Creative Advertising

advertisment-marketing-branding-chicquero-wonderbra-bra advertisment-marketing-branding-chicquero-lenses-omax advertisment-marketing-branding-chicquero-nikon-cameras advertisment-marketing-branding-chicquero-manix-gel-lubrificant advertisment-marketing-branding-chicquero-lego advertisment-marketing-branding-chicquero-harley-davidson

Sometimes certain companies come up with plain advertisements that just tell you exactly what they are selling or trying to tell you. Then there are companies like these ones that come up with some creative and funny ways to tell you what they are advertising.

advertisment-marketing-branding-chicquero-glassex advertisment-marketing-branding-chicquero-gti-volkswagen advertisment-marketing-branding-chicquero-cemex-fast-drying advertisment-marketing-branding-chicquero-fedex advertisment-marketing-branding-chicquero-aspca-adopt-a-dog advertisment-marketing-branding-chicquero-bic-super-glue advertisment-marketing-branding-chicquero-air-asia advertisment-marketing-branding-chicquero-3m-lint-roller

  1. Love the wonderbra ad! Very clever 🙂


  2. haha these are brilliant! Love the lint roller cat.


  3. Unfortunately, it is only about 0.000000…1% of all advertising )


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