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Sugar Series

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This sugar series is like walking threw the world of Willie Wonka if he was ocd and had to color coordinate his factory. Bringing some candies that are a blast from the past, this artist was able to give us a yummy visual treat.

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100 Colors Exhibition – Japan

Picture 9

With our fascination with both minimalism and color, we’ve kept an eye on Emmanuelle Moureaux, the French-born and Tokyo-based architect famous for her use of candy-hued colors in many of her projects. For many years, Moreaux has explored the use of color and the use of the traditional Japanese paper screens as dividers. Many of her projects in retail, hospitality and public spaces express some combination of the two, using colorful screens as dividers and using color as a space maker.

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Don’t Let Your Halloween Taste This Bad.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 8.47.44 AMWith the first round of Halloween parties already passed, and the 31st of October fast approaching, everyone has candy on the brain.  Trick-or-Treat-ing usual results in lots of treats, but Crest took a bit more heavily to the ‘trick’ side of things when they created veggie-flavored candy for kids.  Take a look at the hilarious video below.

Cioccolato Bakery Boutique.

There is something mouth-wateringly yummy and creamily liquid going on in the interior of Cioccolato, a bakery boutique in Monterrey, Mexico. The designers aimed for a Willy Wonka factory feel of slight madness, and we think they’ve succeeded. The new shop focuses on custom desserts and special events, and it is a specialized spin-off concept of the existing, fairly traditional Cioccolato pastry and cake brand. The designers of the new concept are Savvy Studio of San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México. One of the main concerns of the design team was to ensure clear differentiation of the new concept, without confusing the brands current customers.


The gooey concept evokes cravings of sweet sugary treats and thick whipped cream, strong chocolate and colorful candies, feather-light macaroons and juicy cupcakes – anything sweet and happy and festive.  Our favorite is the white table with one leg formed by dripping something, perhaps jam or some other irresistible filling. Chocolate drips off shelves and the seats seem to be made of licorice and ice cream. Savvy Studio was in charge of the entire rebranding concept, from visual identity to interior design and packaging. Savvy is a multi-disciplinary studio involved in industrial design, architecture, graphic design, marketing and communications.