Flower Nostalgia.

The days of “flower power” and “flower children” may have gone out the door a generation ago, but there will always be an intrinsic beauty to flowers and what they can, and do represent.  The visual series ‘Flower Nostalgia’ was shot by Kristina Varaksina, who hails from none of than San Francisco, the birthplace of “The Hippie Movement”.  And while her photos for Ellements Magazine, are infinitely more elegant and eye catching than your average hippie, they produce quite the bit of flower nostalgia.  Check the collection out below.
Flower Nostalgia for Ellements Magazine.
Photography: Kristina Varaksina
Hair and makeup: Inna Mathews
Wardrobe styling: Chanel Fu
Flowers: Svetlana Chernyavsky
Models: Sarah G @ Stars San Francisco
Sophia @ Stars San Francisco
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