3 Excellent Particle Flow Animations.

Particle Animation.


The purrty picture above isn’t something out of the MOMA in San Francisco, it’s whats called a Particle Flow Animation.  Having been an animation major before studying sound engineering, I know how hard ‘tiny particles’ are to pull off properly while animating.  Be it Maya, After Effects, 3D Studio Max, or whatever, it’s a b*tch.  Working with veterans in the visual effects game such as Adam Patton has given me a further appreciation of how hard it is to pull off something that is visually stunning but still appears simple.  In this collection, you’ll find 15 excellent particle flow animations. They vary in length and subject but all of them are breathtaking once you can appreciate the time and effort it took to create these pieces.  It’s amazing what particle flow is capable of doing now-a-days. Check the method below to see these usages of particle flow, and just try to fathom the complexity it took to produce these demonstrations.

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