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Dangerously Dolly Pt. 2

Just in case some viewers missed the original ‘Dangerously Dolly Pt. 1‘, I came across a super sick and incredibly diverse photographer who concepts just stand out much farther than the typical “take a picture of a tattooed girl” shots I see scattered around the web, tattoo shops, and magazine covers.  Here is the continuation of my personal favorite shots from his portfolio.

“Pin Ups” Pt. 2



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Hilton’s Eforea Spa.

Global hotel chain Hilton has announced that it is to follow competitor Sheraton in revamping its global spas.  The brand, which operates 123 spas around the world and has another 80 under construction, says that its new “eforea” spas will “bring balance and wellness to the body and take guests on a transformative journey of the senses.”  In an attempt to broaden the appeal of the spas, Hilton has opted to add a “Men’s Journey,” which comprises “goal driven treatments” such as body repair and a heated bamboo massage, as one of three signature offerings.  During the spa “journey” guests are given the use of different treatment rooms such as the arrival lounge, wet and dry changing “pods,” a thermal lounge with hot and cold therapies and therapy rooms.

Innovations in the new rooms include a new “cocoon-like” shower design which the brand says compares favorably to traditional “clinical” shower rooms and an integrated music and aroma-diffusing system which can simultanously disperse scents while playing music.  The spas will user Kerstin Florian and LI’TYA products, VitaMan for men and the K-Lift Age Management System for some treatments.  Last month, Sheraton announced a global spa improvement program, rolling out “Shine for Sheraton” spas with Germaine de Capuccini products over the next few years — confirming that, for hotels, spas are big business.  Although visitors to spas dropped sharply during the recession, global spa analyst Intelligent Spas predicts an upturn in 2010, with all regions expected to see growth.

Jahaira Rodriguez

Name: Jahaira Rodriguez
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green
Height: 5′ 6″
Nationality: Brazilian/dominican
Interested in: Runway, Print Ads, Television

“I am the mother to an eight-year-old boy, whom I have successfully raised on my own. Growing up within my neighborhood things were not always easy so, I decided I had to provide a better lifestyle for my son. My son is my inspiration and my strength. He is the reason why I hope to fulfill all of my dreams and aspirations. By doing this I hope to show him that he can accomplish anything, he sets his mind to. As far as modeling goes, I am into the urban modeling scene. It is an environment and style I am familiar with and feel comfortable in. Urban modeling represents my lifestyle as well as providing a glimpse of the modeling world people are not familiar with. Modeling has always been my passion. You will always find me dressing up and taking pictures. I am very outgoing and love being in the spotlight. When I am not modeling, I am spending time with my loved ones. I also enjoy traveling. I adore the beach. I acknowledge celebrities who can relate to your everyday people and try to give back to their communities. I admire stuff like that because that takes heart to be so open about your life and yourself to people. I have been through a lot in life but I have managed to keep my head and move forward. I believe in having a dream. I believe in having a vision and turning that vision into a reality. I am multitalented and I believe in myself so I do not limit myself–soon the world will see that.

So far, I have featured in a video for Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, and Ron Brows, for the song Pop Champagne. I recently did a commercial with Young Jeezy. I hope to get far in the modeling industry and prove to everyone that it does not matter where you come from but the amount of effort and hard work that you put into achieving your goals is all that is important.”

– Jahaira Rodriguez

...She's Reading this Blog.

Skateboarding in the Empty Pools of California’s Recession

The short film “Cannonball” artfully follows a group of skaters in search of newly empty pools behind foreclosed homes in and around the arid sprawl of Fresno other inland California suburbs that have been blighted by the housing collapse and ensuing recession. It has some NSFW language, but it’s undeniably powerful—and a poignant meditation on greed, materialism, and an enduring kind of joy.


Dangerously Dolly Pt. 1

Never have I had one artist who’s had so much incredible work spread throughout such a deep portfolio that I’ve had to spread it over two different posts.  The photographer known as ‘Dangerously Dolly’ is the first to wow me with such a multitude of different styles, models, concepts, and looks, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.  Check out the different shooting styles below.



“Pin Ups” Pt.1

So as you can see, Dangerously Dolly has quite the portfolio filled with many different styles, and some super sick work.  As I said before, I’m currently in Los Angeles “doin the damn thang” with some colleagues of mine until Monday, so stay tuned and I’ll pitch the second half of the post once I sober up.

House Bucerius

High above Lake Maggiore, House Bucerius has a breathtaking view exploited by Richard Neutra to the full. This huge villa, which cost a small fortune to build, was the most elaborate one ever erected by Neutra in Europe and can be regarded as a milestone of his later work. It has been painstakingly and exquisitely restored and renovated by its current owner.

Bucerius House, Brione, Switzerland, 1966 by Richard Neutra, Photography by Iwan Baan

Future Perfekt

The artist Bay Area artist Jetman has played for many different groups, (including Tokyo 24) but has now come together with the band Future Perfekt, check some of their performance footage from Somar in Oakland.