Beer Swimming Pools At Starkenberger Brewery Castle

Beer-Swimming-Pools-at-Starkenberger-Brewery-Castle-1 Beer-Swimming-Pools-at-Starkenberger-Brewery-Castle-2

Located just a few hours outside of Munich, Starkenberg’s Castle is a brewer in Austria that has been blessed with the world’s only beer swimming pools. Swimming pools filled with nearly 42,000 pints of warm beer. While it might be nice to soak your sore muscles in booze, they definitely don’t recommend that you drink the “pool water.” You can however order a drink while taking a dip. After years of an obsolete fermentation cellar, the team decided it was time to convert this cellar into a full-fledged beer spa. All in all, there are seven different 13 foot pools nestled within the walls of the 700 year old castle.

Beer-Swimming-Pools-at-Starkenberger-Brewery-Castle-4 Beer-Swimming-Pools-at-Starkenberger-Brewery-Castle-3

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