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The Bafflingly Beautiful Lani Blair.

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The Lovely Honey Dawn.

The lovely model displayed in this post goes by the names of Honey Dawn. A go-go dancer in Hollywood, she’s appeared in videos with Keri Hilson, Rick Ross, Quincy Jones, Ludacris, Nicki Minaj, Ray J, The Cateracts, The Game, New Boys, Pitbull, Pharell, and 3 6 Mafia (among others).  That’s quite the large resume for a woman with the impressive measurements of 32-24-26.  Honey has also been featured in Model-Rukus magazine, Synthetikx, and SuperStreet Magazine.  She also works at a bikini store part time, and attends LACC in hopes to transfer to FIDM. This Mexican, White and Filipina star has also dabbled in acting, being a featured extra in the motion picture ”Green Hat” from director Todd Phillips.

Miss Jessica Skyy.

I took a slight hiatus from putting certian styles of models up on the blog, but after taking a look at Jessica Skyy’s photographs, I had to put an end to the break.  This 5 foot, 3 Hispanic beauty has built an astonishing body of work.  She was on the novel cover for 50 Cent’s “Heavens Fury”, has been featured on Lowrider Girls magazine cover girl (May 2008), been seen on SHOW magazine, MOB Candy magazine, IB Concept Magazine, the NUVO 2009 calendar, and was in the movie Notorious.  Aside from her body… of work, she measures 36 D, 25, 36 and takes some of the most captivating images of any model of her type.  Check the method.

Toni Burnett & Danielle Lo.

At a certain age, boys start to do things like sneak peeks at lingerie catalogs, and hunt down old playboy magazines just to get a glimpse of women in a way they’ve never seen before.  This child-like fascination goes away with time, (and experience) but I’ve found two models who seem to have brought it back for me.  The first, Toni Burnett (above), is of Guynese heritage and currently resides in the Washington D.C. area.  Although her work is simply stunning, and she seems to capture the camera in a way that not many models can, her true strength comes from her business savvy.  Being a strong woman of color definitely ads to the repertoire that makes Ms. Burnett fascinating and unique.  Hailing from an entirely different set of regions is Ms. Danielle Lo (below).  German, Irish, English, Chinese, and Austrian is quite a potent mix for such a diversified model.  Danielle has been modeling for over 6 years, and has traveled to more places than a Geography teacher can point out on a map.  Her photos always reflect an uncanny knowledge, and total love of what she does.  Ms. Lo’s winning personality and love of just making the people around her happy, reinforce her own personal motto:  “Looks may draw a person in, but it’s your wit and charm that will keep them around”


The Oil Workings Of Alice Pasquini.

Alice Pasquini is an illustrator, set designer, painter but most of all, a visual artist, specialized in manual animation drawing for cinema and television at the ARS ANIMACIóN school.  She is able to reproduce the early XXth century animation system: a sequence of almost identical drawings, that take life through a speed movement. She lived and expressed herself in Spain for three years, in Madrid. Here she worked for ‘El Corte Inglés’, as set designer for ‘Cortylandia’, drawings children playgrounds in Spain and Portugal. Alice collaborated with the prestigious illustration, graphic and design review ‘Experimenta’. Now Alice is based in Rome and exhibits her art in several Italian galleries.

Jolina Bonita.

Born and raised in Argentina with an added mixture of Brazilian and Italian, Ms. Bonita relocated to London a couple of years ago.  She says she’s a  fun, outgoing, and ambitious aspiring model who loves been in the modeling industry.  Although Jonlina to meet new people, try different things, and go many places, her passion is photography.  “I take my work serious but I also have fun with it because I am able to be myself in front & behind the camera! I am interested in fashion, editorial, glamorous, print and anything else that is hot and creative.”  Jolina Bonita speaks spanish , portuguese and english.  She even attended art school and got a degree in Photography- Graphic and Media Design.  She’s been seen in the Iceberg Clothing Exibition in London, DJ Paul Oakenfold’s SOS Remix Videoshoot in the US and the MTV Europe Awards Commercial.  She’s got tons of print work from INSA Graffiti Fetish, Fresh Flames Clothing, Stush Clothing, and plethora of magazine spots.  Check the her out below.

Jenny Chu.

I always get questions about what it is that actually gets a woman on the blog.  Guys always suggest women, and women always assume its only about beauty.  That couldn’t be farther than the truth.  However, in very few cases, the team and I will agree on a girl before we see her resume just off the strength of her look.  The Southern California beauty Jenny Chu is one of those few.  ½ Chinese, ½ Vietnamese, she seems to have been all over the place, and had her hand in everything.  Miss Chu has done spreads in everything from Show Magazine to Cage Fighting Magazine(diversity.)  And one of the sexiest things to me personally is a woman that into cars.  Jenny’s been in videos for the Fast and the Furious 3, and in Import Tuner as well as Girls of Lowrider Spread.  As if that wasn’t dope enought, she’s shared the screen in videos with Snoop Dogg, P. Diddy, Young Dro, Chingy, Too $hort, Mario, and Slum Village.  Other gigs like a documentary on Vida Guerra, being on the Wild Card Poker Tour and Street Fury on G4TV just take her over the top.  Can’t wait to check her at an Hot Import Nights show.