Miss Diznee.

Diznee came into this world 20 years ago, born and raised on the beautiful coast of California in San Diego. She is a mix of African American, Russian and French Canadian. Growing up she was active in many sports such as volleyball, basketball, track, gymnastics, and cheer leading. A future in sports seemed to be calling her name until the world of modeling took flight.

After graduated from high school she moved to New York to attend college and cheer for the university. A trip back to Los Angeles, California would be the turning point of her modeling career. Diznee’s first SHOW Magazine debut was in the Black Lingerie Issue, August 2007. Ever since that magazine hit news stands across the nation she has built a fan base of men and woman young and old. The high cost of school in New York and rising level of opportunity in Los Angeles made me put away her cheer uniform forever and head to the “City of Angels.”

Ever since her move to LA she has been blessed with endless opportunities.  In June 2008 her first cover came out and she knew that was only the beginning. She now has her own website and has appeared in various music videos including Day 26 “Since You’ve Been Gone”, David Banner ft. Lil Wayne “Shawty Say”, and Colby Odonnis “Don’t Turn Back”.

    • Filipino Festival
    • June 26th, 2012

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