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Patrice O’Neal’s Rating System For White Women.

I’ve always been an immense fan of stand up comedy.  On rainy days when people are sad, couples are cuddling, and art school girls are sitting at home drinking exotic teas, I’m normally at home, engineering music, and running a stand up comedy marathon on my big screen.  It’s just something that always puts me in a better mood.  Patrice O’Neal (rest in peace), became one of my favorites after his untimely death, but his comedy still makes me, and millions of others none the less.  In one of his many funny bits from “Elephant In The Room” he talks about missing persons, and how it it relates (in HIS head) to race, color and beauty.

Traktor Pro 2.5.

The wait is over: Traktor Pro 2.5, featuring the powerful new Remix Deck™ technology, is now available. Watch Traktor Pro 2.5 in action as techno explorer Stewart Walker flexes the Remix Decks using two Traktor Kontrol F1s and his Traktor Kontrol S4.  Traktor Pro 2.5 with Remix Decks is a free update for all Traktor Pro 2 and Traktor Scratch Pro 2 users. You can download it via NI Service Center.

Hengki Koentjoro – Misty For Me.

Take a look at some of these amazing images from Hengki Koentjoro, in a gallery titled “Play Misty For Me”.

Natrual Stone Sinks.

Yesterday I got a look at these original natural stone bathroom sinks that look appealing and genuine. Even though their color differs from one model to another, their essence is the same: raw natural beauty.  It may sound like a cliche, but can you think of a more elegant way to bring nature inside your bathroom? This type of stone sink would go great in a minimalist interior, complimented by various wood features.

Matthew Woodson’s Ghostco.

Matthew Woodson was born and raised in the pit of snakes known as rural Southern Indiana. After graduating from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in early 2006 with a focus in Natural History Illustration, Matthew’s obsessive loves for natural history and the past were stronger then they had ever been. Fresh out of school Matthew was commissioned by Margeotes, Fertitta & Partners New York to illustrate the Perry Ellis Fall/Winter 2006 campaign, and has been working as a full time freelance illustrator ever since.

YMCMB’s King Of Diamonds Take Over/Memorial Day Weekend. (EXPLICIT).

King Of Diamonds can certainly be a relaxing spot for those who work hard non stop.  And no one seems to be working harder these days than Lil Wayne and the YMCMB crew.  Take a look at how they relaxed on Memorial Day 2012.  (And be WARNED, the video is uncensored).

As if all that wasn’t enough, check out some of the Memorial Day shows in Miami featuring Funk Master Flex, Ace Hood, 2 Chainz, Fat Joe, and many more.

Mixin’ Up The Medicine.

The Bodum Coffee & Tea Maker is unlike any I’ve seen before. A borosilicate glass reservoir & beverage filter are integrated as detachable modules, making the coffee or tea completely spill-proof. The engagement of brewing process is revealed in one central, elegant device. A new chapter in both coffee & tea culture.

New York’s Hidden Subway System.

Deep in the belly of New York’s subway system, a beautiful untouched station resides that has been forgotten for years with only a limited few knowing of its existence. Stunning decoration with tall tiled arches, brass fixtures and skylights run across the entire curve of the station, almost a miniature imitation of Grand Central Station… But it sounds like something straight out of Ninja Turtles, right?

It was opened in 1904, with the hope of making it the crowning glory of the New York subway system in elegant architecture and a place for commemorative plaques to honor the work that had resulted in such a successful underground mass transit system. It was to be the original southern terminus of the first ‘Manhattan Main Line’; however the station was closed and boarded up in 1945. The gem of the underground began gathering dust, forgotten by the general public, as passengers were forced off at the Brooklyn Bridge Stop before the train continued on to the terminus to make its turnaround.

The reason for its closure was that newer longer cars were required to match the demand of passengers that passed through the system. But as the stations tracks were severely curved, a dangerous gap between the train doors and the platform was formed making it an unsafe area. This combined with the fact that only about 600 people used it, resulted in its closure with only mythical plans of turning it into a transit museum. But this was never followed through.

However, now you don’t have to take my word that the secret City Hall Station exists, as the 6 Train will now allow the passengers who have been enlightened with the knowledge of its whereabouts to stay on the train during its turnaround and see the Station. You won’t be able to get off, but you’ll be taken for a slow tour of the platform and see what a beauty it was in its heyday.

And if that isn’t enough, The Underbelly Project has turned it into a kind-of off-limits art gallery. They are a group of street artists who have painted the walls of the unattractive concrete areas with their art in a spooky art exhibition that will be witnessed only by urban explorers who prowl the deep train system at night and Metropolitan Transportation Authority workers.

But if you want to go and view these art works, you will most definitely run the high risk of being arrested as venturing the tunnels is both highly illegal and dangerous.  I’ll just stick to seeing the photographs as I’m pretty sure my search for art would turn into a horror story down in the black tunnels… or I’d get hit by a train.

No Church In The Wild.

Instead of kaleidoscopic wizardry and flashy, Aziz Ansari-approved sports cars, the bleakly shot, Romain Gavras-directed video focuses on a violent yet somehow vaguely boring uprising in the streets of Prague. Dissatisfied youth, aggressive police, burning cars — you get the idea.  While watching it, I was secretly wishing that one of the rioters would take off his bandana and reveal himself to be Jay or ‘Ye, ready to spice things up a bit. Alas, prayers fell on deaf ears, and five minutes later, the video ends with… more rioting.  I’m not saying we have to see famous people in every music video, but when a project is basically built on megastar wattage like the Throne is, it wouldn’t hurt.  Check the method.

iPhone’s 3D Photo Application.

Created by app designer Maybe It’s The Lighting, Stilla is a new iPhone photography app that allows users to transform photographs into striking multi-dimensional images.  By simply taking two, three or more shots, the application remembers the orientation of the camera and overlays the images at angles to fill in the space between, creating a clever, interactive, three dimensional effect. Stills and grabs don’t really do the effect justice, but the following video gives more of a feel for the effect.

Like other photo apps on the market, Stilla images can be shared on social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, or via email. Web viewing works best with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Because the app relies on the gyroscope of later Apple devices to measure the orientation of the camera as photos were taken, the app is only compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, 4th generation iPod touch and iPad 2 or later.

The Capsule Lamp.

The Capsule Lamp has captured our imagination. The intriguingly interactive lighting fixture gleans its idea from the plastic toy capsules of vending machines.  Initially, the Capsule was designed by Hong Kong-based Design Systems Ltd for the Actif children’s wear brand, but it has now taken on a life of its own giving tinkerers and creatives another reason to customize and make it their own.  The main structure of the ceiling pendant is made of stained oak, and either without the capsules, or with just the empty capsules, it looks rather coolly Scandinavian.

But the fun starts when you attach the little plastic capsules – in any combination and quantity you like with all sorts of little treasures in them.  While the fixture comes with a set number of toys, we can envision hiding our own little personal items in the capsules. Or customizing each fixture for each room, with specific themed contents for the capsules? Flowers for one room, office supplies for another, jewelry for the next, sewing items and buttons for yet another. And what about an office or any other work place where team members get to decorate their own fixture above their work areas?

The Silent Rock Combs The Garden.

Man, everyone knows you’ve got to rake the sand yourself. What? Unless you’re from the Roomba generation of Buddhist monks. Then you’ve got to get yourself affiliated with the Studio FRST crew. They’ll whip you up a set of “Jardin Impatient” or what I’d call Auto Sand Gardeners. You’ll never have to pull sand to be at peace again! What a relief.  Time for a nice sit. 


The Aaron Sims Company has designed such celluloid creatures as the aliens from Green Lantern, the simians from Rise of The Planet of The Apes, and the samurai with the chain gun from Sucker Punch. Now, as a labor of love with no funding, Sims has directed Archetype, a short film about a battlefield robot whose programming is on the fritz. It’s an absolutely stunning nugget of cinema.  I heard about this project, which stars Robert Joy (Land of the Dead, CSI:NY) and David Anders (Heroes, 24), several months back. What’s more, he’s planning a feature-length version. Here’s a plot synopsis:

RL7 is an eight-foot tall combat robot that goes on the run after malfunctioning with vivid memories of once being human. As its creators and the military close in, RL7 battles its way to uncovering the shocking truth behind its mysterious visions and past.

A New Definition For Pintrest.

Pencils, pegboards, pins, pixels — I’ve been fascinated for a long time by the notion of creating big things from tiny parts. Hiding the image in plain site. Creating pointillist art with physical objects.  Apparently, Stockholm-based photographer Philip Karlberg has also been twirling his pencils for some time, and now all that toying has resulted in a photo shoot for Plaza Magazine.  Karlberg’s six famous sunglass wearers were created using 1,200 sticks and photographed over six days.


Used As Read.

Is your phone a camera or the camera your digital player as well?  Confused?  You ought to be.  As newer generations in gadgets and devices come out, the clear demarcation of their lineage gets blurry for the sake of multi-functionality. In the name of salvaging individual identity, “mintselect @ mintpass” has designed a range of devices in the typographical form of their function. Called the “Used as Read” series, the stackable lineup includes a speaker, a remote control, a woofer, a music player and amp, a radio and a lamp.

DJ Storm’s Interview With Sarah Jane Swag.

Models come in all different styles, shapes, sizes, and heights, but what really makes a model stand out is her ability to personify any character, embody any fashion, or portray any emotion.   I personally don’t think I’ve seen anyone do this in such a wide variety of ways as Sarah J. Swag, and her massive portfolio confirms my suspicions.  Luckily for me, not only is Ms. Swag close to my team professionally, she also happens to be a friend for years.  So catching up with her for an interview was as effortless as her taking an amazing picture.

DJ Storm: So, although you’ve been in San Francisco for the last few years, do you think growing up in Texas influences your modeling decisions?

Sarah Jane Swag: In Texas there is a lot of big hair and a lot of beauty contest. It is also very competitive of how you look when you are around town or just going out. Being around that for so long made me want to look good and always have my hair and make-up done. Then when I went to Sweeden I learned they are all about the street fashion and the latest fashion. I really liked that and picked up on keeping tabs on the latest trends. One of my favorite influences as a child was the 90’s hip hop videos that were on t.v., I could not get enough of them.

DJS: So you said that you watched a lot of 90’s Hip Hop videos, who did you listen to back in the days, and what were some of your favorite videos?

SJS: So considering that I was a little girl when listening and watching these videos, I was inspired by Jay Lo, Ashanti, Alia, Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child… I was really into watching MTV back then. Also I was really into their fashion and their attitude. With the 90s videos and MTV I found that I could relate to them cuz I wanted to look pretty and be feminine the way that they were.

DJS: Do you think absorbing that style has influenced the way you style yourself in photo shoots now?

SJS: I didn’t mimic there clothing styles but unless I did a throw back shoot I could. It was more of there presents of there being feminine and bringing it to the table. It was more about their attitude and how they presented themselves.

DJS: So out of all the photographers you’ve worked with in the last 2 years, what concepts are the most memorable to you.

SJS: Well I don’t wanna pick favs but thankfully it has always been a diverse experience for me.. I’d have to say the most memorable photo shoot was when I had to pose like I was in a Versace ad. I was fully clothed and classy looking while my prop was a live nude male model. It was a different approach to any shoot I had been in especially since there were people watching as I sat on a naked man. There was also a time where I was body painted to look like Harley from Batman and I had to become her character. Those were the ones at major extremes that really stuck out to me but every photo shoot has been a great experience for me and I appreciate working with each and every photographer.

DJS: Do you have any concepts in the future that you would be excited about taking on, or any future shoots planned that we should be looking out for.

SJS: So I really am excited to be working on a collaborated shoot with Arie Rose. I have never been in a shoot with her but I have worked with her before and it was a great experience. We plan on working with multiple photographers at once as we do the shoot together, this shoot should be very exciting for everyone involved. Also I am going to Europe this summer and plan to do some networking over there with some European photographers.

DJS: So you spoke about going to Europe a lot in your youth, how often did you go, and what did you do over there

SJS: I’ve been there every summer since I was 3 until I was 18 and then I moved to SF. I have been back once or twice since then but only for a short amount of time. My family will be there this summer and it is my first time back in 2 years. I am really excited cause my family is going to take me around and I can value what I see there this time, where as in the past as a child I took it granted the places where my family took me or I just wanted to stay in the car or back home. Now I can enjoy it as an adult and indulge in the European life.

DJS: So what are your future plans in terms of your career, and what are some of your goals for modeling?

SJS: So recently I am starting to get into the music video realm. Like I have mentioned before as a child I watched a lot of 90s hip hop videos that were on t.v. and that is was what inspired me to become a model. Both of my parents are musicians and that was also another huge influence upon me to go in the music direction. While photography has been great to me, in the long run being in the videos is what I would like to do. I may start as a video assistant. But I could also see myself being in videos where I act, move, and dance. I feel that in the future this would be a great expansion for me to work towards. I have been blessed to be able to work with so many photographers already and if it can continue I’d be more and happy and see what comes my way and for networking and connections. This is something that makes me happy and if I can continue to keep doing modeling that would be great. Later on in life I want to set an example that other models can look up to and let everyone know that they can make a difference. I plan on taking what ever comes my way and so far I like the direction that I am going.

This girl ask me the other day, “How do you model if you are not 6ft tall or curvy or super skinny?”.  I told her to be unique. I’m unique in my own way and I express it. I also told her that another key factor to being a model is to be comfortable in your body weather your male for female. Photography has made me happy and it makes me feel good. Over the years it has made me comfortable with who I am and I hope to pass that message along to anyone else who is modeling or not. Do what makes you happy even if you don’t fit what people think are the standards for modeling. You don’t have to more your life style and yourself to what you think people want to see. Be yourself, be unique.

Sarah Jane & DJ Storm

The Audi Shark.

2009 World Auto Design Contest Winner; The “Audi Shark”.  Shark would have been the perfect car of the future. That’s why Shark has been designed in the future of technology without leaving today’s conditions.  Shark shows difference from today’s cars in terms of its own design and technology. It carries the qualifications of today’s technology and at the same time it takes the attention about its structure of plane and motorcycle like details.

Speed which all sports cars have quite affects the design of Shark. This effect is seen first on auto’s outside part. Shark has no vehicle unlike other classical cars. While this qualification increases the quality of drive, speed and control, it diminishes the risk of accident on the road. With Shark people can feel the flying, excitement and comfort. Outside the car what attracts people is the system of paddles. These paddles are designed by the effect of a shark and it provides the car to speed up with a balance and control and complete the concept of the car.

Shark’s fore and back head lights are designed like big cylinder to fit the design of Audi. The last difference of Shark is seen with the design of seats. These seats that are like motorcycle seat and thought for maximum comfort of the drivers. Shark’s out design details and the design of the seats satisfy the driver who like speed.  Can be seen as the car of the future with its own technology and different details. That’ s why Shark is a auto which reflects both today and future.

Designer Inflatables.

It is time to save inflatables from death by boredom, and elevate them to must-have designer experiences. Meaning enhancing the way adults enjoy playing in the water, although even kids will find a designer inflatable quite a refreshing experience.  What if a designer hotel or resort had amazing, on-brand  inflatables in the pool, or on the beach, available for guests to enjoy, take pictures of, share with their networks?  It’d be an amazing thing.  Take a look at some of the dopest inflatable concepts below.


The Living Calendar.

The Living Concept 2009 was created specially for project What separates this calendar from your traditional fair is the ability to show weeks, months, holidays, and time all at a glance. A large hand shows a current day (and month too), thus doing a complete turn during 365 days. A little hand shows the current day of week (and current hour) and accordingly does a complete turn for 7 days. It seems totally overwhelming to try and read everything together but that’s only half the story. You can buy one of these mechanical calendars mid December for, wait for it. . . $94,950.

Pusha T. – Exodus 23:1.

Beef between rappers often looked upon as cliche’ or a bad publicity stunt.  But when there’s an even keel between the artists on both sides, things for hardcore fans can become a bit exciting.  Lord knows what really started the now simmering beef between Pusha T. and Lil Wayne, but Pusha seems to be taking it quite seriously with his new video for Exodus 23:1.  In the video which many people speculate is a shot at Dwayne Carter, there’s an abundance of drug use, (most likely in reference to some of Weezy’s recreational habits), and there is even a Lil Wayne semi-look-alike in parts of the video.  Check the method below.

As I posted up the other day, this little war of words isn’t one sided.  Weezy dropped the track ‘Goulish’, possibly in response to Exodus 23:1, definitely directed at Pusha T.  Click the media player below to listen.

Yoobi Sushi – London.

Yoobi Sushi, London’s first temakeria, opened last month on Lexington Street in Soho. Its interior design is an exercise in constraint that has produced a statement of clean minimalism at its best.  Temaki is fresh sushi wrapped in a cone. It is a take-out or eat-in variety of sushi that was born in Brazil where the largest Japanese population outside Japan resides.  London-based Gundry & Ducker Architecture Ltd. stripped the former warehouse back to its original brick and painted the walls dark steel-gray.

The designers were challenged to combine the vibes of Rio, Tokyo and London, and to reflect the Yoobi brand’s color palette created by Ico Design.  They solved the riddle with a fusion of only a few distinct features. All key surfaces, apart from floors and ceilings, received a light timber covering. The only “colors” are added by the brilliant white sushi bar, by the on-brand color inlays in tables, and by the chairs.  The decorative touch that connects all of the elements is the on-brand angular detail on the floor, sushi bar, tables, and on the blocky benches and plinths.

Chicago vs. Chicago: Round 2 (Extended Version).

Last summer New Era paid homage to the bitter rivalry between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox with a series of commercials featuring comedic actors Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski.  This spring, the sports apparel company has shifted its focus to the Windy City where Chicago White Sox fan Craig Robinson (Daryl from “The Office”) and Cubs fan Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson on “Parks and Recreation”) can’t seem to agree on anything.

Angelina Jolie’s Jerlery Collection.

The Style of Jolie jewelry line designed in collaboration between Angelina Jolie and Robert Procop is set to go on display in the South of France this summer via two month-long pop-ups.  An array of necklaces, earrings and bracelets worn by the actress at various movie premieres will hit the Grand Hotel in Cap Ferrat and Monaco‘s prestigious Hotel de Paris concurrently between July 15 and August 15.  The movie star showcased her jewelry collaboration during an expo at Julien’s Gallery in Beverly Hills back in April last year, while the new French exhibition is set to showcase some additional new jewels.

Proceeds from the sale of the jewelry will be donated to the star’s charitable foundation, the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, which helps children in need across the globe.  As well as teaming up with Jolie for the Style of Jolie collection, leading gemstone specialist Procop has close links with the Hollywood actress after designing the engagement ring fiancé Brad Pitt offered her earlier this year.  The actor was said to have had a key input in the design of the $250,000 ring, which took 12 months to make, and features a stunning oblong-shaped rock inset into a thick ribbed band.  While the jewels are normally only available to view by private appointment, the pop-up showcases will give unprecedented access to the line.


A-Trak & Dillon Francis – “Money Makin'” (Official Video).

“Money Makin'” is the new collab from A-Trak and Dillon Francis, out now on Fool’s Gold.

Fantasy Artwork At It’s Finest.

Fantasy art is the freedom for your imagination, if you looking for something different and unexpected in a artwork, always long with dragons, fairies, angels and demons. It’s great to see all these crazy things put together in such good concepts with great illumination and colors, check it out.