Jessica: Miss Rabbit.

Born Jessica Zepeda in Houston, TX, this up and coming model chose the nickname “Miss Rabbit” on the strength of one of her favorite movies as a child. ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’.  She is often described by people who know her as ‘the most down to earth and cool person’. She loves to have fun, and that involves good friends, good food, and is enjoying life and her career to their fullest.

Jessica was persuaded, like most new models, by friends to pursue a career in modeling, and one day found her way on the set of Paul Wall’s “Break ’em off Real Bad” video.  She met Dwyane Darden from on the set of a shoot, and was featured in multiple shoots including the 2008 calendar.  Her goals include building a strong modeling resume’ and conducting business in the entertainment industry long after her shooting days are over.

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  3. wau she is bella y hot. jessica te amo


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