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The DJ Storm iPhone A.P.P.

Technology is the wave that’s sweeping up and coming artists into the spotlight now a days.  I remember just a few years ago, Soulja Boy was a shining light among fledgling rappers for being signed off YouTube hits.  But now a days, promoters, radio stations, magazines, label execs, and even DJ’s take a look at someone’s web stats when considering doing work with an artist.  The web and all the devices interconnected to it are now the way to spread music through the world, and the creative force Adam Patton over at ‘Down With A.P.P.‘ is well aware of this.  Luckily for me, Mr. Patton, one of the most talented people in digital media had the DJ Storm brand in mind when conceptualizing a creative iPhone application.  Everything in the photos is purely at a concept stage, but you can read more at the page.

3 Excellent Particle Flow Animations.

Particle Animation.


The purrty picture above isn’t something out of the MOMA in San Francisco, it’s whats called a Particle Flow Animation.  Having been an animation major before studying sound engineering, I know how hard ‘tiny particles’ are to pull off properly while animating.  Be it Maya, After Effects, 3D Studio Max, or whatever, it’s a b*tch.  Working with veterans in the visual effects game such as Adam Patton has given me a further appreciation of how hard it is to pull off something that is visually stunning but still appears simple.  In this collection, you’ll find 15 excellent particle flow animations. They vary in length and subject but all of them are breathtaking once you can appreciate the time and effort it took to create these pieces.  It’s amazing what particle flow is capable of doing now-a-days. Check the method below to see these usages of particle flow, and just try to fathom the complexity it took to produce these demonstrations.

You down with A.P.P.?

His work can be viewed here.

Yeah, you know me… But who you may not know is the man behind some of the moving photo effects on, and on the visualizations for the mixes I post on youtube.  Visual effects artist Adam Patton has a long and impressive resume that grows by the second.  (Sorry A.P… I tried to say that without sounding gay)  Having worked with many people, including (but definitely not limited to) League 510, BeatStreetS, (and yours truly DJ Storm), on web design, music videos, and a slew of other digital projects, A.P.P. is someone you should be down with when working in the realm of digital media.