Sam Young and Chinawhite

I honestly had no idea that I had any sort of significant pull in the U.K., until a long conversation with an ex of mine where she admitted that the staff of her entire office building checks this blog at least twice throughout the day during work.  Since being made aware of this, I wanted to take the time to shout out my Londoners (yes, that is a real word, look it up) and suggest going out to ‘Chinawhite’ this Wednesday.

The newly located Chinawhite has been going from strength to strength since its re-opening last year.  Guests over the last few months have included a who’s who of the music, film, sports and modeling worlds.  If you want to attend or book a table please RSVP by emailing names to  Ladies free before 11pm.  My friend Sam Young (who I met through DJ Roy Rovelli) will be playing the best in house, hip hop and club music all night. Your guaranteed to enjoy yourself.


Sam Young winning the DJ of The Year award.


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