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Dangerously Dolly Pt. 2

Just in case some viewers missed the original ‘Dangerously Dolly Pt. 1‘, I came across a super sick and incredibly diverse photographer who concepts just stand out much farther than the typical “take a picture of a tattooed girl” shots I see scattered around the web, tattoo shops, and magazine covers.  Here is the continuation of my personal favorite shots from his portfolio.

“Pin Ups” Pt. 2



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Hilton’s Eforea Spa.

Global hotel chain Hilton has announced that it is to follow competitor Sheraton in revamping its global spas.  The brand, which operates 123 spas around the world and has another 80 under construction, says that its new “eforea” spas will “bring balance and wellness to the body and take guests on a transformative journey of the senses.”  In an attempt to broaden the appeal of the spas, Hilton has opted to add a “Men’s Journey,” which comprises “goal driven treatments” such as body repair and a heated bamboo massage, as one of three signature offerings.  During the spa “journey” guests are given the use of different treatment rooms such as the arrival lounge, wet and dry changing “pods,” a thermal lounge with hot and cold therapies and therapy rooms.

Innovations in the new rooms include a new “cocoon-like” shower design which the brand says compares favorably to traditional “clinical” shower rooms and an integrated music and aroma-diffusing system which can simultanously disperse scents while playing music.  The spas will user Kerstin Florian and LI’TYA products, VitaMan for men and the K-Lift Age Management System for some treatments.  Last month, Sheraton announced a global spa improvement program, rolling out “Shine for Sheraton” spas with Germaine de Capuccini products over the next few years — confirming that, for hotels, spas are big business.  Although visitors to spas dropped sharply during the recession, global spa analyst Intelligent Spas predicts an upturn in 2010, with all regions expected to see growth.

Jahaira Rodriguez

Name: Jahaira Rodriguez
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green
Height: 5′ 6″
Nationality: Brazilian/dominican
Interested in: Runway, Print Ads, Television

“I am the mother to an eight-year-old boy, whom I have successfully raised on my own. Growing up within my neighborhood things were not always easy so, I decided I had to provide a better lifestyle for my son. My son is my inspiration and my strength. He is the reason why I hope to fulfill all of my dreams and aspirations. By doing this I hope to show him that he can accomplish anything, he sets his mind to. As far as modeling goes, I am into the urban modeling scene. It is an environment and style I am familiar with and feel comfortable in. Urban modeling represents my lifestyle as well as providing a glimpse of the modeling world people are not familiar with. Modeling has always been my passion. You will always find me dressing up and taking pictures. I am very outgoing and love being in the spotlight. When I am not modeling, I am spending time with my loved ones. I also enjoy traveling. I adore the beach. I acknowledge celebrities who can relate to your everyday people and try to give back to their communities. I admire stuff like that because that takes heart to be so open about your life and yourself to people. I have been through a lot in life but I have managed to keep my head and move forward. I believe in having a dream. I believe in having a vision and turning that vision into a reality. I am multitalented and I believe in myself so I do not limit myself–soon the world will see that.

So far, I have featured in a video for Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, and Ron Brows, for the song Pop Champagne. I recently did a commercial with Young Jeezy. I hope to get far in the modeling industry and prove to everyone that it does not matter where you come from but the amount of effort and hard work that you put into achieving your goals is all that is important.”

– Jahaira Rodriguez

...She's Reading this Blog.

Skateboarding in the Empty Pools of California’s Recession

The short film “Cannonball” artfully follows a group of skaters in search of newly empty pools behind foreclosed homes in and around the arid sprawl of Fresno other inland California suburbs that have been blighted by the housing collapse and ensuing recession. It has some NSFW language, but it’s undeniably powerful—and a poignant meditation on greed, materialism, and an enduring kind of joy.


Dangerously Dolly Pt. 1

Never have I had one artist who’s had so much incredible work spread throughout such a deep portfolio that I’ve had to spread it over two different posts.  The photographer known as ‘Dangerously Dolly’ is the first to wow me with such a multitude of different styles, models, concepts, and looks, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.  Check out the different shooting styles below.



“Pin Ups” Pt.1

So as you can see, Dangerously Dolly has quite the portfolio filled with many different styles, and some super sick work.  As I said before, I’m currently in Los Angeles “doin the damn thang” with some colleagues of mine until Monday, so stay tuned and I’ll pitch the second half of the post once I sober up.

House Bucerius

High above Lake Maggiore, House Bucerius has a breathtaking view exploited by Richard Neutra to the full. This huge villa, which cost a small fortune to build, was the most elaborate one ever erected by Neutra in Europe and can be regarded as a milestone of his later work. It has been painstakingly and exquisitely restored and renovated by its current owner.

Bucerius House, Brione, Switzerland, 1966 by Richard Neutra, Photography by Iwan Baan

Future Perfekt

The artist Bay Area artist Jetman has played for many different groups, (including Tokyo 24) but has now come together with the band Future Perfekt, check some of their performance footage from Somar in Oakland.

Pirates Are Alive And Well In London

Out in London, the art of pirate radio is alive and well.  The secret urban studios that transmit music from concrete tower blocks to the city, are home to DJs, and station managers, rappers and MCs. This short documentary features DJ Scratcha from RINSE FM, MC Flirt from old school KOOL FM, J2k, Jammer, and Logan Sama. Uncover how they stay underground and away from the authorities, while still setting the new music standard across London. The video sails to the source, where it all started – massive concrete and steel forts that sit at the mouth of the Thames River. Meet the people who pioneered the spirit of pirate, and played the music that London wanted to hear. They set the standard, and when the authorities shut them down, pirate sounds went into the urban underground.

A Classic Ass-Whoopin.

Way Of The Dragon

There are fights, there are epic fight scenes, and then there are classic ass-whoopings.  During a relaxing afternoon working with my assistant Ashley, the topic of Chuck Norris jokes came up, and eventually we had to discuss the one man who stopped Chuck Norris dead in his tracks.  For those of you who are completely uncultured, in the 1972 Bruce Lee movie “The Way Of The Dragon”, Norris and Lee face off in a final fight that is still as amazing to watch as the very first time I witnessed it as a young lad. Be warned… What follows is one of the most classic ass whoopings of all time.

Dirty Money ft. Drake – Loving You No More (Official Video)

Click the pic to watch the video.

Tom Hussey’s “Reflections”

Photographer Tom Hussey set out to create a very unique and thought provoking collection of images, and achieved his goal with masterful results.  I know I’ve personally thought about myself in my past, where I was last year at this time, what I was doing, the company I kept, and the quality of my work.  But what about 10, 25, or even 50 years in the past?  I obviously haven’t lived long enough to look back 50 years but the subjects in these photos have, and what they see is quite interesting.  Check the method below, and try not to think to yourself… “What will I see when I look back on my own life decades from now.”

Vol Portable Speakers

Humor me for a second here, but I swear to you, the concept of the Vol Portable Speakers is too similar to the Diwali Lanterns in India.  However it doesn’t take away the novelty in design of what Carson Leong and KSL Design were shooting for. In fact, I think it’s a great approach of using the natural up-down sliding motion to increase and decrease the volume of the speaker. So much better than just hitting some buttons or turning a dial, and can make a great accessory to any desk. Check the method.

The Next 5 Days.

No, this post has nothing to do with Russel Crow’s new movie, or some special SF Giants/World Series related spectacle.  Many people were confused as to my announced absence from the Halloween scene in the Bay Area this year, so I figured I’d explain whats up.  A few colleagues of mine, my assistant and myself will be shooting down to the University of Southern California for their homecoming celebration, and Halloween related events. So please bear with me if it’s a bit difficult to get in touch, and to all my usual suspects in L.A. (Quis, McBeenie, Nikki G, Sarah Chum, Eva and Nicole, Lucy, Kybron, and Marcus) I will do my best to come through and spend some time while I can, and if I can’t, do your best to come through and spend some time with us at USC.  It’ll be a blast.  And follow me on twitter @YoungStark if you want to see all the action direct from my camera as it’s all going down for The Next 5 Days.

Go Trojans Go.

Maze of Time Watch.

Its well known that I’m quite the watch enthusiest/collector, (a habit I picked up from my  father), and when I saw this most recent watch, I knew it was only befitting that I confuse you guys with Andy Kurovets’ Maze Of Time.  The Maze Of Time watch uses colors in a kaleidoscopic way to represent the time. So when you see a chaotic yellow line below, it’s actually the number “1”. Blue is the number “2”, red color stands for “3”, and “4” corresponds to the green etc. Kinda TokyoFlash-esque and time to get your grey cells working, not to mention it looks super ill.

Kilian Martin’s Rediculous Skills.

Check out L.A. skater Kilian Martin on the board.

Check The Artwork of Enkel Dika

9 Hours Capsule Hotel

There’s a new hotel in Kyoto (Japan) that’s based on the concept that you only need 9 hours to rejuvenate. Guests at the new 9H Hotel check in, shower, sleep in a pod, refresh, and then leave. Presumably, all within 9 hours.  Each guest is allotted one hour to shower, seven hours to sleep and a final hour to rest. Each pod is equipped with Panasonic control panels for setting the ambiance. The building itself wis 9 stories tall, hosts 125 capsules, locker rooms, showers, and a lounge.

Tron Vs. Marvel

After catching a glimpse at the Japanese Tron: Legacy Poster, I got curious about more extra little goodies surrounding the release of Tron.  One of the ones I couldn’t believe was the mash between Tron and Marvel. To celebrate the release of Disney’s Tron: Legacy, Marvel is going to release an awesome collection of variant covers that re-imagine the classic Marvel superheroes as Tron characters.  Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and more—re-interpreted out in the unique visual style of the TRON universe…. Check the method below.

Tron-Ghost Rider

Gangrene – The Sickness


The group Gangrene (comprised of The Alchemist and Oh No) have dropped one of the dopest videos I’ve seen in quite some time. Refreshingly unique, and super raw, the video for ‘The Sickness’ is as far away from mainstream BET as one could possibly get. Oh No’s opening verse is lyrically voracious, with visuals to match, over one of the nicest beats Alchemist has dropped in a while. (Of course that’s just my opinion). The other unique aspect of the song is that there is no real chorus, just samples taken from different media. Check the method below.

21 Super Racey American Apparel Ads

American Apparel is the source of many dope pieces of attire now a days. And the people in their marketing department don’t necessarily need to go as far as they do sometimes in ads just to sell clothes. I’ve seen tons of American Apparel ads all over the U.S. and in different countries, but when I saw this collection of racey ads, I knew I had to put them up. The display a certain class while being dirty as hell. So to the guys in the marketing department, the photographers, stylists, and casting directors who made these advertisements a reality, we know you didn’t need to do this… but we’re glad you did.

And for that… we thank you.

Otis This Wednesday.

Come out and celebrate Josh Farria of Freed Minds, 25th birthday @ Otis Lounge & Bar in San Francisco… If your in the Bay or the surrounding area, stop by, have a few drinks, and kick it with some cool company. This is a 21+ event and ID’s are required for entrance. So fellas get fresh, Ladies get fancy, and everyone leave the drama at the door. See you there. No cover charge.

Will.i.Am & Nicki Minaj – Check It Out

Its my sworn duty to report on all things new and interesting in the world of music (among other things) on this Blog, so I know many of you may criticize this post after some of my publicized comments on Nicki Minaj. But regardless of what I think, the fact remains, she’s an unmistakable force in the world of hip hop right now, and her song ‘Check It Out’ ft. Will.I.Am is just as unmistakable as she is. So when I got a glimpse at the video, I knew it was only right to put it up so you could “check it out”.

Eleni Mettyear

I’ve featured quite a few talented photographers on this Blog, but this one in particular struck a nerve with me. Eleni Mettyear has a very particular style of photography that reminds me personally of a very particular San Francisco-esque vibe. I’ve got friends and colleagues of every type, and looking at Mettyears photos bring my mind to the classic hipster party swag, that’s common among some of my friends in the city. Her photos are extremely artistic, and have something new to them, while holding onto that familiar, and vintage style. Other photos are very reminiscent of pictures i see all over peoples apartments when I crash dope house-parties. Check the method. (shouts to Feaverish Photography for the tip)

Tracy Morgan – Black*ss

Tracy Morgan, just like any other comedian is always finding a new topic to make us laugh about, and although he may not necessarily be my favorite comic, when I saw his “Blackass” video recently, I couldn’t stop laughing at the set up.  Not all black people may have the same reactions as T.M. does in the video, but realistically speaking, he gets pretty close to an accurate portrayal. Check the method below.

Guerrilla Architecture

Stephan Malka is an architect known for her philosophy “To fix a the city, is to think architecture”. Stephan was recently rewarded with the NAJAP and proposes to install a new urban scenario, by imbricating residences within the Arch of Defense in Paris. This super intense structure looks like hundreds of houses stacked on top of each other.  To be 100% honest, I haven’t been able to find the structures true functionality just yet, but just at first glance it reminds me of a scene from the underworlds in Final Fantasy VII.