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Risk One Forever.


We regret to inform that our friend Marques Lewis, better known as DJ RISK ONE from San Francisco, passed away today after a long battle with Cancer. We send our thoughts and prayers to him and his family at this time. Your spirit will live on. Rest In Peace. #RiskOneForever

You Gotta Stop By Bansko, Bulgaria’s ‘Flash Club’.

flash3 flash flash1

Off-hand, one might not think of an ancient Bulgarian town at the foot of the Pirin Mountains as the location of a night club whose design was inspired by the Disney science fiction movie TRON:Legacy.  Yet the Flash Club in Bansko fits right in with the smart set of this European ski resort that is also known for its jazz and pop music scene.  Sofia, Bulgaria-based Studio Mode with chief designer and founder Svetoslav Todorov at the helm created an eerie pulsating and swirling atmosphere through the use of reflecting surfaces and massive circular forms.  State-of-the art sound and lighting schemes complete the illusion of an otherworldly experience .  VIP podiums link up with the bar through beams of light while the reflections off the surfaces amplify the space and produce an impression of infinity.

via TCH

flash4 flash8 flash6

XS Las Vegas New Year’s Weekend 2016

One of my good friends just finished up her trip to Vegas and told me that she had an incredible time there (it was her first time). She also mentioned that her favorite club experience was at the XS Club, so it’s only right to take a look the cool recap video of the New Year’s Weekend 2016 that club XS just released.

Watch XS Las Vegas’ New Year’s Eve 2016 recap of the five-day long celebration including Alesso, Ruby Rose, Skrillex, DJ Five and Slander!

Check it out for yourself below, I might just party there New Year’s 2017!


Aura Collection by Jasper van Grootel

01 02 03 04 05

Jasper van Grootel of JSPR has designed a lighting collection named Aura. The Aura collection consists of a variety of three circle shaped lighting items in different sizes. Crafted of Anodized aluminium and fixed with fairground light bulbs these design objects are sophisticated yet playful. It is possible to connect thru the Aura’s; create an immense lighting object by making a range of the same or different sizes offered. These lighting items ad a luxurious and intense atmosphere to a space, whether it’s in a hospitality facility, in an office, a living room or even in a club.

06 09

Pitbull feat. Ke$ha – Timber


“Timber” by Pitbull ft. Kesha is a playful mashup of what sounds like folk country tunes with dance music. It sounds as if a harmonica is playing in the background, slightly reminiscent musically of “Cotton Eye Joe” but peformed in the uniqueness of Pitbull & Ke$ha. The song talks about dancing and having fun, which would make it a strong musical candidate to play at a party and/or a club.

Let Me Love You (Remix) Ne-Yo Ft. French Montana


This is off of last year’s hit “R.E.D” Album. Grammy winning Ne-Yo shoots the video in club with French Montana for the remix to his hit single, “Let Me Love You.”

Clube Disco – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mauricio_Arruda_Guto_Requena Mauricio_Arruda_Guto_Requena

The 12-year-old Clube Disco night club in São Paulo was reborn this fall. It now carries its past proudly yet offers a completely upgraded experience. Brazilian architect Guto Requena worked with architect Mauricio Arruda on this project. We like the retro custom-designed furniture that gives a nod to the 1970s Brazilian style and mixes nicely with the black-leather, exposed-pipes underground disco feel. And we like the tunnel that was re-envisioned by Brazilian artist Kleber Matheus.

Mauricio_Arruda_Guto_Requena Mauricio_Arruda_Guto_Requena

Will.I.Am & Britney Spears ft. Authentic – Scream & Shout (Bruno’s Remix)


One of the Bay Area’s premiere top 40’s radio stations, Wild 94.9 has a very specific version of “2 Reasons” from Trey Songz.  In the 94.9 version, Trey shouts out the entire bay and the radio station, giving him and the station a unique form of credibility.  I personally loved this concept, (and his flow on the altered version of the song) and decided to take a crack at the concept myself.  Authentic the #Rocksta and I have been working together for a few months, and I knew his flow would be a perfect addition to the monster hit from Will.I.Am and Britney Spears.  Check the method below.

Bruno’s, the San Francisco nightclub that Authentic shouts out in the track has hosted me for about half a year now.  The club itself is a wonderful spot with an incredible amount of diversity in the music and with its crowd.  Bruno’s is located on 2389 Mission Street in the city, and features 3 rooms on 2 floors all with different brands of music.  If you ever come to the club on a night when ‘DJ Storm’ is posted on the billboard outside, you’ll be sure to hear Authentic’s version of the track.


The Passenger In Madrid, Spain.



On first glance, The Passenger restaurant, recently opened in the trendy Malasaña neighborhood’s Triball area in Madrid, Spain, appears like any retro dining establishment with heavy-handed use of leather, brass and dark wood. Yet there is a distinct undertone of a train, of a fine passenger train of a bygone era.  The bulky and clubby arm chairs, the iron table legs, the big windows all refer to a time when heads of state and industrialists, often traveling with their wives and servants, occupied entire train cars and dined in the most lavishly appointed dining cars rivaling the best-known fine establishments of the time.


But the real fun aspect of the 150-seat The Passenger — coffee bar by day, rock bar by night —  is the illusion of movement. The three “windows” in the main seating area are actually video screens onto which a constant, synchronized stream of video is programmed so that it flows  from window to window, creating a feeling of looking out the window of a moving train.  The restaurant’s designers at Parolio took their inspiration from the long-and-narrow space and then continued with the train travel concept throughout. Consistent with the classic rock music played at night, the main hall of the restaurant is decorated with images of the greatest stars of classic rock pictured in trains and railway stations.


Sean Kingston featuring Cher Lloyd – Rum And Raybans

The audio released almost exactly a month ago, but today Sean drops the official visuals directed by Hannah Lux Davis. Even Breezy Brown pops up in this clip. The video theme is consistent with the audio in that the club scene is highly prevalent.


Flo Rida – Let It Roll (Keith Apicary Video).

Flo Rida takes a different approach on his most recent video “Let It Roll”. Trying out a YouTube sensation to hopefully get a viral campaign started, Flo Rida has hired comedian Keith Apicary’s to dance crazy all over Miami. Fortunately for us, most of the people watching Keith don’t seem to know it’s all a joke.

Jadakiss’s Miami Birthday Bash.

Check out the massive birthday celebration of the East Coast star Jadakiss.  One of the best lyricist out of N.Y. flew down to MIA to celebrate his big day at Bamboo.  The video essentially runs just like a music video, but the event seems like quite the party none the less.  Keep your eyes peeled for appearances from Wale, Flo-Rida, and a few others.  Check the method.

DeadMau5 Burns The Club Down.

“Canadian DJ Deadmau5 almost set Meatpacking District club Provocateur, and himself, on fire during his set Friday night. The electronic house DJ (real name Joel Zimmerman) premiered his new song, “The Veldt,” by lighting an air horn, causing a huge spark for a crowd that included model Hilary Rhoda and singer Ciara. “Omg I actually lived through that . . . Nearly blew up myself and a Buncha people in the booth. Pyros a [bleep],” tweeted Zimmerman. Nearly 200 people were standing outside Provocateur waiting to get inside the club, where a 7-foot replica of Deadmau5’s trademark mouse-shaped headgear was erected on top of the club’s entrance.”

Where The F*ck Do You Wanna Drink?

Click the pic to try it out.

Everyone knows about Yelp, Four Square, and any of the other typical means to find a good restaurant, bar, or meeting place.  But for those of us who just want to straight up get a drink as close as possible to where we’re standing that second… there’s “Where The F*ck Should I Go For”.  Quite a simple solution to finding a close by bar.  Simply put in your address, and you’ll be pointed to the nearest watering hole.  No separation by class, or price, or status, or type… just a direct line to where you can get your drink on.  Click the pic to try it out.

DJ Khaled’s Birthday At Mansion In Miami.

The pic above of DJ Khaled rocking his old Terror Squad chain of yesteryear, but since his old days of T.S. he’s moved on to bigger and better things.  A new label (Young Money), a new boss, (Lil Wayne), and a new crew (YMCMB), but most importantly, a new year brings new challenges, and at his birthday party at Mansion in Miami, his old friends came by wish the big man luck on his new endeavors.  Check the video below.

The Josefine/Roxy Club.

Brazilian architect Fred Mafra, no novice to night club design, was given the unusual opportunity to redesign his earlier work, the night club Josefine/Roxy.  Since 2007, the club has been a strong player in Savassi, the night life area of Belo Horizonte, the capital of and largest city in the state of Minas Gerais in southeastern Brazil.  The 955m² space has two dance floors, three bars, plus four VIP areas that can be combined into one larger VIP space. In addition, it has two lounges and smoking areas with a retractable roof.

With his new design, Mafra went to town with the hexagon and triangle forms.  By using them in the honeycombed ceilings and black-and-white floors, by including padded-vinyl seating and walls, and by lighting the space with creative LED, he’s created an angularly sinful madhouse effect that is destined to help guests forget the outside world.  Roxy Club is open on Wednesdays and Fridays when the DJs play techno and e-music to a straight crowd. Josefine Club is open on Thursdays and Saturdays when the DJs play tribal and pop music to gay/hipster crowd.

Yelawolf ft. Lil Jon – Hard White (Up In The Club).

What happens when you take a gutter, down south club filled with people, god-like ass slapping, an inflatable pool full of dirty water, Lil Jon, a slow motion camera, two hot chicks wrestling, a white guy with half his head shaved, and tons of drinks?  You’d either have the most random fiasco ever, or the new Yelawolf video featuring Lil Jon.   A backwoods night club and some incredible videography sets the backdrop for what I think is one of the more memorable videos of the year.  For some reason, I’m completely infatuated with this video.  From all the slow motion shots, to the two half naked chick’s fighting, to the raw look-and-feel that sets this video apart from many others to drop in 2011, this one is one of my personal favorites.  Oh, and wait till the end of the video to see the most epic ass-slap ever in life.

DJ Khaled’s We The Best Tour.

Everyone know DJ Khaled’s favorite catch phrase “We The Best”, and now he’s taken it from a saying, to an album (dropping July 19th), to a tour.  Check out one of his Las Vegas video blogs featuring all sorts craziness.

The Big Valentines Day Weekend: Cupid Arrow Edition.

Friday, February 11th, The Big Valentine’s Weekend: Cupid’s Arrow Edition is going down.  If your in the Tri-State area, the event is at Club AllStar.  153 3rd St, Elizabeth, NJ 07206.  For more info on the venue, check Doors open at 9:30pm and they stay open until 3:00am. DJs for the night are DJ Klutch Johnson, VJ One and Pitbull’s own DJ Magic.  The first 100 ladies receive a back massage and chocolate strawberry.  VIP will have Moet Rose, all flavors of Ciroc and the strawberries all night.  There will also be very special guest in the house celebrating a birthday.  My good friend Red.

For more info, hit the website for Club Allstar or call Red personally at 908.418.5666 or Jamaal 908.265.6612

5 Strong Ent.

Now its no secret that its my job to make a good party, and I don’t normally shout other DJ’s but the crew over at 5 strong is quite praiseworthy. (If you couldn’t tell by the video above… they go hard). 5 Strong consists of 5 DJs, all with differing styles on the wheels of steel. 5 Strong is responsible for some of the hottest parties in New York City and New Jersey and works with artists like Rob Scott. But if your not in the tri-state area, fear not. They also have guest spots in Atlanta, Miami, and L.A. The team is sponsored by I had the distinct pleasure of rockin’ with DJ Rob Ru of 5 Strong this past new years eve in New York City, and we’re planning nothing but madness for 2011.

DJ Rob Ru

Are You New Years Eve In New York City?

So, no matter where you reside, New Years Eve is fast approaching, if you happen to be in the Tri-State area, I’m here to inform all who don’t already have plans that “The Cottage” in NYC will be off the chain this year.  Hot 97’s DJ Rob Ru, DJ Express will be holding down the tables, and the world famous Rob Scott will be performing.  Just know I will be there, and acting a DAMN fool all night long.  So come see us.

When We Step In The Club…

DJ Storm And Assistant

It’s quite obvious that it’s my job to “party”, but every so often you just have to leave the dirty work to someone else, cut loose and have fun.  That’s exactly what my assistant and I did recently at Ambassador in SF.  The ‘Above Ground’ crew took over the club, and DJ Tina T worked the tables.  My favorite event photographer Ashleigh Reddy was on site taking pics of the night, and (aside from a disgruntled bouncer), what a great night it was.  Friends, clients, and party animals alike were on the scene, check pictures of the mayhem below.

DJ Storm Amabassador

DJ Storm LJ

The Aston Martin Club.

I’m a huge Aston Martin enthusiast, so when I got a message that the world’s first Aston Martin Club Lounge has just opened its doors, I got excited. The club is located at The Prime Society in Singapore’s Dempsey Hill neighborhood.  Created by Ingrid Prasatya, the lounge features custom-made tables crafted out of authentic Aston Martin wheel-rims as well as large-format prints of different car models.  Specially mixed cocktails in martini glasses referencing Aston Martin are also named after the different cars.  Aston Martin Club Singapore members and the public have the added privilege of a specially-designed cache locker to safe-keep their belongings.  I wonder if they play “Aston Martin Music” there?

‘Cocktails & Condoms’ for all on Friday the 13th

Flyer by: Reginald Sylvester

So its almost that time.  ‘Cocktails & Condoms’ is right around the corner.  Photoshoots, interviews, behind the scenes videos, preview parties, and 2 months of work in multiple cities all over the country will all culminate to ‘Cocktails & Condoms’ Release Party at Sutra Night Club in San Francisco on Friday, August 13th.  The event will be 21+, and is FREE before 11 p.m. and $20 for any guests afterwards, so make sure you show up early.

68 Flavors of Funk.

Rane and Serato welcome the Rane SIXTY-EIGHT, the ultimate club mixer. Two computers, two USB ports, up to four decks and a range of effects.

The 86 is the first Scratch Live compatible DJ mixer that allows two computers to be connected simultaneously.

Using two USB ports, the new Rane SIXTY-EIGHT mixer lets two DJs play Scratch Live at the same time, allowing for seamless handover from one DJ to another. You can also control up to four decks with a single laptop.

The Rane

Armed with studio-grade phono preamps, USB and S/PDIF inputs, the SIXTY-EIGHT can allow a blend of analog and digital audio sources like never before. The Rane SIXTY-EIGHT features easy to use internal digital effects, and direct control of over 30 Scratch Live library, cue and loop functions.


  • Two independent USB 2.0 high speed ports, each supporting twenty two, 32-bit floating point audio channels at 48kHz.
  • Support for the connection of two computers simultaneously.
  • Direct control of over 30 Scratch Live Library, Cue and Loop functions.
  • Support for 2, 3 or 4 Virtual Decks in Scratch Live.
  • Flexible USB recording options.
  • 3-band, full cut EQ
  • New High-pass / Low pass Filter
  • Unique FlexFX bus with 6 internal effects plus USB and analog insert support for computer-based effects.

Input Channels

  • Four stereo Phono/CD inputs of Line / Phono or S/PDIF.
  • Four stereo Auxiliary inputs.
  • Four stereo USB playback options.
  • Two independent microphone inputs – one with phantom power and one with line-level input