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The Most Hillarious PSA In 50 Years.

So in the process of starting work on my newest project (which I CAN NOT say anything about until New Years, so please don’t ask) I came across a video during a break that I’m still laughing at right now.  Old School PSA’s are often misdirected, and full or sexual, racial, religious, and class oriented slurs, but this one from the mid 50’s was just perplexing both as to its purpose, and its target audience.  None the less, me and my boys I’ve been working with were cracking up for a solid hour with some of the “issues” tackled in this PSA video.  It might just be our sense of humor, and the vibe in the room at the moment we watched it, but check the method below, let me know what you think.

Album Sales Preview Numbers. (Kanye/Nicki/Banks)

The numbers will be official tomorrow so the list below may vary but it gives an idea of what to expect: Kanye Tops The Charts, Nicki Minaj Follows, LLoyd Banks is uh.. undershipped?

1. Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Roc-A-Fella/IDJMG): 518,775 (Gold)
2. Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday (YMCashMoney/Univ Motown): 371,049
8. Ne-Yo – Libra Scale (Def Jam/IDJ): 117,800
25. Lloyd Banks – Hunger For More 2 (G-Unit/EMI): 45,188
41. Jay-Z – Hts Collection Vol 1 (Def Jam/IDJ): 26,044

Dial Phone.

The trend in concept phones these days is turning retro, which is why we have the “Dial” reminisce the era of the round-dials on phones. The difference however lies in the present concept being touted as a fashion accessory that can be crafted in the metal of choice; giving you the luxury of being, chic, sporty, or uber-rich. A projected light beam in the inner circle impersonates the rotary dial, but to dial a number you need to simply touch it. Quite interesting.

Get Your Own Light Cycle.

Just in time for Tron: Legacy, a Florida bike shop put together 10 custom-built, street-legal Tron Light Cycle lookalikes. For a cool $55,000, you could be riding one to the Dec. 17 premier.  According to Jeff Halverson of Parker Brothers Choppers, each bike features a steel frame, fiberglass bodywork and a V-twin engine from a Suzuki TLR1000. Stopping power comes from a custom made friction drum that keeps the bike true to the look of Daniel Simon’s latest Light Cycle design. Customers have a choice between actual gauges and an iPad dock that displays vital statistics on the iPad’s touchscreen.  Though the bike looks like it drove straight off the movie screen, it’s not a replica or recreation since the Light Cycles in both Tron films were virtual. “We basically used the images we could get off the web in order to make the bike,” said Halverson. “Keep in mind, no one ever made this bike before.”  The bike weighs 474 pounds and is just over 100 inches long and 23 inches wide. The rider sits (lies?) 28.5 inches off the ground. Halverson said that it rides like any sportbike, though we’ve gotta wonder with that huge front tire.

T.I. ft. Drake – Poppin Bottles


Click the pic to listen (Courtesy of HHG)

Info Every Graphic Designer Should Know

The Versace Bubble Sofa.

“Versace Home” has launched this chic Bubble Sofa. Quirky, comfy and very colorful the sofa can be upholstered in choice of fabric or leather.  This is an exceedingly dope piece in my opinion that looks just as comfortable as it looks fashionable.

Claridge’s Galliano Christmas Tree… At Sea

Once again, Dior’s head fashion designer John Galliano is returning to The Claridge’s Hotel in London for the holidays with his Dior Christmas Tree.  For 2010, Galliano is creating a truly dazzling design, using the ocean as his muse for his “Under the Sea” Christmas tree.  Made of sparkling silver leaves, pink coral, sea horses, fish, anemones, starfish and jelly fish, this whimsical design is truly one of a kind.  Last year he designed an Asian-inspired tree that featured snow leopards, dragon flies and parrots among its baby blue, “frozen” branches.

This festive season, Claridge’s, the art-deco gem will be transformed to an oceanic paradise with Galliano’s extraordinary creation.  Commenting on the collaboration, Dior Creative Director John Galliano says, “The majestic beauty of Claridge’s Art Deco interiors never fails to inspire me. I am thrilled to be invited to create a new tree for Christmas at Claridge’s.  I wanted to create an underwater fantasy and have mixed pink corals, seahorses, anemones and jellyfish, all glinting like gem stones, swimming amidst the silver leaves.”

“I hope we create something as sumptuous as its setting and this inspires a truly luxurious escape and a very festive season at Claridge’s.”  Thomas Kochs, Claridge’s Hotel Manager, commented, “We are excited to see the return of the legendary John Galliano, who will once again create the Christmas magic in our lobby.  Following his spectacular tree last year, we simply could not resist to see the new design which will keep London talking throughout the season.

Both Claridge’s and Dior are synonymous with timeless glamour and impeccable heritage and we look forward to celebrating the festive season together.”  The tree was unveiled in the lobby of the hotel on 25th November, 2010 and will be on display until 5th January, 2011.

Ally Rivera

It’s always refreshing to see models around my age range that are doing impressive things, so I had to throw 21-year-old Ally Rivera up for viewers.  She’s resides in Orlando/Clearwater Beach, Florida and describes herself as a very crazy fun girl, but a very loyal and committed person who’s dedicated to her art.  Ally loves travel and is currently in school at USF for marketing, and eventually aims to be a pharmaceutical rep for Pfizer.  She models swimwear, lingerie, runway, beauty, commercial, fashion, and glamour. She is also available for TV, hosting, commercials, and promotional photography.  She’s definitely someone I wouldn’t mind popping out of my suitcase during a long trip.

Freerunning Frenzy.

I’m a huge admirer of all things extraordinary, so its no mystery why I find Parkour fascinating.  The art of traversing elements in both urban and rural settings, can be seen as philosophy by some of its practitioners, but to someone on the outside of the “free running” world, I just see it as pretty damn cool.  Check out some pictures and videos of what I think is one of the dopest arts on the planet.

Watercolor In Motion.

Turns out watercolor paintings look even better when they’re in motion.  This video was directed/hand-painted by Irina Dakeva of WIZZ.  It’s comprised of around 2000 watercolor paintings drafted one after another.


Another Set Of Dope Watches.

So I hope it’s clear by now to people who have been following the blog that I’m a huge watch enthusiast.  I’ve been collecting rare/unique watches for the last few years, and I’ve posted up a few other posts on the subject but I keep running into better and more unique watches.  Some of the following are overly functional, some are simply stylish, and others are dramatically unique, but all of the below are examples of a few of my favorites.

“Source Code”.

Click the pic to watch the trailer

Its interesting to see different movie that seem to be a meld of several other films.  When I came across the trailer for “Source Code” I was impressed with the concept, but even more intrigued by the premise behind the film.  It seems almost to be a combination of “The Matrix” mixed with “Vantage Point” with a splish-splash of “Next”.  The synopsis is as follows, let me know what your think. 


When decorated soldier Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) wakes up in the body of an unknown man, he discovers he’s part of a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train. In an assignment unlike any he’s ever known, he learns he’s part of a government experiment called the “Source Code,” a program that enables him to cross over into another man’s identity in the last 8 minutes of his life. With a second, much larger target threatening to kill millions in downtown Chicago, Colter re-lives the incident over and over again, gathering clues each time, until he can solve the mystery of who is behind the bombs and prevent the next attack. Filled with mind-boggling twists and heart-pounding suspense, Source Code is a smart action-thriller directed by Duncan Jones (Moon) also starring Michelle Monaghan (Eagle Eye, Due Date), Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air, The Departed), and Jeffrey Wright (Quantum of Solace, Syriana).

Lil Kim – Black Friday (Poppin off at Nicki Minaj)

This is probably one of the only time’s I’ll be so candid on this Blog, but wow son.  Everyone has been talking about the beef between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim for the last few months, without being able to legitimately say that they are going at each other.  Until this point, Minaj’s verses on “Roman’s Revenge” had no name in them, so one could only speculate, just as Lil Kim’s performance in New York went without the words “Nicki Minaj” being spoken, but Kim has not broken that barrier with “Black Friday”, a Nicki Minaj diss that is clearly aimed at her rap antagonist.  Kim comes on with all guns blazing over Pharoahe Monch’s “Simon Sez” beat, and delivers some of the best lines she’s had in years, (…[I’m] more anticipated than a LeBron James ring…) and manages to talk about all of ‘Young Money’.  But, I have to be completely objective, so I must say that Kim’s track has no chorus, and she seems to ramble on at times, and you’d with there was some break in her non-stop rhyme spitting.  All in all though Lil Kim came quite hard with some ridculous, and anyone who takes female rappers seriously (which should be everyone) will be quite curious as to how this debacle will progress.  Click the pic to listen.

Click the pic to listen. (Courtesy of HHG)

Lupe Fiasco Joining N.E.R.D.?

Hard Knock Tv’s Nick Huff Barili caught up with N.E.R.D (Pharrell Williams, Shay, Chad Hugo) to explain the latest with the Star Trak movement. Pharrell talks about Alyssa Bernal, Chester French, Robin Thicke (calling him our R&B Sinatra), N.E.R.D and Christian Rich. Pharrell goes on to say that Kenna is family but that he is no longer on Star Trak and that neither are the Clipse saying “I am interested in growing talent, it doesn’t have to be on my farm.” Pharrell said that if there was a fourth member of N.E.R.D it would be Lupe and that people should not be surprised if they do an album together but it wouldn’t be on the next album because N.E.R.D has already started working on album and its going to be Nature based.

The World’s Most Expensive Bottle Of Tequila.

Mexican distiller Hacienda La Capilla, has unveiled a 1.3 litter tequila bottle called “The Diamond Sterling” on Monday.  The bottle, made of 2.3-kilogram layer of platinum and over 4,000 diamonds totaling 328 carats, is valued at around $3.5 million.  The bottle, designed by Fernando Altamirano, was seen during an interview with Reuters television in Mexico City.  Altamirano hopes to break the Guinness World Record for the world’s most expensive bottle, and when I save up the pocket change, I will promptly get wasted after the purchase.

Super Mario Kart: The Board Game.

I’m not a big fan of board games. I’ll play a board game if its on a console or my phone, but somehow the fun of an analog version escapes me. But the fact that we live in a digital age did not stop Japanese game maker Epoch from unveiling a Super Mario Bros and a Super Mario Kart board game at the Tokyo Toy Show.

The Mario Bros version is a one player game that involves navigating a metal ball through a maze as quickly as possible. The Mario Kart version adds a second player and requires basically the same thing, only you have to get your ball to the finish faster than your opponent. Both games feature authentic sounds from the video games.

Russ Mills Illustrations.

I have to give my apologies for the recent absence.  It’s the beginning of the holidays, and I too have to take a break sometimes to be with family.  That being said, I’m happy to bring it back with the illustrations of Russ Mills.  He has a unique way of creating distorted images with the use of paint spatters.  All of the work I’ve seen from Mills is award-worthy, check the method below.

Kanye West ft. Jay-Z – That’s My B*tch

Click the pic to listen. (Courtesy of HHG)


The ‘Do It Yourself Doodler’.

Blank Template

So I am many things in this world, but an illustrator is not one of them.  However, David Jablow is just that, and an impressive one no less.  His Flickr stream is hands down one of the most impressive I’ve seen in quite some time.  He’s taken a 1950′s style Peggy Sue magazine model and put different worlds around her using a single template.  The creativity and artistic detail are spectacular.  Some of these are semi-NSFW, so view at your own discretion.  And if your bad-ass enough, print the template and try some yourself.



Angel Vs. Devil

The Dig


Papoos's Revenge



The Wear-Squirrel

Feeding Time




The New (New) BMW GT M1.

BMW’s M1 is back.  And drivers can expect stunning design, impressive fuel economy and incredible performance to come as standard with the new model due on sale in 2012.  It will be based on the Vision EfficientDynamics concept, BMW’s star of the Frankfurt Motor Show, and Auto Express’s exclusive images reveal how the newcomer will look.  With an ultra-low ride height, active aerodynamics and an aggressive rear end, there will be no shortage of visual drama. Inside, there will be two-plus-two seating, and the low-slung driving position will be surrounded by cutting-edge technology, including a digital dash and multimedia connectivity.  A three-dimensional head-up display that shows information such as speed and speed limits, economy and sat-nav functions, plus an advanced version of BMW’s iDrive cabin control system, will also appear.

Practicality will be limited however, with BMW choosing to deliver a machine that sets a new benchmark for performance and efficiency, rather than creature comforts. At the core of this effort will be groundbreaking technologies which will see every aspect of traditional car design reinvented.  The most significant element of this huge effort will be the development of the 1.5-litre hybrid engine revealed in the Vision EfficientDynamics. The three-cylinder unit will be paired with a powerful electric motor – together both will offer more than 350bhp and 800Nm of torque.  To save fuel, top speed will remain electronically limited to around 155mph. However, the 0-60mph sprint is expected to take less than five seconds.  To make the most of this raw speed, the M1 will be equipped with BMW’s Air Curtain system. This arrangement channels airflow through the front bumper and out ahead of the front wheels. It reduces turbulence in the wheelarches and cuts the car’s drag coefficient to 0.22Cd – the lowest of any BMW. Subtle folds in the bodywork will also create downforce without the need to use large spoilers.

Insane Architectural Photography Pt. 2.

After my posts about the photographer “Dangerously Dolly” I realized I didn’t have to ignore vast amounts of content on a post, I could just split it up into different parts, and display it like that, so after finding a collection of pictures displaying architecture from all over the world, I knew if I didn’t what to leave anything out, I had to break it up.  So here we finish up with part 2. of my finds on unique architectural Photography.

“The Lovely Bones”.

Medical imaging firm EIZO wanted to come up with a catchy giveaway that highlighted their expertise in “high-precision displays for the examination and diagnosis of radiographs.” The result, dreamt up by German ad firm BUTTER: A pin-up calendar in which women, truly, truly bare all. As the promotion concept puts it, “Very popular among craftsmen but quite new for medics: Pin-up calendars. At last, one which shows absolutely every detail.”

Tuesday @ Vessel.

Tomorrow, Tuesday November 23rd, the “Liquid Revolver” party featuring The EC Twins will be going down at Vessel.  Liquid Revolver is a must-attend industry event geared towards those that work within the nightlife, nightclub, bar, and entertainment industries, as well as prospective employees, clients, sponsors, promoters, and those that wish to break into the scene. This is a night for networking–an event that will allow people to engage in conversation, gain exposure, seek potential job opportunities, meet industry leaders, and simply have a great time.  On top of all the industry hooplah, yours truley and some very special guests will be in the house.  My older sister and some other family will be in the club enjoying the night, so feel free to stop by and chill with us.  There is NO COVER charge and attendees will be treated to drink specials all night and an industry Power Hour from 9:30-10:30PM with premium drinks.

Insane Architectural Photography Pt. 1.

After my posts about the photographer “Dangerously Dolly” I realized I didn’t have to ignore vast amounts of content on a post, I could just split it up into different parts, and display it like that, so after finding a collection of pictures displaying architecture from all over the world, I knew if I didn’t what to leave anything out, I had to break it up.  Here I bring you part 1. of my finds on unique architectural Photography.