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Kicked in The Digital Balls.

If you take away the heroics of the the United States women’s national soccer team, soccer – football to the rest of the world – remains a blip on the radar in the United States. But while domestic interest languishes, the game’s global appeal grows, including creative branding and gear like the Adidas Capitano Ball, “digital age” inspired soccer balls embellished with printed circuit board designs.

The TPU covered and machine-stitched construction ball also sparkles with metallic incandescent film, adding to the tech-spirited piece of sporting gear. Available in black, white, and a bright “solar red” variation, these stylized, eye-catching designs are intended for casual play and training, and priced accordingly at just $20 (a surefire goal in the holiday gift idea department if your recipient enjoys the global game.). Two additional graphic designs are also available for the same price.

A Church On A Rock.

There are many fantastical castles out there in the world, but hearing of a beautiful island that can only be reached at certain times is something straight out of a fantasy book.  Take a look at this incredible church, and the rock that it stands on.

Finn From Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Is The Real MVP.


On Friday, John Boyega met Star Wars super fan, 5-year-old Daniel Bell. The youngster has been diagnosed with a brain tumour and his wish was to meet Finn. That became a reality when the two spent the afternoon hanging out and passing around toys to other sick children in a London hospital. “When I heard about Daniel’s wish to meet Finn, I jumped at the chance to make it come true,” the actor says. “It was fantastic to be a part of his very special wish with Rays of Sunshine. It was also great to meet the children at The Royal London Hospital and be a part of something so positive.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 11.50.21 AM

Daniel’s mother meanwhile released a statement via Facebook in which she praised the actor for making her son’s wish come true. “Thank you so so much ‘Rays of Sunshine’ and John Boyega for granting Daniel’s wish to meet Finn and take toys to the hospital. It was just amazing, I have no words! Daniel is still totally overwhelmed, I have never seen him so happy.” Boyega has frequently shown himself to be a real class act and nice guy, and this is yet another example of that.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 11.46.41 AM

This little stormtrooper Daniel had a wonderful wish after seeing the force awakens. Daniel currently lives with a brain tumour and rather than having Finn to himself he wanted Finn to meet the kids at the Royal London hospital and give them some toys. I stayed in character while I was with this brave boy asking him what a car was. He taught Finn about everything earth related! Really thankful for the opportunity this child granted me and I’m just humbled! I hope I played a little part in making you smile young stormtrooper.

Park And Slide :300 Foot Long Slip-N-Slide


Creating a 300-foot water slide down the middle of a public road sounds like a very American thing to do, but nope. Park and Slide is a crowdfunding project created by artist Luke Jerram that will turn Park Street in Bristol, England, into the coolest city in the world. That’s the goal at least; to shut down the street for a day, build the slide out of plastic sheeting and hay-bales, and open it up to the public—for free. The hills in this southwest England town are plentiful (they’ve been used for soapbox derbies before), so there should be no problem generating speed.

Meet A Man Follows Girlfriend All Around The World

1-Murad-Osmann-600x600 2-Murad-Osmann-600x600 3-Murad-Osmann-600x600 4-Murad-Osmann-600x600 5-Murad-Osmann-600x600 6-Murad-Osmann-600x600

What started as a photographer trying to capture as much as he could while traveling while his girlfriend pulled him along has now become an internet sensation. Russian producer Murad Osmann and his gorgeous girlfriend, Natalia Zakharova, have been traveling the world together for quite some time. Beginning in Barcelona in September of 2011, Osmann started labeling his Instagram photospictures “Follow me” where he takes beautiful pictures of his girlfriend pulling his arm through exotic and familiar locations around the world. In the small breaks between his busy work schedule, the jet-setting lovebirds have travelled to Singapore, Bali, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, England, and China and continue to document their journeys.

7-Murad-Osmann-600x600 8-Murad-Osmann-600x600 9-Murad-Osmann-600x600 10-Murad-Osmann-600x600 11-Murad-Osmann-600x600 12-Murad-Osmann-600x600


Luxury Abbots Way Property, Southampton, England

UK-based design practice and RIBA award-winning AR Design Studio has completed another stunning property on the south coast of England. Boarded by mature trees and a lake it is perfect setting for ultimate relaxation and privacy. The five-bedroom house, whilst contemporary, juxtaposes superbly with its tranquil location. The whole look and feel of this luxury English property is very liner and areas are clearly defined by defined by timber paths and large stone walls that begin in the gardens and run straight through the house. The walls link to a further separate office and gym space at the bottom of the garden. These dividing walls create four separate garden experiences, an entrance space, a calm pebbled Japanese herb garden, a private enclosed wooded space dedicated to the kitchen and master bedroom above and a large open expanse of tropical plants and lawn reaching down to the lake, reflecting the open plan living space that looks over it. The upper sleeping floor of the contemporary English property is sat on top of the walls appearing to float above the lower floor. There are five bedrooms, all with large glazed areas, providing beautiful tree top views of the lake and surrounding woodland, creating a sense of being amongst the tree canopy whilst lying in bed. The ground floor living areas, nestled under the sleeping box are enclosed with large sliding glazed panels that provide a seamless link between the internal and external. The terrace further accentuates this, with the use of a single style of floor tile inside, that extends outside through flush thresholds to really give a true sense of ‘inside/outside living’. The house is surrounded by a moat providing a metaphoric sense of security between the outside world and the inner sanctum. Crossing it via a bridge to access the front door, enables the owners to psychologically leave the outside world behind and enter into their own retreat. The unique kitchen has two distinct sections; the main front of house ‘display’ kitchen  that is perfect for cooking, entertaining and socializing, and the more functional back of house ‘hidden’ kitchen for the sink, dishwasher and washing machine.  These two areas are beautifully separated by invisible kitchen doors which disappear within the kitchen furniture when closed and create the connection between both spaces when open. This bespoke contemporary kitchen, with furniture from the iconic German kitchen company SieMatic and Gaggenau appliances, was designed and installed by Hampshire’s leading kitchen and interior architecture specialist, The Myers Touch. The palette of materials used is modest and understated. White and grey render adorn the floating box. Natural stone, inspired by local 12th-century abbey that sets the vernacular for the area, is used for the walls that dominate the ground floor providing rugged contrast. Dark floor tiles inside and out make the experience of the house, that of calm play between light and space without boundaries. The luxury English house is super insulated to create a highly energy efficient home, with under floor heating providing warmth and large overhangs to reduce solar gain in the summer months while allowing passive solar heating in the winter.

Wiz Khalifa’s SBTV Freestyle.

Wiz Khalifa was in London recording some new tunes & he gave SBTV a call to come chill with him in studio.  When the crew arrived, they were treated to some bars from the weed-smoking Wiz.

DJ Prince Charles.

Now of days everyone is a DJ, even Prince Charles. Watch as he learns how to match beats for the first time. As an added bonus watch him attempt to breakdance.

Kristy Mitchell’s Wonderland.

Kirsty Mitchell is a fashion photographer from Kent, England. The beautiful vast of lavender hues draw you in with her overwhelming concepts labeled ‘Wonderland’.  The vibrant colors, the intricacies of every foreground and background, the costumes and the concept all make ‘Wonderland’ an immensely intriguing body of work.  Check the method below.

John Wright’s Conceptual Photography.

John Wright is a superb and talented photographer who’s shot modern-day rock and roll royalty like U2, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson. At 42 years old, he hails from Glasgow but works and lives in Los Angeles. Coming from a working class background and, despite the fact he’s now working in the field of celebrity photography he still stays true to his roots saying, “What I do now doesn’t define me, in the same way as where I grew up didn’t define me either.”

The Field Of Light.

It seems England is brightening up this winter, last week saw the city of Durham become a festival of light for Lumiere 2011 and this weekend the Holburne Museum in Bath has welcomed Field of Light by artist Bruce Munro. The piece, which has had previous incarnations, and it has evolved with each one. The current setup is made of 5220 acrylic stems which have fiber optic cables running through with a frosted acrylic ball atop each one. The stems are illuminated by an external projector on a color wheel, with the stems themselves having no electricity in them at all.

The Bus Graveyard.

Mark Mawson is quickly becoming one of my favorite photographers.  One of his collections I put up recently titled “Aqueos Fluoreau” was one of the more stunning photo collections I’ve come across in a while.  But the next collection I picked up on from him “The Bus Graveyard” is an whole different bowl of chili (so to speak.)  Take a look at his pictures of the Bus Graveyard.

The Life Sized Pin Toy.

Bag designer Lulu Guinness created this human-sized pin toy as part of Clerkenwell Design Week in the UK and placed the interactive sculpture for passers-by to have fun with. Passers-by were encouraged to step up to the screen and press their bodies against the pins to set an image of themselves. Inevitably, many cheeky ideas, like the one above, were floated.

The Craziest Stunt Reel Ever.

Click the pic to see more.

First and foremost, let me give my sincerest apologies for the fuzzy picture above, but this is the only photo I could find of stuntman Damien Walters that comes anywhere near to his true level of bad-assery.  He’s appeared in movies like ‘Kick Ass’, Ninja Assassin, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, one of my all time favorites, ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’ and Ninja Assassin… (let that last one sink in for a second.  In ‘Ninja Assassin’, when the ASIANS’s couldn’t do their stunts, they called in a white guy.)   Walters hails from Durby in the U.K. and as you can tell from the video below, is no man to be taken lightly.  Check the method below, and click the picture aboce to check his official YouTube page.

The Nissan GT Academy.

In my mind, there are primarily two types of serious video gamers out there… The ones who play games because they perform some of those actions in real life (football players that play Madden, ball players who play NBA Live, marines who play Call Of Duty, etc.) and then there are the type of gamers who play games because they imagine one day they’d have the skills to perform some actions in real life.  However, there does come the rare occasion when gamers who have no real life training in something play game long enough, and for so well, that they actually become capable of pulling off some of their digital tricks in real life.  Coincidentally Nissan recognized this with a few champions of Grand Turismo 5.  The game is so life like, the cars so well tuned, and the mechanics so close to the real thing, they’ve chosen a select few to compete in REAL cars for a spot on the professional Nissan racing team.  Check the method below.

Stamps for £1m‎?

The world’s most famous stamp, the elusive “Post Office Mauritius”, was sold the other day for a record breaking £1,053,090 ($1,600,000) at Spink in London.  This is a record price for a stamp sold in the United Kingdom.  Nearly half a dozen bidders in the room participated as the price of the lot shot skyward.  The stamp was one of the highlights of the Chartwell collection formed by businessman and philanthropist Sir Cyril Humphrey Cripps.  Over the next 18 months, Spink will sell The Chartwell Collection, which is the most valuable collection of stamps to come up for auction in modern times.  The collection consists of some of the finest material for Great Britain and the British Empire ever seen before and it is all material that is fresh to the marketplace.  Currently held in just over 80 stamp albums, The Chartwell Collection is estimated to fetch well in excess of £20,000,000 before the last lot is sold in December 2012.  Olivier Stocker, Chairman and CEO of Spink, comments: “The Chartwell Collection is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the biggest “wow” moments we have ever experienced here at Southampton Row.  When the collection arrived in London it was amazing to watch as our specialists turned the pages of what may be one of the finest philatelic collections of our time.  Over eighty albums were opened, examined and taken in and it was wonderful to see the faces of the Spink team as treasure after treasure was revealed.  The story behind this collection is absolutely amazing and so unusual in so many ways. It is a great pleasure to be a part of these momentous sales.”  For all that money, the message you send with that stamp better be important.

Lady Leshurr Freestyle.

I work closely with many different types of musicians, and after spending so much time with some of the best, its rare that I get thoroughly impressed.  But after leaving one of my friends with my computer for too long, he put me up on a video that I’m fairly certain may put other lyricists to shame.  SBTV presents: Lady Leshurr in all her glory, spitting some of the dopest lines I’ve heard a ‘femcee’ spit since KJ.  Although her voice is a bit high pitched, and her accent makes some lyrics hard to hear, nothing can stop her true skill from shining through.  Check the method below.

James May’s Lego House

At my house, on the few shows that spends most of its time on my television every day is Top Gear.  (The British version, not that weak U.S. version.)  During one episode, Jeremy Clark made a joke about a co-host – James May- building a nuclear submarine out of Legos, which I thought was quite a random comment.  But after looking for some exciting new Top Gear clips, I found out there was some truth the Jeremy Clark’s quip.  Until now, an entire dwelling made of Lego blocks was just a dream for lunatics and Lego futurists.   With the use of thousands of people and millions of bricks Mr May has built the worlds first Lego House. It has a bed, windows, two floors and a working shower and toilet. It looks amazing and is quite sick for someone who didn’t use instructions.

My BlackBerry Is Not Working!

They say all good comedy has a modicum of truth to it, and there’s no denying that the jargon that’s built up around technology is littered with opportunity for mockery, fun-poking, and general satire.  My sister and I are both huge fans of British comedy and this video sparked my interest quickly.  Leave it to two old pros from the UK, then, Harry Enfield and Ronnie Corbett, to summarily dispatch Apple, BlackBerry, Orange, Microsoft and everyone in between in one of the better tech-related sketches we’ve seen. See them do their thing after the break, but be warned: the video contains more than your recommended daily allowance of fruit puns.

Pirates Are Alive And Well In London

Out in London, the art of pirate radio is alive and well.  The secret urban studios that transmit music from concrete tower blocks to the city, are home to DJs, and station managers, rappers and MCs. This short documentary features DJ Scratcha from RINSE FM, MC Flirt from old school KOOL FM, J2k, Jammer, and Logan Sama. Uncover how they stay underground and away from the authorities, while still setting the new music standard across London. The video sails to the source, where it all started – massive concrete and steel forts that sit at the mouth of the Thames River. Meet the people who pioneered the spirit of pirate, and played the music that London wanted to hear. They set the standard, and when the authorities shut them down, pirate sounds went into the urban underground.

Sam Young and Chinawhite

I honestly had no idea that I had any sort of significant pull in the U.K., until a long conversation with an ex of mine where she admitted that the staff of her entire office building checks this blog at least twice throughout the day during work.  Since being made aware of this, I wanted to take the time to shout out my Londoners (yes, that is a real word, look it up) and suggest going out to ‘Chinawhite’ this Wednesday.

The newly located Chinawhite has been going from strength to strength since its re-opening last year.  Guests over the last few months have included a who’s who of the music, film, sports and modeling worlds.  If you want to attend or book a table please RSVP by emailing names to  Ladies free before 11pm.  My friend Sam Young (who I met through DJ Roy Rovelli) will be playing the best in house, hip hop and club music all night. Your guaranteed to enjoy yourself.


Sam Young winning the DJ of The Year award.