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DOSA, San Francisco.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that the one thing I do as much as work, is eat. (The hostesses in some restaurants know my name before I even eat there). I love all different types of food, but some of the best Indian cuisine I’ve ever had has come from an establishment named Dosa. Their menu is unique and extensive, and everything from their food down to their website is pristine. I was introduced to Dosa by one of my best friends, and every time I’ve eaten there has been exquisite. The exert below, describing the Dosa restaurant is directly from their website.

DOSA, San Francisco’s first South Indian Restaurant, has opened a second location in the City’s burgeoning Fillmore district to further explore the broad and diverse reaches of the South Indian culinary landscape. The new eco-friendly restaurant can not only accommodate more guests with a larger venue, but also highlights a greater breadth of regional Southern Indian specialties and showcases the urban Indian dining experience at its best through a comprehensive wine and spice-infused cocktail program.

Dosa also opened up a new location in the Fillmore. Check the video below about the second Dosa in S.F.

Halo Reach Commercial: Extended Cut

Now a days, I don’t usually have time to play video games, but I got my hands on Halo: Reach recently, and was blown away.  The game is (in my personal opinion) the best Halo game yet.  The other thing I’ve always admired about the Halo series is their marketing.  Their live-action commercials always make me wonder how epic a Halo movie would be, and the new Reach commercial is no different.  Check the extended version below.

Gallardo LP570-4 Blancpain Edition

To celebrate the partnership between Lamborghini and luxury watchmaker Blancpain, the Italian automaker has just announced a new limited edition series of Gallardo LP570-4 Blancpain Edition cars.  The two marques are also behind the Super Trofeo racing series, which Lamborghini claims is the fastest spec racing series on today’s circuits.  The car features a revised engine cover, a massive rear spoiler and Skorpius wheels which cover yellow brake calipers that clamp onto carbon-ceramic discs.

The interior comes in black Alcantara with yellow accents and visible carbon-fiber, with the Blancpain logo placed on the seats and cockpit in yellow stitching.  The most amazing part of this Blancpain Edition’s as it only weight 1340kg and it is the lightest vehicle from Lamborghini’s production car range.  This super car comes with 5.2-litre V10 engine that churned out 570 horsepower and capable to push 0-100km/h in 3.4 seconds.

“This is a very intense and dynamic partnership between companies from highly disparate sectors, but with the same drive for innovation and mechanical excellence,” – Marc A. Hayek, Blancpain CEO.

Rosa Acosta

At 25 years of age, Rosa Acosta is one of the most demanded worlds in America and abroad. Thanks to the viral spread of her stretching videos, an incredible work ethic, focus, and a good management group, she has been photographed everywhere. King Magazine, Smooth Magazine, XXL Magazine, and many others have run great features on the exotic sensation.

Born in The Dominican Republic, Rosa Acosta did not move into the United States until 2006. Before her coming to America, she was a professional dance instructor and member of her home country’s national ballet team. Starting ballet at the age of four, Rosa Acosta is a born ballet talent. Finding interest in the classical dance naturally, she excelled in classes at the Centro de la Cultura in Santiago, Dominican Republic. She later moved to the Instituto de Cultura y Arte (ICA), where she also excellent. Rosa Acosta was labeled one of the most gifted students in the school.

After graduating from the ICA and Ballet School of Norma Garcia with a Bachelor in Art and mention to Classic Ballet, Rosa Acosta joined the Dominican Nacional Ballet. She became known as the the youngest soloist member in 2002, which was an amazing feat. The physical ability and studies needed to compete at such a level are not typically grasped by someone that was Rosa Acosta’s age.

More than a ballet dancer, Rosa Acosta was nominated twice by the Secretaria de Estado de la Juventud for her work in the category of Cultural Development. Her accomplishments in community were deemed admirable by the Dominican Republic officials.

Rosa Acosta officially began modeling in 2004. Her first jobs was work featured in magazines and on television networks for prestigious DR businesses. In 2006, her modeling career was strong enough to attract international attention in neighboring country, the United States. Acosta moved to the US receiving work instantly and building a buzz in the industry fast.

As of 2010, Rosa Acosta is well-known in Hip-Hop music and urban culture. She’s been featured on covers of magazines, held radio and video interviews, and appeared in various television segments. In fact, Rosa Acosta is debated by some to be the most known model of 2009-2010 as her demand and market points have sky rocketed.

Skatepark After Dark by Ben Matthews

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you painted a skatepark with light at night? Me either, but ben matthews actually did it and took pictures, really damn cool ones, just look!  In photography, exposure is the total amount of light allowed to fall on the photographic medium (photographic film or image sensor) during the process of taking a photograph.  Exposure is measured in lux seconds, and can be computed from exposure value (EV) and scene luminance over a specified area.  If your a regular person, that basically just means long exposures are super dope.  Check the method below.

Cassidy ft. Nalia Boss – She’s Addicted

Click the pic to listen

I’m not sure if this is Cassidy the Problem, or Cassidy the Hustler who’s responsible for this newest love song collab, but in my personal opinion it doesn’t matter.  Even though the subject matter is very radio friendly, Cassidy still kills his verses with lyrical percision, and still proves he’s way under-rated in the game.  Click the pic to listne.  (Courtesy of

Whats In BlackBerry’s Playbook?

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion just announced its iPad rival at its developers conference in San Francisco.  The PlayBook is aimed at business customers, co-chief executive Michael Lazaridis said during a speech at the conference.  The device is 9.7 millimetres thick and features a seven-inch touch screen. That’s smaller than the iPad’s 9.7-inch display.  It can run both HTML 5 and Flash 10.1 and has a one gigahertz dual-core processor with one gigabyte of RAM (so I can actually see my own website on it).  BlackBerry smartphone users can pair their handset with the PlayBook using a Bluetooth connection to view their email, calendar, documents or other content.

The PlayBook also features front- and rear-facing cameras to support video conferencing and allows multi-tasking between programs.  The fact PlayBook users can route data through BlackBerry smartphones instead of paying for separate telecom service should prove a selling point in the business and personal markets.  RIM said that in the coming weeks it would release a software kit so third-party developers can begin tailoring applications, or “apps,” for PlayBook.  The tablet will be available in the U.S. in early 2011 and in other countries in the second quarter, RIM said. The company didn’t give a price for the device.

Kanye West x The Cleveland Show.

Although I may not be a love of all things Seth McFarlen as some of my friends are, I love ‘Family Guy’.  When the Cleveland spin off came around, I was a bit skeptical, until the first episode Kanye West showed up in.  So when Kanye appeared for the second time the other night, I had to post it.  Check his “performance” below.

How Will You Die?!

Kayne West – So Appauled.

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Recently, as many people probably already know, Kanye is releasing a track every friday.  This week on “G.O.O.D. Friday” he put out a song with RZA, Jay-Z, Swizz Beats, Pusha T, and Cypha The Prynce titled “So Appauled”.  Coincidentally, Kanye isn’t the only one who’s appalled.  Jay-Z  mentions MC Hammer in his rhymes: ‘Hammer went broke so you know I’m more focused/I lost 30 mil so I spent another 30/ ‘Cause unlike Hammer 30 million can’t hurt me.’  This morning, an angry MC Hammer reacted to the lines on Twitter, read below:

‘these dudes here reppin’ #HellBoy but can’t buy they kids school clothes .. Talking bout #HellBoy Rich ,How does that help you ?’

‘Laughing at these grown men coming on my timeline with they #pompoms waving for #HellBoy (Jigga) ..’

‘Stop talking about money when you know you can’t put 50 thousand dollars together at a Family Reunion.. #Demons’

‘These lil demons and Imps stopping by timeline today.. Yes,I dissesd yo #Daddy .. The dude who made the #Lucifer song….smh’

Now This Is A Story All About How…

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Whenever I have a stressful week, I like to watch something funny to relax while I’m working.  Either stand up comedy (shout outs to Jo Koy, and Sergio Chicon) or Fresh Prince normally does the trick, but this weekend, I had to stay in and work on some new material at home Friday night, and caught a Fresh Prince marathon. After seeing the bloopers the end of every episode, I had to post some of the funniest ones.  I’m not responsible for making the video, but most of the good ones on there.  Click the pic to watch.

50 Cent & Eminem Prank Lloyd Banks.

50 and Em apparently decided it would be funny to sit Lloyd Banks down, and instead of presenting him with his Gold Plaque, to interrogate him as to why he “doesn’t want Eminem” to have a verse on his record.  His reactions are quite funny, but all in all he’s a good sport about the accusations.

Porche Advent Calendar.

Porsche Design has just unveiled their latest advent calendar which will be sold for 1 Million USD each and just a single piece per continent will be available.  The world’s most expensive advent calendar measures 1.75 meters in height and is made from brushed aluminum with double-coat finish surfaces.  The advent calendar conceals three special highlights: a Porsche Design P’6910 Indicator in rosé gold, an individually customisable Porsche Design Kitchen P’7340 and a motor yacht, eight and a half metres long.  Behind the calendar’s 24 windows many other highlights by Porsche Design are hidden.  These include sunglasses made of 18 carat yellow gold, writing tools and cufflinks.  A limited edition leather blouson made from hand-woven lambskin nappa, as well as a travel assortment from the French Classic luggage series are also on the list.  The calendars, strictly limited to five in number, are available on request via the worldwide Porsche Design Stores.

Dancin In The Rain…

I peeped this video the other day, and thought it was way too dope to go without posting it.  Check the Turf Fienz doing their thing on the streets of the bay.

Aston Martin One-77

This may not be the newest Aston Martin to hit the scene, but its for sure one or the most impressive. Check the method below to get the scoop on the Aston Martin One-77.

Casfly’s Microphone Controller

Contrary to what most of you may have been thinking when you clicked the link, no this isn’t a post about a new gadget I think is ill, or the best new mic on the market. This a bout Casfly’s new video titled “Microphone Controller”. I recently got the opportunity to speak to him personally about the video and its inspirations. Check the method below.


“The song Microphone Controller is the first single off my new mixtape the Hollernation EP coming mid October. It’s kind of interesting because it was a shelved song. I wrote the song last year (2009) a little after I found out about the producer that made it, Jasmonster. I wrote the song like almost immediately after hearing it, but at the time I thought it was too big of a song to release right away. I felt like I didn’t have a big enough fan base to release that song. When I was looking for bangers for this Hollernation EP, I remembered the song I had written months ago and from there I recorded it and shot a video. The concept of the video is pretty simple. It focuses on the role an individuals ambition can take on other aspects of his life, a concept that is a little to real in my actual life (lol). I’m also a huge supporter of Old English 40’s that was another inspiration.”

– Casfly

You Think You Know About Sex?

Wale vs. Kid Kudi

Click the pic to hear the interview

Recently Kid Kudi made some comments in a magazine about Wale regarding a line he had in a freestyle. DJ Drama recently spoke to Wale regarding a response on Shade 45 Radio. After the interview, Wale posted some comments in response to Kudi on twitter. Click the pic to hear Wale’s interview.

Megan Fox in Armani.

Emporio Armani has released the full version of its suggestive lingerie commercial called The Tip, featuring Megan Fox.  Megan Fox was chosen as the new spokesmodel for Armani to replace Victoria Beckham who has modeled the brand since 2008.  I would type more about it, but I’m drooling on my keyboard.  Sorry.

LeBron James The Musical?!?

Click the pic to download.

Once again my boy G.O.V. has managed to wow me. After his track “The Future”, G.O.V. released “Like A Cavalier” which plays out as a love story, but is based on LeBron James transition from the Cavs to the Heat. Any sports fan, lyrical enthusiast, or person who enjoys good music, you’ll love this track. Click the pic to download.

The Mira Hotel

Miami-based interior designer Charles Allem did an incredible job with The Mira Hotel, making it one of the most stunning hotels in Hong Kong. With its modern yet warm vibe and incredible lighting, the hotel has done its share to attract a younger, hipper crowd, but it is still predominantly patronized by working professionals.

Located on Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, in the heart of one of Hong Kong’s busiest shopping and commercial districts, The Mira Hotel is a short walk to the subway (MTR), bus links, as well as the Star Ferry. Adjacent to the hotel are a number of shopping malls, boutiques, bargain outlets, as well as your pick of cheap and upscale eateries.

Joanna Shari

I come across models, video vixens, and the slew of different types of attractive women all the time to post up, but model Joanna Shari especially caught my eye because of her up bringing.  Read her bio in her own words and notice the similarities of state…

I’m 25 years old, born and raised just outside of the Newark area of New Jersey and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, I love it here. I’ve traveled to California and Florida and places in between, but it’s not the same.  What’s so special about New Jersey? Well, you’d have to be from here to understand.  Everything is at your fingertips.  NYC just a short ride away, the Jersey Shore, Atlantic City, and you get to enjoy each of the four seasons equally… Yes, I am a true Jersey girl.

Modeling is somewhat of a side hustle for me. I’m a full-time graphic designer and part-time model. Beauty and brains you might say.  As of the past year or so I’ve really been into working out and keeping fit.  I used to swim competitively when I was younger, but recently got back in touch with the athletic side of me.  Taking care of myself is important.  I’d rather spend countless hours at the gym than go get a body the “fake” way.  Despite what some assume, my body is the result of working out and good genes. It’s becoming less common to find a model who hasn’t had work done, but trust me, we are out there.  I prove that.

Some of the things I enjoy are graphic arts, working out, spending time with my friends and family, meeting and networking with new people, shopping, hip hop & r&b, the color pink & anything girly, and some home-cooked Italian food!

– Joanna Shari

Throwback Video: Get Your Freak On.

So this weekend, I was chatting with my assistant, and we were discussing a trip to London I took as a young lad.  (I was about 14)  I was telling her about this massive video arcade my cousin Alexi and I went to, there was the arcade’s signature escalator, and at the top was a GIANT screen with Missy Elliot’s “Get Your Freak On” playing.  That was the first time I saw the video, and looking back at the video again, I realized that (at least to me) that video will forever be a classic.

Iceberg Cottage.

Observing the structure of icebergs, austrian architect Daniel Anderson has created a floating summer cottage design for Alands Hotel. The minimalist exterior is an attempt to remain unintrusive to the wild surroundings. The 60m2 structure is partially submerged in the water with its roof top offering surfaces in which to lie and take in the scenery. Large windows seek to give a spacious feeling to the interior rooms and views of the surrounding panorama. The project is currently in the concept phase.

The Citroen Survolt

The Citroën Survolt is now a part of world history as the all-electric green exotic car has entered the race at Le Mans Classic.  For those who still think the transportation industry will not be affected by the green car movement, it looks like (and in a big way) that you are wrong.  Whether the car places well or out performs any other this year is not the point: the green exotic car entering the race is what makes history, win, lose, or draw.