about Bow Wow, Nelly, Fabolous, and a few other people.  But all the drama aside, at the end of the day Jenna Shea deserves a gentleman’s clap just for being that hot.

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