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World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Yachts

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10. Lady Moura –  $210 million

Featuring the 10th most expensive yacht in the world is the Lady Moura, custom built by Blohm + Voss shipyards in 1990 for Saudi Arabian businessman Nasser Al-Rashid. This luxury liner is mostly recognisable from the outside owing to its name on the yacht exterior in prominent 24-carat gold lettering. The extravagance doesn’t end there. On board the 344-foot Lady Moura is a pool with retractable roof, a helicopter and a 75-foot Viscount Linley dining room table. However, the Lady Moura’s most remarkable feature is, without a doubt, the unique sand-covered hydraulic platform that slides out of one side of the yacht which can be adjusted to sit right at the waterline. Not only does this floating oasis boast real sand and deck chairs, but also palm trees for a truly authentic experience. The Lady Moura also features a Mangusta 80 boat or 48-feet Sant Juan boat, as well as a S76B helicopter. Finally, the yacht is capable of accommodating up to 30 guests and carrying 60 crew members.

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9. Al Mirqab  – $250 million

The Al Mirqab was built by Peters Schiffbau Wewelsfleth of Germany for Quatar’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani. It comprises one of the world’s largest and was dubbed the second most beautiful yacht in the world after it was completed in 2008. On board this luxury liner are ten suites, which can accommodate up to 24 guests, each with an accompanying bathroom, living room and double bedroom. The fortunate owner has two VIP rooms for himself and there are 55 rooms to house the members of crew. Highlights of the Al Mirqab superyacht include the on-board cinema, sun deck, pool and helipad, as well as outside bars, swimming pool, jacuzzi and a range of watersports equipment.

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8. Dilbar – $256 million

The Dilbar Superyacht, built in 2008 by Lürssen Yachts, belongs to Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov. It was named after his mother and boasts one of the world’s largest boats measuring 360.89 feet long in total. It is frequently used by its billionaire owner to visit his private islands. The Dilbar boasts some swimming pools and a helipad, amongst many other luxury features, with enough space on deck to accommodate 20 guests and a crew of 48.

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7. Al Said – $300 million

Lürssen Yachts is behind this luxury private yacht belonging to, and named after, Qaboos Bin Said Al Said, the Sultan of Orman. Little is known about the Al Said apart from the fact that it houses a concert hall big enough to accommodate a 50-piece orchestra. At the time of its construction in 2007 and 2008, it comprised the world’s second largest yacht and can host up to 70 guests with a crew of 154.

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6. Superyacht A – $323 million

There is nothing unique about the name of this luxury liner however, the 400-feet long Superyacht A does boast an original design. Reminiscent of a stealth warship or submarine, it was designed by  Blohm + Voss of Hamburg and named after the first initials of the fortunate owners, Andrey and Aleksandra Melnichenko, the Russian billionaire and his wife. As can be expected, the Superyacht A comprises the epitome of luxury. The boat interior extends over 24,000 square feet housing a 2,500 square feet master bedroom and disco, as well as six guest suites which can be converted into four larger staterooms thanks to the moving walls. In addition, mirrored surfaces feature extensively throughout the interior whilst the furniture, glassware and tableware are made of French crystal. Above deck, the Superyacht A houses a helicopter hangar, as well as a 30 foot speed boat kept in the hull and three swimming pools, one of which is glass.-bottomed and situated directly above the aforementioned disco. Finally, it has been designed to accommodate up to 14 guests and boasts enough space for 42 crew members.

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5. Dubai – $350 million

Originally a joint project between Blohm + Voss and Lürssen shipyards, the Dubai  was commissioned  by Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei more than 10 years prior to the ship’s launch in 2006. It was acquired by Platinum Yachts for His Highness Sheik Mohammed Rashid al-Maktoum (ruler of Dubai) who designed the decadent interior. The most striking features of this beautiful boat comprise the abundance of sunbathing areas, several jacuzzis and the swimming pool boasting elaborate handmade tiling. Similarly, the interior features intricately designed handmade mosaics and a stunning circular staircase with glass steps with change colour with the light that enters from the top deck. Bold colours dominate the spectacularly decorated interior whilst the spacious deck of the Dubai houses a split-level owner’s deck, a large social area and lounge, numerous VIP and guest suites, and finally a crew area large enough to carry up to 115 people. Finally, a helipad, which can accommodate a helicopter of up to 9,5 tons, completes this extravagant ensemble, previously the largest yacht in the world.

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4. Azzam – $650 million

Lürssen Yachts is behind this luxury liner which was recently delivered to fortunate Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Abu Dhabi for no less than $650 million. This makes it the world’s fourth most expensive luxury yacht with the makers boasting that the Azzam is “the most complex and challenging yacht that has ever been built”. However, not only has the Azzam been dominating the headlines for its hefty price tag but also due to its immense size. Measuring in at 590 feet long, this floating extravagance boasts the largest private yacht in the world thus knocking the Eclipse, belonging to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, off the top spot. In addition, this impressive superyacht is expected to be one of the fastest reaching speeds of more than 30 knots, or 35mph. The luxury interiors were designed by French interior decorator Christophe Leoni which has been described as “sophisticated and luxurious in a turn of the century Empire style”. For the moment little else is known about the Azzam. Now the only question remaining is, with the world’s billionaires constantly competing to own the largest superyacht, how long will it remain at the top?


3. Streets of Monaco – $1.1 billion

As the name indicates this luxury yacht comprises a floating replica of the city of Monaco. To be more precise, the Streets of Monaco is modelled on a section of Monte Carlo and expected to cost  over $1.1 billion. The reason for such a hefty price tag is that, unlike your more traditional luxury liner, this extraordinary 500-foot superyacht by Yacht Island Design of Derbyshire County in England, features scaled-down reproductions of landmarks from the billionaire playground of Monaco. They include the famous Monte Carlo Casino and racetrack, as well as Hotel de Paris. Cafe de Paris, La Rascasse and the Loews Hotel. Streets of Monaco also boasts swimming pools and tennis courts in addition to sumptuous living quarters imitating those featuring in Monaco’s finest hotels. They include seven guest suites (accommodating up to 16 people) with accompanying receptions rooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms and balconies all located in the Atrium, the ship’s centrepiece. Similarly, the Atrium houses the main apartment of the fortunate billionaire owner, approximately the size of a luxury penthouse, spreading over three floors and extending over 4,800 square feet. Finally, on board the Streets of Monaco there also BBQ facilities, a mini waterfall, a unique café-bar boasting underwater views, helicopters and submarines. The only question that remains is whether they will find a billionaire with enough money to turn this dream boat into a reality!

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2. Eclipse – $1.5 billion

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is proud owner of the Eclipse, the second most expensive yacht in the world. Rumoured to be worth $800,000 to $1.5 billion, it was built by Blohm and Voss of Hamburg and measures 536 feet long also making it the second largest in the world. The Eclipse’s immense size allows space for the boat’s many extravagant features including 24 guest cabins, two swimming pools, several hot tubs, and a disco hall not to mention the two helicopter pads, three launch boats and mini-submarine capable of submerging up to 50 metres underwater. Furthermore, for maximum security, the Eclipse is fitted with intruder detection systems and a missile defence system whilst the master bedroom and bridge of the yacht features fitted armour plating and bulletproof windows. Finally, this unique vessel boasts an anti-paparazzi shield which consists of lasers sweeping the surrounding areas. Upon detection of possible lurking professional photographers, a light is shone directly upon the camera to prevent a photograph being taken. Finally, a whopping 70 member crew is required to maintain this floating extravagance.

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1. History Supreme ~ Price: $4.5 billion

Finally, boasting the world’s most expensive yacht is the History Supreme. This pricey 100-foot  vessel was designed by world-renowned UK luxury designer Stuart Hughes, took over 3 years to complete and was purchased by an anonymous Malaysian businessman  for a whopping $4.5 billion dollars! This staggering sum is owed to the solid gold and platinum used to assembly this luxury liner which features no less than 100,000 kg (220,000 Ibs) of these precious metals. They adorn the entirety of the boat right from the base of the vessel, coated in a thin layer of solid gold, to the dining area, deck, rails, staircases and anchor. One of the most outstanding features of this magnificent superyacht is the master bedroom. It boasts a wall feature made from meteorite rock and a statue made from genuine Tyrannosaurus Rex bones! In addition, a 68 kg 24-carat gold Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium graces the master suite and on board is a liquor bottle featuring an extremely rare 18.5 carat diamond worth $45 million alone! Finally, an iPhone wrapped in 500 cut diamonds, including two interchangeable diamonds fitted over the “home button, a 7.4 carat pink diamond and a rare 8 carat diamond, add to the many extravagant features on the History Supreme, the most expensive yacht in the world.

China Completes The Largest Building In The World


It’s one of the superlatives destined for a record book: ‘what is the world’s largest building?’ a year ago the answer would have been dubai’s international airport terminal 3, but as of july 1st the new century global center in the fiercely-growing mega-city of Chengdu undoubtedly takes the title.  With 1.2 million square feet spread out over 18 stories in a glass and steel structure, the program includes what one might expect for a building of this scale: a 14-screen imax theater, shops, restaurants, offices, hotels, the reconstruction of an entire mediterranean village, an artificial beach with realistic sunsets and sea breezes orchestrated by the help of an LED wall (in a contemporary ‘truman show’ fashion). Also there is a 500,000 ft2 art center next door designed by none other than Zaha Hadid. To make some spatial comparisons, the building could comfortably house three pentagons or 20 sydney opera houses. It’s important to add as well that the entire structure was constructed in just a year, and stands as a testament to the will and ability of the chinese.

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Dinner In The Sky 0ver Venice


Guests at Hotel Cipriani on the isle of Giudecca in the Venetian Lagoon will be in for a truly celestial meal: 22 guests at a time will be invited up for a Dinner in the Sky — at a big table on a rotating platform raised 164 feet in the air over the hotel pool. Two chefs will take turns feeding the fearless guests. Up there in the air, the paying guests will be able to relish a whole gourmet meal or just appetizers, prepared alternately by Cipriani Hotel chef Renato Piccolotto or Cips restaurant’s Roberto Gatto.


Those opting for the smaller meals will be served appetizers and pre-dinner libations. These half-hour dinners will be offered daily at 5:15, 6 and 6:45 PM. The three-course dinner with assorted wines,  one-hour meals will commence daily at 8 and 9:30 PM. Dinner in the Sky has already been served in several major cities, including Paris, London, Dubai, Las Vegas, Sydney, Monaco and Brussels.

Lamborghini Aventador Turns Bologna Airport Taxi


The Lamborghini Aventador wearing the white and green Dubai Police uniform turned up at a Dubai, for permanent police duty. Now, a white and red Lamborghini Aventador has taken up the job of a runway taxi at Aeroporto di Bologna, which is 30 minutes away from Lamborghini’s headquarters. The specially trained airport staff is guiding arriving flights in the super car which has been equipped with a light bar. It’s wearing a white and red theme with the necessary decals, including a “follow me” sticker as well as others to celebrate Lamborghini’s anniversary.

SPLASH Dubai 2013 Calendar


Oversized faceted paper heart, created for Lucia Giacani’s shot of Room 2013 and commissioned by fashion label Splash Dubai. We also created a brain, lungs and eye as part of the shoot, all in textured and reflective papers.

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Water Discus Underwater Hotel By Deep Ocean Technology

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The Water Discus Hotel has been designed by Polish company Deep Ocean Technology(DOT), whose other ventures include designing underwater vehicles and equipment for seabed exploration. The hotel will be made up of two main discs, one above the water and one below the surface, connected by five columns and a vertical shaft for the stairs and lift. Smaller circular volumes above the surface will contain additional facilities, with a helicopter landing pad mounted on one. The lower disc will comprise 21 hotel rooms with underwater views, an underwater diving centre and a bar. Each of the surrounding discs will be able to detach from the main upper disc to be used as a buoyant life raft in case of emergency or flooding. The diving centre will be accessed through an underwater airlock, leading divers straight into the ocean. There’ll also be a decompression chamber for training purposes, DOT explains, while guests will also be able to take a course in piloting an underwater vehicle. The modular construction of the hotel will enable it to be expanded or even moved to a new location, according to DOT. The Water Discus won’t be the world’s first underwater hotel – there is already one in the Maldives and another in Florida. However, it will be the world’s largest and the first to be built in Dubai.

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Parkour in Dubai – Ryan Doyle


“Just go for it. Don’t live in fear of making mistakes, accept them as being part of life’s plan for you, so learn from them and do them right.”  For 28-year-old Ryan Doyle, his favorite words are, “Get Over It”, which the young Parkour athlete follows “literally”.

Doyle’s new journey stops in Dubai. Joined by Kuwaiti Parkour athlete Mohammed Al Attar, the two explore the roots and history of the city. Although it’s mainly filled with rooftops, ironically it keeps him grounded and makes him appreciate every adventure he jumps or flips into.

Skydive Dubai


Checkout the recently recorded video of skydiving experience in Dubai. World’s top skydivers flying over a the most breathtaking drop zone.

Jumeirah Expands Presence In China With Ctrip Deal

The Jumeirah luxury hotels group has entered into a partnership with China’s online travel website, Ctrip, reported Travel Daily Media news website Sunday. The Global Direct Connectivity Partnership deal will soon allow Ctrip customers to make reservations more quickly for hotels under the Jumeirah umbrella. Ctrip is a leading one-stop China-based travel website that allows travelers to make reservations for hotels, air tickets and package tours. Special hotel offers, as well as a consumer contest, will be launched once work on the direct connectivity platform is completed. This deal makes the Jumeirah chain the first Middle Eastern hotel group to get a direct online connection with Ctrip. “It indeed strengthens our China development and enables us to engage more closely with our Chinese high-end customers,” Nicholas Clayton, chief operating officer of the Jumeirah Group, told the travel news website. Currently, the Jumeirah chain has one hotel in Shanghai: the Jumeirah Himalayas. The group is expected to open more hotels in China, including Jumeirah Guangzhou which is slated for an opening in late 2014, as well as other properties in the cities of Macau, Sanya and Hangzhou. The luxury hotel group revealed that the Chinese represent the group’s sixth largest market, and the most popular destinations in the Jumeirah portfolio for Chinese travelers are Dubai and the Maldives. The chain added that it is expecting a growth of 14 percent from the Chinese market to its worldwide portfolio in 2013.

Marat Dupri: The Russian Daredevil.

These are the dizzying pictures of Dubai taken from on top of the tallest skyscrapers in the world by a daredevil Russian teenager.  Student Marat Dupri has made it it his mission to scale the highest buildings he can find before dangling precariously over their edges to take his extraordinary shots.  The fearless 19-year-old, who only bought his first camera just two years ago, started by sneaking past guards and climbing on to the roofs of Moscow landmarks, before setting his sights even higher – on Dubai’s towering structures.

Mr Dupri then travelled from Russia to Dubai after being enticed by the extravagant high-rise buildings. There, the teenager and his friends enthusiastically climbed the buildings until they had captured these amazing images.  The student said:

‘When I’m on the roof I have a feeling that the whole world is by my feet. All my problems and trouble are left somewhere down.  The height exhilarates me. It gives me energy and fills with enthusiasm to make new and great shots.  I had always been interested in photography and a couple of years ago, I bought my first proper camera.  I wanted to try and get the most spectacular pictures I could – pictures like no-one else had taken before.  I began by taking pictures from my own roof, but soon I wanted to get bigger and better pictures.  So I went with my friend to the top of a 33-storey building. It was about 120 metres high and we went right out to the edge and I started taking pictures.  It was such a thrill, we couldn’t wait to do it again.  I’ve taken a lot of the photos by sneaking past guards and getting access to structures illegally.  But I think the risks are worth it to take such amazing pictures.’


Dubai Reveals Latest Plan For Underwater Hotel.

A long-awaited undersea hotel in Dubai looks finally set to be built, after an agreement to develop it was unveiled this week.  The Water Discus Hotel won’t be totally submerged but will be a disc-like structure with part of the building above water and the rest below the surface.  The 21 rooms will be submerged up to ten meters below the surface of the water, with huge windows offering a view out from the bed and an external ‘explorer’ robot which can be controlled from the room to allow guests to interact with marine life.  According to Deep Ocean Technology, a restaurant, spa and reception area would be hosted above the waterline, with guests descending below the surface in glass-walled tunnels to get to their rooms.

As might be expected, the hotel would offer plenty of services for divers, with a training pool and other water sports offerings set to be available.  The hotel will also include other amenities such as a spa, helipad, and an above ground terrace should guests feel a bit claustrophobic stuck inside The Discus.  With no specific planned opening date, observers will be watching closely whether this plan comes any further than previous attempts to build underwater hotels in Dubai, which have stalled or quietly disappeared as the country faced economic ruin.

The World’s Major Cities… Then And Now.

Everyone knows that as time goes on, people grow, places change, and entire civilizations evolve, but seeing these types of changes in photographs really make the point hit home.  This collection of large cities from all over the world proves that better than just the thought.  From the city I reside in (San Francisco) to the Upsala Glacier in Argentina, you can see right before your eyes how much change has hit certain places.

The NEW Tallest Building In The World.

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The record for the world’s tallest tower is set to be broken yet again… The new skyscraper will measure one kilometer high and will be located in Saudi Arabia.  The tower will outdo Gulf neighbor Dubai, which inaugurated its own record-breaking skyscraper the 828m Burj Khalifa less than two years ago.  The Saudis awarded a more than $1 billion contract for a spire, to be named the Kingdom Tower.  It will have a Four Seasons hotel, serviced apartments, luxury condominiums and offices, encompassing, in all, about half a million square metres.  The Saudi construction giant is owned by the family of Osama bin Laden. The family disavowed the slain al-Qaeda terror group leader years ago.  The tower, designed by Chicago-based Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill Architecture, is the first phase of the planned Kingdom City, a sprawling, $20 billion, two-square mile urban development project first announced in 2008.

Alfred Dunhill’s Dubai Restaurant.

British luxury retailer Alfred Dunhill will open its third overseas restaurant in Dubai’s Jumeirah Emirates Towers in early 2012.  I’ve always been one for good food, and this new for sure gets me excited.  (I’m scheduled to be in Dubai this summer.)  The launch of Alfie’s Restaurant and Lounge is scheduled for January 2012, to coincide with the opening of the new Dunhill fashion store in the same location.  The Dubai restaurant will be Dunhill’s first in the Middle East and its third worldwide, following in the footsteps of existing venues in Shanghai and Hong Kong.  “We are very excited about this new venture into one of Dubai’s most iconic destinations,” said Nader Elmir, GM of Alfred Dunhill, Europe & Middle East.

Heaven… Or Las Vegas?

Brooklyn based, Chilean Artist, Iván Navarro has created ‘Heaven or Las Vegas’ a collection of neon light wall sculptures that are built from the floor plans of twelve of the world’s most iconic skyscrapers, including the flatiron building in New York and the Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai.  Chosen not only for their ambitious innovations in engineering and design, but also for their historical relevance and influence, the series features western-style structures that range in scale and span the world.  Through a positioned play of mirrors and light, viewers have the experience of looking up into the interior volumes and contours of each building. Suspended within each piece is a simple phrase (such as surrender or abandon) which echo, like subtle commands through the illusory depth of each object.

Montblanc’s Limited Edition Ruby Set.

Designed as a unique gift for the lovers of fine jewellery in the UAE during the festive season of Eid, Montblanc presents this exclusive Ruby Set.  The Limited Edition collection of the ultra-special pen, watch and cufflinks are available exclusively at Montblanc’s flagship boutique in Dubai Mall.  The watch is set with a total of more than 360 sparkling diamonds and rubies weighing over 2,767 carats.  The pens have been crafted by some of the best artisans in the company such as skilled jewelers, diamond setters, engravers and nib finishers who created this unique gift for the poise month of Ramadan.  Ruby Collection cuff links with 68 diamonds, 22 rubies and 2 Montblanc diamond totalling 2,87 ct, 1,69 ct and 0,29 ct.  Eid Al-Fitr is a holiday marking the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting which is one of the greatest religious observance in Islam.  Price available upon request. The ultra exclusive claim by Montblanc is fair given that the set is a one-off and will not have any identical counterparts ever.

The State Of The World Is In Dispute.

A cluster of 300 artificial islands off Dubai‘s coast in the shape of a global map is stable, its developer Nakheel insists, despite a court claim alleging that “The World” was neglected and eroding away.  “There is no issue with the stability of The World islands that are approximately 70 percent sold and handed over,” a Nakheel spokesman said.  “The island purchasers (have) the responsibility to proceed with their developments in due course,” he added.  The islands, many of which represent individual countries and which can only be accessed by boat or helicopter, were meant to be one of the Gulf city-state’s crowning developments.  Builders have announced plans for a few of the islands, but development has yet to begin on most of them.

A company contracted to provide logistics support to the islands filed a claim with a tribunal that handles cases related to the emirate’s troubled Dubai World conglomerate, alleging that third-party developers had not been encouraged to develop the islands, and said they were being hit by erosion.  Nakheel subsidiary The World LLC “did not develop the project as anticipated at the time of the agreement and the project has lain largely undeveloped,” according to the claim filed by Penguin Marine Boats Services LLC.  Penguin is contracted to pay “a licence fee of $1.36 million dollars per annum” to conduct operations, but the lack of development on the islands means it has “been unable to develop its business opportunities,” the claim said.

Additionally, “the navigation channels… are presently so ill-defined and the water depths have been so seriously eroded due to reclaimed sand silting up the navigation channels that major reclamation works will henceforth be required.”  A lawyer for Penguin Marine, Richard Wilmot-Smith, was quoted by local media as having told the tribunal that “the islands are gradually falling back into the sea.”  Nakheel dismissed the allegations as “misleading and mischievous statements.  The wholly incorrect and unsupported assertion relating to the state of The World islands was made in the context of a legal case brought against The World LLC by a logistics provider,” the spokesman said.

“Nakheel will continue to protect the interests of its operations and stakeholders and take such action as is appropriate in the circumstances,” he added.  The spokesman said that the case “was dismissed with costs awarded in favour of The World LLC. We are vindicated by the court’s decision.”  However, a final judgment with reasons for the decision has not yet been posted to the tribunal’s website, where judgments appear after they have been issued.  Abu Dhabi-based English-language daily The National said that the tribunal ruled against Penguin but has not yet given its reasons for doing so.  Lawyers for Penguin Marine declined to comment, and the company’s general manager Alex Labor said only that “Penguin’s position is… what our lawyers said during the trial.”

Nakheel, which developed Dubai’s iconic palm-shaped islands and the Atlantis luxury hotel among other developments, was hard-hit by the global economic crisis, which led to a sharp fall in Dubai real estate prices.  Nakheel was to split from parent company Dubai World, which rocked global financial markets when it announced in November 2010 that it needed to freeze debt payments, under a debt restructuring plan.

Burj Al Arab: The World Most Luxurious Hotel.

Burj Al Arab, also known as “Arab Sail”, is the most expensive and luxurious hotel in the world. The are no “standard” rooms here. Each one of the of 202 rooms is a deluxe suite. All rooms are two-storied, the smallest being 1830 square-feet large, and the biggest – 8400 square-feet. The cheapest suite will cost you $1500 per night. Claiming to be the world’s first 7-star hotel, it has truly become the symbol of Dubai.  Before the economic crisis, one could only book a room number half-a-year in advanced. Right now, rooms are usually available within a week or so.

Sheikh Mohammed – the ruler of Dubai – perfectly understood that his emirate needs a recognizable symbol. Same as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Statue of Liberty in New York. For that purpose, he hired the British architect Tom Wright. The idea of building a Sail-shaped hotel came to him accidentally.  You can’t just walk in on Burj Al Arab territories just like that. The hotel stands on an artificial island, only accessible through a secured bridge.  Two city tour options are available at the airport: a simple guided tour for $55, or a tour to the Burj Al Arab for $175. I, of course, refused to drink tea with cookies for $120.

On entering the hotel, you would face the staircase fountain, with an escalator on each side. The fountain periodically starts to play, spitting short streams of water.  Burj Al Arab has the highest hotel lobby in the the world: 180 meters. The hotel is shaped into a triangle and the front side actually looks like a taut sail from the inside.

5 Star Hotel… In Mid Air.


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The Airbus A380 is among the largest manmade objects in the sky.  With ridiculous amenities, it’s an aircraft that stands for a class of superiority that few people ever hope to reach.  Each row has only 4 seats, passengers are given chair stickers so that the air steward would know what to do in case you fall asleep, and the seat can be transformed into a nearly-horizontal 190-cm long bed.  In front of each passenger there is a 17-inch touch screen, electric plug, 2 USB ports (for USB-charging or viewing photos) and a remote-control combined with a satellite phone, furthermore, each seat has it’s own wireless control device regulating the backrest angle, lighting level and massage-modes of the chair.  Several external video-cameras are available for viewing, and the back section of the plane accommodates a bar with free drinks and snacks.  Five toilets are located on the second floor and ten are on the first and, there are two shower-rooms for first-class passengers. Albeit you must book them one hour in advanced before usage and water is available for only 5 minutes.  First-class passengers have their own bar with better drinks (but no bartender for some reason.)  A grand staircase is located near the showers. It leads to the first floor where the economy class passengers and the pilots are seated, and in the center of the cabin two rooms are dedicated for the crew to rest. Up to 9 persons can sleep here simultaneously.  To see even MORE stats and pictures of this awesome feat of flight, click any of the pictures below.  Hopefully the next model has a DJ Storm logo painted on the outside.

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