Toni Burnett & Danielle Lo.

At a certain age, boys start to do things like sneak peeks at lingerie catalogs, and hunt down old playboy magazines just to get a glimpse of women in a way they’ve never seen before.  This child-like fascination goes away with time, (and experience) but I’ve found two models who seem to have brought it back for me.  The first, Toni Burnett (above), is of Guynese heritage and currently resides in the Washington D.C. area.  Although her work is simply stunning, and she seems to capture the camera in a way that not many models can, her true strength comes from her business savvy.  Being a strong woman of color definitely ads to the repertoire that makes Ms. Burnett fascinating and unique.  Hailing from an entirely different set of regions is Ms. Danielle Lo (below).  German, Irish, English, Chinese, and Austrian is quite a potent mix for such a diversified model.  Danielle has been modeling for over 6 years, and has traveled to more places than a Geography teacher can point out on a map.  Her photos always reflect an uncanny knowledge, and total love of what she does.  Ms. Lo’s winning personality and love of just making the people around her happy, reinforce her own personal motto:  “Looks may draw a person in, but it’s your wit and charm that will keep them around”


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