Remarkably Realistic 3D Drawings

Artist Stefan Pabst skillfully creates the illusion of three-dimensionality. His phenomenal pieces, which appear to be 3D objects and people, are actually anamorphic illustrations. The designer started out by painting portraits in 2007, but yearned to do something different from his usual work. “Every day for 10 hours I was painting faces. It was a challenge to begin with but I got bored,” Pabst told BuzzFeed. “I wanted to go beyond the boundaries of the sheet of paper and leave 2D behind.” Soon, this dream became a reality as the painter continued to explore his remarkable talent.

On his YouTube channel, viewers can see Pabst in action as his proves that his paintings are authentic. He’s produced a moon that rises above his paper, a horse who appears to be peeking out of his canvas, and an eerily realistic spider. While these are highly impressive, the artist wants to continue to improve by creating 3D portraits. “I want to inspire people through my art and show them that they can do anything,” says Pabst. “I want to show the magic of painting.”

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